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Diamond Advertising Package

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1506 second generation offspring, female branch, of Top Savings
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Lil CrazyfFEB 2006IE/UKWFElite StateAll My SavingsTop Savings0871721OPEN98
Lil GeordiemFEB 2006IEWBKElite StateAll My SavingsTop Savings0431214A2112
Ballybrone AbbeyfJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0911A656
Ballybrone AnniefJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0501A743
Ballybrone BenmMAY 2010IEBEWBallybrone DanAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0300S80
Ballybrone JackmJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings02443S392
Ballybrone JunefJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings03560A290
Ballybrone KatefJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0100N20
Ballybrone LeemJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0411A376
Ballybrone MaxmMAY 2010IEWBEBallybrone DanAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0601A645
Ballybrone MickmJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0200A815
Barbersfort JakemMAY 2010IEWBKBallybrone DanAnymoney OnyouTop Savings01814A473
Dans DanmMAY 2010IEBKWBallybrone DanAnymoney OnyouTop Savings03347A558
Dans KatefMAY 2010IEBEWBallybrone DanAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0400A725
Ryehill LukemJUN 2009IEWBKTyrur LeeAnymoney OnyouTop Savings0821A382
Popular JohnmAPR 2012IE/CZBKWestmead DiverAnysecondnowTop Savings04028OPEN75
Popular RonnocofAPR 2012IEBKWestmead DiverAnysecondnowTop Savings142977OPEN132
Arabian BoltmOCT 2012IEBKLenson BoltArabian TopTop Savings0210A561
Arabian FairyfJAN 2015IEBKMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings04256A290
Arabian MelodyfJAN 2015IEBKMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings0300A90
Arabian TopperfJAN 2015IEBKMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings01622A370
Arabian TrapmJAN 2015IEBKWMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings02033A550
Barnsley BoymJAN 2015IUBKMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings04465D265
Ned Ofthe HillmOCT 2012IEFWLenson BoltArabian TopTop Savings0300A73
Pops ArabianmJAN 2015IEBKMelodys RoyalArabian TopTop Savings0400A829
Royal BrandonmAUG 2010IU/UKBKRoyal Impact *Arabian TopTop Savings04797A276
Sallybog BoltfOCT 2012IEBKLenson BoltArabian TopTop Savings128106A1106
Sallybog WishfOCT 2012IEBKLenson BoltArabian TopTop Savings0862111D1101
Ashcarne IvyfAUG 2010IEBDHondo Black *Ashcarne NinaTop Savings33265A197
Highfire JazzmAUG 2010IEBDHondo Black *Ashcarne NinaTop Savings01183119OPEN115
Wood ChatmAUG 2010IU/UKBEHondo Black *Ashcarne NinaTop Savings01313228A380
Wood MilliefAUG 2010IU/UKBKHondo Black *Ashcarne NinaTop Savings01443227OPEN81
Wood NinafAUG 2010IEBEHondo Black *Ashcarne NinaTop Savings02544A388
All In MickomNOV 2009IEFHondo Black *Ball of TwineTop Savings03489A292
Black BalladmNOV 2009IEBKHondo Black *Ball of TwineTop Savings01821A384
Blue TwinemAPR 2012IEBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0300S76
Cian TigernalmMAY 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings050611A291
Curve the BallfMAY 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings0300A824
Ennafort BluemNOV 2009IEBEHondo Black *Ball of TwineTop Savings02651OPEN92
Fools DaddymAPR 2012IU/UKBEWTimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings02415OPEN91
Fools FancyfAPR 2012IEWBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings043710A486
Forever a FriendmMAY 2011IEBDKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings01704S553
Glown ClarafAPR 2012IEBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0901417A384
Glown IseultfMAY 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings0901A929
Glown LootmAPR 2012IEBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0912217A193
Highview LarkfNOV 2009IEBKWHondo Black *Ball of TwineTop Savings00000
Lost BallfMAY 2011IEBDKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings01432334A390
Missed BallmAPR 2012IEBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0100A90
Night SingermMAY 2011IU/UKBDWKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings03331A853
