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476 second generation offspring, female branch, of Climate Control
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NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Aranock BeefAPR 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Aranock SnowyClimate Control01703A652
Aranock BobmAUG 2009IEWBETop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control051914A196
Aranock BreezefAUG 2009IEBKWTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control029108A526
Aranock EllafDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control0401S658
Aranock GinofDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control0903S542
Aranock GoirmfDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control0812S536
Aranock HimAUG 2009IEWBKTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control0600A467
Aranock JakemDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control01011A371
Aranock MintmAUG 2009IEBKWTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control035511GROUP3109
Aranock RalphmDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control02756S177
Aranock RockmAUG 2009IE/UKBKWTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control03062OPEN107
Aranock SammAPR 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Aranock SnowyClimate Control01712S265
Aranock SolofAUG 2009IEBEWTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control0781717OPEN104
Aranock SuefDEC 2011IEBEDroopys ScolariAranock SnowyClimate Control049174A285
Aranock TopmAUG 2009IEBKWTop SavingsAranock SnowyClimate Control02854OPEN81
Fahy AlicefAPR 2011IEBKWKinloch Brae *Aranock SnowyClimate Control0731510OPEN86
Fahy DaisyfAPR 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Aranock SnowyClimate Control02582A297
Free CallfAPR 2011IEBKKinloch Brae *Aranock SnowyClimate Control063813A372
Bid for MemOCT 2008IEWFBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control02255S182
Bog Road JackmSEP 2010IU/UKWBKCabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control042611A285
Control ItmOCT 2008IEFBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control011094
Cry MickymSEP 2010IU/UKBECabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control01620A274
Dempsey TessmOCT 2008IEBEBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control0110A949
Fern PiratemOCT 2008IEBEBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control0710A528
Gerry the LadmSEP 2010IU/UKWBKCabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control0803A471
HoleintheheadfOCT 2008IE/UKWBEBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control00000
Nathans BoymOCT 2008IEBEBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control0310S240
Rally the DogmSEP 2010IU/UKBKCabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control03074A194
Rapid RabbitfOCT 2008IEFBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control00000
Ricky Is HeremSEP 2010IU/UKWBKCabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control040710A290
Small ThingfSEP 2010IU/UKWBKCabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control02172A191
Tommy the MightyfOCT 2008IEFBallymac MaeveBlue ControlClimate Control05159S247
Up GranardmSEP 2010IE/UKWBECabra CoolBlue ControlClimate Control045811A197
AsthemansaysmAUG 2009IE/UKBEAce Hi Rumble *Blue HelenaClimate Control04889A376
Call Him BuzzmAUG 2009IEBEAce Hi Rumble *Blue HelenaClimate Control0700A555
Lisnadara BoundmNOV 2010IEBKHead Bound Blue HelenaClimate Control0591412A194
Lisnadara LadyfNOV 2010IEBKHead Bound Blue HelenaClimate Control1710A836
Rumble Ace HifAUG 2009IEBEAce Hi Rumble *Blue HelenaClimate Control046811S482
Scarthy HelenafNOV 2010IU/UKBKHead Bound Blue HelenaClimate Control01072314A174
Skylane SuziefNOV 2010IEBKHead Bound Blue HelenaClimate Control01000
Tracton SalfNOV 2010IEBKHead Bound Blue HelenaClimate Control0300S712
Wasnt HerfAUG 2009IEBEAce Hi Rumble *Blue HelenaClimate Control03067A672
Another ProspectfMAR 2012IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control22024A387
Battyford JennyfMAR 2012IU/UKBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control078915OPEN76
Crooks SpartacusmJAN 2014IU/UKBKCrash *Blue HighviewClimate Control04148A385
Crooks StormfMAR 2012IU/UKBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control01702622A378
Dusky BiddyfMAR 2013IEBKGodsend *Blue HighviewClimate Control03027A197
Gin BluemAUG 2010IEBDKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control04266OPEN101
GOA GettamDEC 2009IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control051910OPEN120
Highview AlonemMAR 2012IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control03577OPEN89
Highview BeautyfDEC 2009IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control494088GROUP2120
