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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES
127 second generation offspring, female branch, of Beaming Heart
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Another DysartfMAR 2007IEBKRazldazl BillyDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *0310A468
Another RipfDEC 2007IEBKTyrur TedDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *0100N126
Aon Do TrifDEC 2007IEBKTyrur TedDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *0200A932
Bannow BilliefMAR 2007IEBKRazldazl BillyDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *072129D361
Deevys DysartmDEC 2007IEBKWTyrur TedDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *0311A660
Deevys KatiefMAR 2007IEBKWRazldazl BillyDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *00000
Deevys MaryfMAR 2007IEBKWRazldazl BillyDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *01633A957
Deevys TedmDEC 2007IEBKTyrur TedDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *01003S190
Inch DreamfDEC 2007IEBKTyrur TedDeevys ClassicHoncho Classic *02020A285
Ballymoney AshefMAY 2010IEBEHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02353OPEN99
Beaming AllstarfMAY 2012IEWBKTullymurry ActFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0702A642
Beaming AromafFEB 2009IEBDKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02431A556
Beaming BouncerfMAY 2008IE/UKBKTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02433A627
Beaming ChaosmMAY 2012IE/UKWBKTullymurry ActFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell050115OPEN98
Beaming DarwinfAUG 2013IEFGodsend *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0701S447
Beaming ElliefJAN 2013IEBKEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell21620A186
Beaming ExpertfMAY 2010IEBKHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0300A470
Beaming GrandmJAN 2013IEBKEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01863OPEN99
Beaming JanfJAN 2013IEBEEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell192894A1106
Beaming JaviermOCT 2011IU/UKWBEBig Daddy CoolFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01392524OPEN96
Beaming OlivefFEB 2009IEBDKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell38361012GROUP2131
Beaming OwlfMAY 2010IEBKHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell1861199OPEN104
Beaming SenormJAN 2013IEBEEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell070115OPEN124
Beaming StormmAUG 2013UKBKGodsend *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell067128OPEN112
Beaming TherapymFEB 2009IEBDKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02033GROUP2114
Black BeautymMAY 2010IEBKHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0512A191
Brown AlemMAY 2010IE/UKFHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0991817OPEN76
Bruis FinalfMAY 2008IE/UKBKWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01102D323
Calpe KenmFEB 2009IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01112A287
Carrigeen TedmMAY 2008IEBKWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0831219OPEN101
Collier PrincemFEB 2009IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01330OPEN75
Coolree PamfMAY 2008IEBKTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01200A652
Destined PridemFEB 2009IEBDKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell050137OPEN93
Dolcino SenormJAN 2013IEBKEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell084187OPEN78
Dovecote FlyermFEB 2009IEBDKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01304OPEN96
Finally TedfMAY 2008IE/DKBKTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell04577OPEN58
Gia MariafMAY 2008IEFWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell074128A172
Glenhead RosefJAN 2013IEBKEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell00000
Golden KingmMAY 2008IE/DEFWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01633OPEN0
Good ActfMAY 2012IEWBKTullymurry ActFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0400A657
Havana BlondefAUG 2013IE/UKFGodsend *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell05695A348
Havana GrandeefJAN 2013IEBKEl Grand SenorFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell42273OPEN101
Havanas ArrivedfMAY 2012IEWBETullymurry ActFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell07879S558
Here At LastfMAY 2008IEBKWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell1900A741
Javi PickmOCT 2011IEWFBig Daddy CoolFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01223OPEN108
