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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

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225 second generation offspring, female branch, of Ballymac Penske
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Ardera ClassfSEP 2015IU/UKBKArchaton PineAl DenteBurnpark Champ0701A850
Ardera JoshmSEP 2015IEBKArchaton PineAl DenteBurnpark Champ0922S467
Ardera RosefSEP 2015IEBKArchaton PineAl DenteBurnpark Champ03038A467
Black Knight AlimMAY 2016IEBKSkywalker PumaAl DenteBurnpark Champ0820A397
Cheerful LuismSEP 2015IU/UKBKArchaton PineAl DenteBurnpark Champ051108A3100
Freffans RosefJUN 2014IE/FRBKBallymac VicAl DenteBurnpark Champ0100A711
Mano PumamMAY 2016IU/UKBKSkywalker PumaAl DenteBurnpark Champ0510A662
Ballymac AlonsomJUL 2014IEBKBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve01222A399
Ballymac AndwhyfJUL 2014IEBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve1840139A1110
Ballymac DiggermJUL 2014IEBEBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve02732S197
Ballymac RockmJUL 2014IU/UKBKBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve0300A820
Bramble MackemmJUL 2014IU/UKFBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve02251OPEN107
Call Me TinyfJUL 2014IEBEBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve01103A377
MountvidichmJUL 2014IEFBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve0841A375
Roedhelm AlonsomJUL 2014IE/UKBKBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve02041OPEN98
Touch of PridemJUL 2014IEFBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve0632A543
Tsali VidichmJUL 2014IE/ROFBurnpark ChampAndthenBallymac Maeve043610OPEN92
Aine MacfSEP 2014IEFBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve00000
BillymaemSEP 2014IEFBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve00000
Chutehall DaubermOCT 2016IEBEDroopys JetBallymac AineBallymac Maeve03875OPEN110
Courtown BoymOCT 2018IU/UKWBKSkywalker FarloeBallymac AineBallymac Maeve01941A658
Dowsdale PhantommOCT 2016IE/UKBDWDroopys JetBallymac AineBallymac Maeve045185OPEN109
Otter Brook LadyfOCT 2016IEBDWDroopys JetBallymac AineBallymac Maeve02062A375
Suirview AinefSEP 2014IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve0661612A472
Suirview AlecmSEP 2014IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve0861416OPEN84
Suirview AmeliafOCT 2016IEBKWDroopys JetBallymac AineBallymac Maeve01011A748
Suirview AnniefSEP 2014IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve04132S177
Suirview ArchmSEP 2014IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac AineBallymac Maeve056125A372
Suirview EvanmOCT 2015IEFLemon PumbaBallymac AineBallymac Maeve0200A60
Suirview GracefOCT 2016IEBKDroopys JetBallymac AineBallymac Maeve01332A556
Suirview MaxmOCT 2015IEWBDLemon PumbaBallymac AineBallymac Maeve00000
Suirview OscarmDEC 2017IEWBKSkywalker FarloeBallymac AineBallymac Maeve0200A527
Suirview RileymOCT 2015IE/UKWFLemon PumbaBallymac AineBallymac Maeve00000
AlstroemeriafAUG 2014IU/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ01122A754
AstilblefAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ00000
AzaleafAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ075155S291
FlorianmAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ0400A70
Look NorthmAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ04973A381
Lozzas DiamondfAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ04125A352
Lozzas GoldfAUG 2014IE/UKBKDroopys ScolariBallymac FloreckBurnpark Champ083910A363
Magna DorefNOV 2013UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ0100D40
Magna DumblefNOV 2013UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ03963A3102
Magna HermionefNOV 2013IU/UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ0301D415
Magna JamesmNOV 2013UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ00000
Magna LillyfNOV 2013IU/UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ02761OPEN90
Magna PottermNOV 2013IU/UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ0811D398
Magna RonmNOV 2013UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ081119D2101
Magna SnapemNOV 2013UKBKAce Hi Rumble *Ballymac FloreckBurnpark Champ01212314OPEN119
Annadown CainmAUG 2018IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01662D268
Ballyhale RonmJUN 2017IEBKDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve02122S181
Bunny RunfJUN 2017IEBEBDDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01620A754
CainisaidfAUG 2018IEBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Carls JetfJUN 2017IEBDWDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve0171342
Carls KingmJUN 2017IEBKWDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Carrickeavy LassfJUL 2015IEBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve03302A372
Daddys DukemJUN 2016IE/UKBEScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve02655OPEN92
Fighting InfernomJUN 2017IEBEBDWDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Flossys FlyerfJUN 2016IE/UKWBEScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Gemmas RonmJUN 2017IE/UKBDDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01421D173
Headford AinefJUN 2017IE/UKBDWDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve0401A924
Jet Set DanaguemAUG 2018IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01222A388
Jet Set JoannefAUG 2018IEBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Jet Set JuliefJUL 2015IE/UKWBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve0671817OPEN107
Jet Set RobbiemJUL 2015IE/UKBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve0421011OPEN119
Jet Set SuziefJUN 2017IEBKWDroopys JetBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve04077OPEN96
Jet Set TazfJUN 2016IU/UKBEScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve0621211OPEN84
Jet Set TeddymAUG 2018IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01141A298
Ougham AnnafJUL 2015IEBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve066108D192
Piper JennyfJUL 2015IEBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01422A559
See That JimmAUG 2018IE/UKBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve02133S576
SubterfugemJUN 2016IU/UKBKScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01131720OPEN101
TelstarfJUN 2016IEBEScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve081616A283
Tubbercurry BleufJUN 2016IEBEScolari Me DaddyBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve03694A486
Tubbercurry JenfJUL 2015IEBKHead Bound Ballymac I SaidBallymac Maeve01713A281
Whole Lotta LilafAUG 2018IEBKDroopys CainBallymac I SaidBallymac Maeve00000
Almighty RoddickmJAN 2018IU/UKBEBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve03057OPEN109
Amazing EventfSEP 2014IEWBKRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0781210A272
Amazing SunfSEP 2014IEBKWRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve10000
Artic LightningmAUG 2015IU/UKBDWTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01242724OPEN107
Come On RodneymAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0992415OPEN108
Feel the PowermAUG 2015UKBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve02163OPEN78
Gracious LadmSEP 2014IU/UKBDWRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01102330OPEN89
Im NoodlemAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01642630OPEN86
Inky BinkyfAUG 2015IU/UKBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01091927OPEN91
Inky TinkyfJAN 2018IU/UKBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve03766S367
Only DukemSEP 2014IU/UKWDKBDRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01221916OPEN81
Riverwalk LadmSEP 2014IEWBDRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve00000
Some ParadisefSEP 2014IU/UKWBKRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve06365D361
Supreme AyrfJAN 2018IU/UKBEBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve04079A280
Supreme BullymSEP 2014IU/UKBDRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01002110OPEN102
Supreme ChablisfAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0761516OPEN77
Supreme ClaretfAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01121819D274
Supreme KelsomJAN 2018IU/UKBEBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0391210OPEN100
Supreme MerlotmAUG 2015IU/UKBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0672113OPEN111
Supreme PiperfAPR 2017IU/UKWBDParadise SilvaBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0701613OPEN90
Supreme RiojamAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01032516OPEN99
Supreme RiponmJAN 2018IU/UKBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve047615OPEN103
Supreme RoxyfSEP 2014IU/UKBKWRoxholme BullyBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve0841118A469
Supreme ShirazfAUG 2015IU/UKWBDTake the CrownBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve01022027OPEN113
Supreme YorkmJAN 2018IU/UKBDDroopys RoddickBallymac MightyBallymac Maeve04177OPEN90
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