Highview CharmfDEC 2009IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control90000
Highview CraftmMAR 2013IEBEGodsend *Blue HighviewClimate Control01191725OPEN106
Highview DamefMAR 2013IEFGodsend *Blue HighviewClimate Control058611OPEN84
Highview DiamondfAUG 2010IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control06167A665
Highview DollyfAUG 2010IEBKKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control631122OPEN130
Highview HarrietfDEC 2009IE/ESBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control7320A4108
Highview HarrymMAR 2013IEBEGodsend *Blue HighviewClimate Control03959S192
Highview IdolfDEC 2009IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control372743FEATURE101
Highview JackmAUG 2010IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control02445OPEN94
Highview JaynefMAR 2013IEBKGodsend *Blue HighviewClimate Control142383A1117
Highview KittyfJAN 2014IEFCrash *Blue HighviewClimate Control92864OPEN104
Highview QuestmAUG 2010IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control01722OPEN78
Highview RecordfMAR 2012IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control83467A1101
Highview SahafMAR 2012IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control01252A3100
Highview VoyagemJAN 2014IEBKCrash *Blue HighviewClimate Control0912A281
Kinlock StylemAUG 2010IEBDKinloch Brae *Blue HighviewClimate Control0621015OPEN97
Princess FearnefMAR 2012IE/UKBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control53187OPEN100
Solemn VowsfMAR 2012IEBKHades Rocket *Blue HighviewClimate Control01723A370
All About YamAUG 2011IEBDKinloch Brae *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control26371210GROUP1133
Allen FiremAUG 2008IEWBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control0320A651
Allen ThundermAUG 2008IEBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control069159OPEN115
Ambervale JetmNOV 2010IE/UKBDCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control09425160
Amour JayfAPR 2012IU/UKBKHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control22732A293
ChevetonmAUG 2011IE/UKBKKinloch Brae *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control02455OPEN89
Danielles BellfMAR 2010IEWBKHead Bound Bluebell FantasyClimate Control744137OPEN107
Danielles LuckyfOCT 2007IEWBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control02864A291
Deneview SnowfoxfNOV 2010IE/FIFBDCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0870OPEN94
Domestic DivafAPR 2012IEBKHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control02738A1106
Domestic GoddessfAPR 2012IEBKHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control02753A197
Doodle DoofAUG 2008IEBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control45651212GROUP2116
Doona BellefMAR 2010IEBKHead Bound Bluebell FantasyClimate Control62614A288
Elle JakefAPR 2012IU/UKBEBDHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0811A759
Fitbaw WilliemAUG 2011IE/UKFBDKinloch Brae *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control01733031A191
Garryglass PennyfAUG 2013IEBKHades Rocket *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control1642105OPEN98
GotnewpairshoesmNOV 2010IEBKCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control058138OPEN107
Hexham AnnettefNOV 2010IU/UKWBKCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control01963A188
Jans BluebellfAUG 2011IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0641610OPEN123
Kernon BluebellfAPR 2012IEBEHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control62555A1103
Leeholme KingmAUG 2013IE/UKBKHades Rocket *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control037211OPEN84
Lets Go FlofNOV 2010IU/UKWBDCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0771115OPEN85
Mac Giolla RimAUG 2011IEBDKinloch Brae *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control02172A279
Makeit RockalongmNOV 2010IE/UKBKCrash *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control04873OPEN97
Mardi BabyfMAR 2010IU/UKWBKHead Bound Bluebell FantasyClimate Control52964OPEN92
Monopoly TimmAPR 2012IEBEHondo Black *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0721214A1109
Mystical CharliemAUG 2013IU/UKBDHades Rocket *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0742418OPEN121
Name TakerfAUG 2008IEWBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control373452OPEN90
Park HillfAUG 2008IEBKBrett LeeBluebell FantasyClimate Control05297OPEN112
Pennys CarbinemAUG 2013IE/ESBKHades Rocket *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0301A668
Pennys ChetakmAUG 2013IEBDHades Rocket *Bluebell FantasyClimate Control0622A199
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