Julies BoymMAY 2010IU/UKBKHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0581410OPEN107
MakinupthesixfMAY 2008IE/DEFWTyrur TedFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01511OPEN0
Rain DancermMAY 2012IEWBKTullymurry ActFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell00000
Ruby RougemOCT 2011IEWBKBig Daddy CoolFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02024OPEN94
Slick SavimOCT 2011IU/UKWFBig Daddy CoolFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell0801313OPEN108
Slick SupremefOCT 2011UKWBKBig Daddy CoolFinally ArrivedDroopys Kewell723123OPEN118
Stone ArrivedmFEB 2009IEBKKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell02451OPEN112
Stone BlackfFEB 2009IEBKKinloch Brae *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell50000
VindepamMAY 2010IEFHondo Black *Finally ArrivedDroopys Kewell01072510OPEN100
Black HondofOCT 2011IEBKHondo Black *Knockane PhoenixBrett Lee23224A472
Downton RebeccafOCT 2011IEBKHondo Black *Knockane PhoenixBrett Lee03763A377
HailtothechiefmOCT 2011IEBKHondo Black *Knockane PhoenixBrett Lee01315D387
Spicy NutfOCT 2011IEBKHondo Black *Knockane PhoenixBrett Lee01931A740
Tarmons JetmOCT 2011IEBKHondo Black *Knockane PhoenixBrett Lee0601518OPEN127
Bisto JackmSEP 2010IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee045910A186
Black MowshawfNOV 2011IU/UKBKBlack ShawMottee HildaBrett Lee02432A668
Cappa CochisemSEP 2010IEBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee047127OPEN93
Fallow MefSEP 2010IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee067914S477
Keeperhill CloudmJAN 2013IEWBKForest MasterMottee HildaBrett Lee04678A372
Keeperhill SkyfJAN 2013IEBKForest MasterMottee HildaBrett Lee054109A373
MallariefNOV 2011IU/UKBKBlack ShawMottee HildaBrett Lee070128D462
Mottee ChampionmJUL 2009IU/UKBKWestmead JoeMottee HildaBrett Lee05591A285
Mottee DavemNOV 2011IEBKBlack ShawMottee HildaBrett Lee0100A836
Mottee DorafNOV 2011IEBKBlack ShawMottee HildaBrett Lee0401A743
Mount OlympusmSEP 2010IEBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee02112OPEN94
Salpas SikafSEP 2010IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee01282124S482
Unique BraemSEP 2010IEBKKinloch Brae *Mottee HildaBrett Lee01061625A368
Bill Be NimblemSEP 2008IEWBKDroopys VieriNimble TimbleBrett Lee062612OPEN97
Galtee Tootsief 200xIEBKHondo Black *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee40000
Gary Be NimblemJAN 2011IEWBKNobooth for Gary *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee04054OPEN81
Kit Be NimblefAUG 2011IEWBESkywalker AceNimble TimbleBrett Lee0900OPEN39
Lady ThunderfAUG 2011IEWBKSkywalker AceNimble TimbleBrett Lee00000
Left Boot BillmJAN 2011IEBKNobooth for Gary *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee0200A813
Mussa May GomJAN 2011IU/UKWBKNobooth for Gary *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee038103A184
Ninian OutlookmJUN 2012IEBKHondo Black *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee0402OPEN30
Pip Be NimblefSEP 2009IEBKDroopys RobinhoNimble TimbleBrett Lee02110A552
Rallying TimefSEP 2008IEBKWDroopys VieriNimble TimbleBrett Lee02061A295
Shes Some NimblefJAN 2011IE/UKWBKNobooth for Gary *Nimble TimbleBrett Lee0421A447
Timble BoymSEP 2008IEBKWDroopys VieriNimble TimbleBrett Lee01131628OPEN70
Timble TimmSEP 2009IEBKDroopys RobinhoNimble TimbleBrett Lee0620A470
What a ShamefSEP 2008IEWBKDroopys VieriNimble TimbleBrett Lee1791119OPEN90
Zafrons AlicafSEP 2008IEWBKDroopys VieriNimble TimbleBrett Lee81934A373
Anonymous LadyfJUL 2013IEBKRoyal Impact *PlanBrett Lee063135A281
Another PlanmJUL 2013IEBKRoyal Impact *PlanBrett Lee02325A540
Another ReactionmMAR 2011IEBKWestmead HawkPlanBrett Lee04251D1103
Kyzer KingmMAR 2011IEBDWestmead HawkPlanBrett Lee0610S452
Plan AyemMAR 2011IE/UKBKWestmead HawkPlanBrett Lee01041419OPEN96
Plan ImpactmJUL 2013IEBKRoyal Impact *PlanBrett Lee0100A61
Sister SopranofJUL 2013IEBKRoyal Impact *PlanBrett Lee0871414A377
DroimneachtfOCT 2008IEBEHoncho Classic *Shots DinkyLarkhill Jo02116A192
Limerick LullyfJUN 2011IE/UKWBKCabra CoolShots DinkyLarkhill Jo0581314OPEN87
Rathdromin BabefSEP 2009IEBKHead Bound Shots DinkyLarkhill Jo02475OPEN76
Rathdromin DinkyfOCT 2008IEBEHoncho Classic *Shots DinkyLarkhill Jo0611013A171
Rathdromin FlashfOCT 2008IEBKHoncho Classic *Shots DinkyLarkhill Jo0931411OPEN91
Rathdromin HopefOCT 2008IE/UKBKHoncho Classic *Shots DinkyLarkhill Jo04899A272
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