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1494 second generation offspring, female branch, of Mustang Yank
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
All EqualmAPR 2011IEBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank0310A664
All Over NowfAPR 2011IU/UKBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank0100A40
Ballyregan ShanafAPR 2011IEBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank01041516A485
Bigtop CharliemOCT 2009IE/UKBDHades Rocket *All Things EqualMustang Yank01000A531
Bigtop RegmOCT 2009IE/UKBKHades Rocket *All Things EqualMustang Yank0700A727
Black RubyfOCT 2009IEBKHades Rocket *All Things EqualMustang Yank0871017OPEN63
Corby DonmJUL 2007IU/UKBKWTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0641813FEATURE134
Crackaway IgginsfAPR 2011IEBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank0210A668
Cut ShortcutsmJUN 2008IEWBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank0732A1105
Done Yer DoughmJUN 2008IEWBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank0110S490
Hand Me DownmJUN 2008IEWBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank01545OPEN91
Longrig RosiefJUL 2007IEWBKTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank01013OPEN78
Loughbeag EilyfJUL 2007IEWBKTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0601A563
Loughbeag HurraymJUN 2008IEBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank01620OPEN98
Loughbeag KewellmJUN 2008IEWBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank01453A1118
Loughbeag LadyfJUL 2007IEBKWTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0410OPEN40
Loughbeag MowermJUL 2007IEWBKTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank03294OPEN107
Loughbeag RoopymJUN 2008IEBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank73087GROUP1116
Merseyside LadyfOCT 2009IU/UKBKHades Rocket *All Things EqualMustang Yank06494S358
Mossyneds StarmJUL 2007IEBKWTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0620A383
Reem StarfOCT 2009IEBDHades Rocket *All Things EqualMustang Yank03327A284
Shake DownmJUL 2007IEBKWTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0723OPEN89
Skelligs BailymJUN 2008IU/UKWBKDroopys KewellAll Things EqualMustang Yank057118FEATURE112
Spice TeafAPR 2011IE/UKBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank0661018A398
Wintons RubifJUL 2007IU/UKBKWTop SavingsAll Things EqualMustang Yank0971725OPEN99
Wuhan ProvencemAPR 2011IU/UKBKBlack ShawAll Things EqualMustang Yank06487A475
Primo BoundmNOV 2009IE/ITBKHead Bound Ard SurgeMustang Yank01122OPEN0
Primo RidermNOV 2009IU/UKBKWHead Bound Ard SurgeMustang Yank03326S273
Primo RyanmNOV 2009IU/UKBKWHead Bound Ard SurgeMustang Yank05088OPEN100
Primo StarmNOV 2009IU/UKWBKHead Bound Ard SurgeMustang Yank0961814OPEN89
Primo SurgefNOV 2009IU/UKBKHead Bound Ard SurgeMustang Yank03666S266
Ardera GemfJAN 2005IU/UKBKRoyal Impact *Ardera FlickMustang Yank0701117OPEN63
Ardera RebelmMAY 2003IE/UKBKWArdera JourneyArdera FlickMustang Yank02855A744
Ardera RidgemMAY 2003IEBKArdera JourneyArdera FlickMustang Yank00000
Aimee *fMAY 2004IE/DEBDWWorld ClassAshwood BeautyMustang Yank51512FEATURE27
Ashwood HaltonmAUG 2006IEBEGo Wild TeddyAshwood BeautyMustang Yank01112A475
Ashwood KimfAUG 2005IU/IEBKLarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank71041314FEATURE99
Belvedere ClassmMAY 2004IEBDWorld ClassAshwood BeautyMustang Yank01401D495
Ciaran BanfAUG 2005IU/IEWLarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank0913A559
Dods Beauty fAUG 2005IE/UKWBELarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank061815OPEN93
Highyield BluefAUG 2005IU/IEBELarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank01744A288
Jimmy RiddlemAUG 2006IEBKGo Wild TeddyAshwood BeautyMustang Yank0300A938
Lonad HeromMAY 2004IEWBDWorld ClassAshwood BeautyMustang Yank02107OPEN94
Manntan WoodmAUG 2005IU/IEWBELarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank01722OPEN99
Plough OnfAUG 2005IU/UKBELarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank0741115OPEN89
Waste StarfAUG 2005IU/IEWBKLarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank01213OPEN54
Whisper BanfAUG 2005IU/IEWLarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank04171OPEN93
Whisper FuzzfAUG 2005IU/IEWBKLarkhill JoAshwood BeautyMustang Yank0401A547
Alley BirdfOCT 2002IEWFDeenside EquityAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0200OPEN28