On the BallmAPR 2012IEWBETimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0300A87
Short of TwinemAPR 2012IEWBDTimor BlueBall of TwineTop Savings0801715A185
Star of HopefNOV 2009IEBKHondo Black *Ball of TwineTop Savings01624A288
Too Much ControlmMAY 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Ball of TwineTop Savings02335S263
Ballymac AndthenfMAR 2010IE/UKBEBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings03063S285
Ballymac BarnmMAR 2010IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings01112118OPEN114
Ballymac DiverfFEB 2009IEWBEWestmead DiverBallymac FreddieTop Savings90000
Ballymac FarrahfJUL 2008IE/UKWBKGreen HeatBallymac FreddieTop Savings0521210FEATURE108
Ballymac JacksonmJUL 2008IE/UKWBKGreen HeatBallymac FreddieTop Savings05179OPEN119
Ballymac LegendfOCT 2011IEBKCashen LegendBallymac FreddieTop Savings040415A478
Ballymac MeadfFEB 2009IEBDWestmead DiverBallymac FreddieTop Savings1242165FEATURE132
Ballymac MelaniefJUL 2008IEWBKGreen HeatBallymac FreddieTop Savings0200S556
Ballymac SashafFEB 2009IEBDWestmead DiverBallymac FreddieTop Savings32612S554
Ballymac WestmFEB 2009IE/UKBEWestmead DiverBallymac FreddieTop Savings0661111GROUP391
Ders Always OnemFEB 2009IEBEWWestmead DiverBallymac FreddieTop Savings252129GROUP3120
Edgars ChampmMAR 2010IE/PKFBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings03667OPEN95
Goodbye MaryfMAR 2010IU/UKBEBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings212546OPEN89
Green FlashmJUL 2008IEBKWGreen HeatBallymac FreddieTop Savings01172317OPEN105
Papas RocketfMAR 2010IEBKBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings0401A284
Sandy StrommMAR 2010IE/UKBEFBurnpark ChampBallymac FreddieTop Savings00000
Mind of a ToymOCT 2010UKBKDroopys KewellBallymac TopTop Savings00000
TiberiusmOCT 2010UKBKDroopys KewellBallymac TopTop Savings00000
Tiernakill ThadymFEB 2008IE/UKBEBDBrookside Bear *Ballymac TopTop Savings01013A744
TitusmOCT 2010UKBEDroopys KewellBallymac TopTop Savings00000
Tsunami MactopfOCT 2010UK/IEBEDroopys KewellBallymac TopTop Savings02114A558
Fisio BandicootfAUG 2010UK/IEBKCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings00000
Fisio FurymAUG 2010UKBKCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings00000
Fisio JazzmAUG 2010UKWBKCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings01520A455
Fisio PhantommAUG 2010IU/UKBKCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings0611A461
For MathildafAUG 2010UKBKWCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings00000
Young BandicootmAUG 2010UKBKWCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings00000
Young NancyfAUG 2010IU/UKBKCrash *Bandicoot NancyTop Savings01221814A292
Bay City BillymDEC 2007IEBKWRazldazl BillyBay City RubyTop Savings02543OPEN100
Bay City ImpactmFEB 2011IE/UKBKHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings024144OPEN123
Bay City JohnnymDEC 2007IEBKRazldazl BillyBay City RubyTop Savings02142A174
Bay City MojomFEB 2011IEBKHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings03486OPEN104
Bay City OpalfFEB 2011IEBDHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings85197A294
Bay City PixiefFEB 2011IEBKHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings02744OPEN68
Bay City RexmDEC 2007IEBKRazldazl BillyBay City RubyTop Savings0841315S1100
Bay City RumblemMAR 2009IEWBKCrash *Bay City RubyTop Savings01730OPEN111
Bay City SonicmFEB 2011IEBDHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings01932A496
Bay City SparklefDEC 2007IEBKRazldazl BillyBay City RubyTop Savings0821A464
Lode NiftymMAR 2009IEWBDCrash *Bay City RubyTop Savings02659OPEN126
Salacres EvafAPR 2010IEBDWCharity JackBay City RubyTop Savings01522A651
Salacres LizfAPR 2010IE/UKWBDCharity JackBay City RubyTop Savings02425A548
Salacres TessfAPR 2010IEBDWCharity JackBay City RubyTop Savings00000
Tango BarrymAPR 2010IEBDWCharity JackBay City RubyTop Savings04979OPEN75
Tango MartinafMAR 2009IEBKCrash *Bay City RubyTop Savings02047S284
Zoo TwomFEB 2011IEBDHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings0501813A195
Zoos Samba BeatfFEB 2011IEBKWHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings04896A369
Zoos ShakirafFEB 2011IEBKHometown Boy *Bay City RubyTop Savings00000
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