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17 second generation offspring, female branch, of Mays Princess

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Carrigeen MastromSEP 2015IU/UKBKSparta MaestroBuds of MayDroopys Vieri01021317D178
Carrigeen RebelmSEP 2015IU/UKBKSparta MaestroBuds of MayDroopys Vieri0501A833
Carrigeen SpiritfSEP 2015IU/UKBKSparta MaestroBuds of MayDroopys Vieri01581527D357
Aislings RubyfDEC 2016IEBEDroopys SydneyCuil GemDroopys Vieri0401A727
Ashbank RubyfDEC 2016IU/UKBEDroopys SydneyCuil GemDroopys Vieri058910A282
Cool AislingfFEB 2016IEWBKRazldazl RiogaCuil GemDroopys Vieri0941417D173
Cuil MissilemFEB 2016IEBKRazldazl RiogaCuil GemDroopys Vieri04689A191
Deans AlibimDEC 2016IEBKWDroopys SydneyCuil GemDroopys Vieri05873D257
John DorymDEC 2016IEBKDroopys SydneyCuil GemDroopys Vieri04674A385
Rockfield InnmDEC 2016IEWBEDroopys SydneyCuil GemDroopys Vieri0920S289
Dark Star LouiemSEP 2011UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri00000
Darkstar ChloefSEP 2011IU/UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri052612D352
Darkstar LouismSEP 2011IU/UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri074128D363
Darkstar TitanmSEP 2011IU/UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri0851219A477
Jims SicknotemSEP 2011UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri00000
Joe the LionmSEP 2011UK/IUBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri02472A671
Twins SignaturefSEP 2011IU/UKBKDroopys MaldiniKey SignatureDroopys Vieri02011A636