Alley NapfOCT 2002IEWBDDeenside EquityAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0904OPEN65
Express ArrowmJUL 2003IEWBDDalcash ArrowAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0700OPEN74
Express TammyfJUL 2003IEWBDDalcash ArrowAutomatic DubhMustang Yank00000
Gatally DeanfOCT 2002IEWFDeenside EquityAutomatic DubhMustang Yank00000
Grancore DubhmMAY 2004IU/IEBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0400OPEN32
Grancore FundfMAY 2004IU/IEWBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0801OPEN43
Grancore MollfOCT 2002IEWBDDeenside EquityAutomatic DubhMustang Yank00000
Grancore NellfOCT 2002IEWFDeenside EquityAutomatic DubhMustang Yank00000
Mangan AshmMAY 2004IU/IEBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0901OPEN58
Mangan GemfMAY 2004IU/IEBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank0100OPEN21
Mangan HousemMAY 2004IU/IEWBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank01524OPEN60
Mangan LarkfMAY 2004IU/IEWBKDroopys KewellAutomatic DubhMustang Yank51013OPEN93
Primo DigitalfDEC 2007IE/UKBKDigitalBack NewdownMustang Yank02425A758
Primo Gi JoemDEC 2007IU/UKWBKDigitalBack NewdownMustang Yank0400A725
Primo MustangmDEC 2007IE/UKWBKDigitalBack NewdownMustang Yank0500A541
Yayos FantasyfSEP 2008IEBDHondo Black *Back NewdownMustang Yank0300A642
Yayos PetitefSEP 2008IEBKHondo Black *Back NewdownMustang Yank01622A459
Kershope DiablofAPR 2006IU/UKBKNikita BillieBallinabola KeyMustang Yank0511A561
Kershope LurchmAPR 2006IU/UKBKNikita BillieBallinabola KeyMustang Yank0411A739
Kershope MutleymAPR 2006IU/UKBKNikita BillieBallinabola KeyMustang Yank01453A561
Kershope WhisperfAPR 2006IU/UKBDNikita BillieBallinabola KeyMustang Yank0422A940
Ballinulty BenmSEP 2007IEBKPhoenix PaddyBallinulty BirdMustang Yank05496OPEN64
Ballinulty BillymNOV 2009IE/UKFCiaras Castle Ballinulty BirdMustang Yank01522126A287
Ballinulty BlackfOCT 2005IU/IEWFWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0100N20
Ballinulty CodefSEP 2006IEBKWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0802A569
Ballinulty CoolfNOV 2009IEDKBDCiaras Castle Ballinulty BirdMustang Yank0200S60
Ballinulty EgofAUG 2010IEWBKCabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank23887A277
Ballinulty GemfOCT 2005IU/IEWBDWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank63877OPEN106
Ballinulty HawkmAUG 2010IEWBECabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank02216A388
Ballinulty LassfOCT 2005IU/IEFWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0401A463
Ballinulty LawfSEP 2006IEWFDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0100N230
Ballinulty RusomAUG 2010IEWBKCabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank01412OPEN74
Ballinulty SammSEP 2006IEWFDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0600A642
Ballinulty WhitefAUG 2010IEWBKCabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0510A666
Ballinulty ZonefSEP 2006IEBEWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank01181717A195
Ballinutly LassfOCT 2005IU/UKFWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0931A565
Bobs MarrafSEP 2006IU/UKBEWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank01833A456
Foxy MikemAUG 2008IEBEPhoenix PaddyBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0100A90
GoodluckanthanksfSEP 2006IEBEWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0100N227
Meggie JoeyfAUG 2010IEWBKCabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank02637A559
Messan HawkmOCT 2005IU/IEFWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank03977A289
Messan MerlinmOCT 2005IU/IEBDWorld ClassBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0851011OPEN89
Molly From SpainfSEP 2006IEBKWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank122944A388
Out of HerefSEP 2006IEWFDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0500A534
Spicy and HotfSEP 2006IEBKWDroopys ScholesBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0300A825
Warnham IcefAUG 2010IU/UKWBKCabra CoolBallinulty BirdMustang Yank0711211A766
Alannahs LadyfDEC 2012IE/UKWBKArchaton PineBallyfinn SocksMustang Yank04044OPEN101
Cloudy SocksmJUN 2011IEBDDuke SpecialBallyfinn SocksMustang Yank01210OPEN77
Horetown ExpressmJUN 2011IEBDDuke SpecialBallyfinn SocksMustang Yank03457OPEN85
TimmyfJUN 2011IEBKDuke SpecialBallyfinn SocksMustang Yank01612OPEN77
Berehaven AlicefSEP 2004IUBEClimate ControlBerehaven ZoloMustang Yank05105OPEN50
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