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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES
82 second generation offspring, female branch, of Baby Hazel

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Belle Vue RuthfMAR 2017IE/UKBEBDDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve047105A377
Chancer SimpsonmFEB 2013IEBDBexhill BrianBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve01125S386
Fifth St EastmFEB 2013IEWBDBexhill BrianBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve01111S649
Fifthstreet DollfMAR 2017IEBDDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0730S451
FifthstreetaggiefMAR 2017IEBDWDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve01121S156
Gift of LifefFEB 2013IEBexhill BrianBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0400S643
Hows He DoitmAUG 2015IEPiercestown SandBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0100N20
Mo MmadadhmMAR 2017IEBDDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0913A668
My Lady MaevefFEB 2013IEBDBexhill BrianBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0201S104
Nanny KayefMAR 2017IEBDWDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve0802S290
Pad SagainnemMAR 2017IEBDDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve01000S439
Snug FaromMAY 2011IE/UKBEBDWWallace GreenBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve04696OPEN111
Sourhill SuefMAR 2017IEBKDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve02873OPEN88
Wheatcross JetmMAR 2017IEBDDroopys JetBaby MaeveBallymac Maeve01124A469
Bobs BeltermOCT 2012IU/UKBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve0781313OPEN104
Chilly PatchesfOCT 2012IEWBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve00000
Chilly SootyfOCT 2012IEBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve4620S59
Colarhouse BoundfOCT 2012IEBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve04376A189
Ellas JujufOCT 2012IU/UKBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve01533D2103
HeadforthetopmOCT 2012IU/UKBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve01433A480
Inch SmallerfOCT 2012IEBKHead Bound Ballyhill HazelBallymac Maeve063133A292
Clodaghview BerfMAY 2014IE/UKBKLenson BoltBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Clodaghview BillmMAY 2014IEBKLenson BoltBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Crack On SidmAUG 2018IEBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk0921A738
Fair DivafFEB 2015IE/UKBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Honour ArklemJUL 2016IEBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk060912A561
Honour EclipsemJUL 2016IEBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk02624D415
Honour ShergarmJUL 2016IEBDLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk071107A552
Some LassiefFEB 2015IEBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Suirview ArniemMAY 2014IU/UKBDLenson BoltBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk06366A280
Suirview BennymJUL 2016IEBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Suirview BlanadfFEB 2015IU/UKBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk01500A93
Suirview BoltmMAY 2014IEBKLenson BoltBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk02065A377
Suirview CallummFEB 2015IE/UKBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Suirview CartermJUL 2016IE/UKBDLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk03054A560
Suirview CharliemFEB 2015IU/UKBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk092157A278
Suirview ChristymFEB 2015IEBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk01833S731
Suirview ClivemFEB 2015IU/UKBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk03555A831
Suirview ColmmFEB 2015IEBKArdera PowerBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Suirview EvelynfJUL 2016IU/UKBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk04737S338
Suirview PoppyfJUL 2016IU/UKBDLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk01232A555
Suirview ReggiemJUL 2016IU/UKBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk0200A70
Suirview SiennafJUL 2016IEBKLemon PumbaBallyhill SoloWestmead Hawk00000
Captain KingmMAR 2012IEBDRazor AshmoreJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve03435A293
Central AlarmfJUN 2017IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0411S173
Chapel GatemAUG 2013IEBKKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0320N2107
Chapel LanemMAY 2014IEWFAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Chapel RoadmDEC 2015IEBKLaughil BlakeJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01162A1118
Corbraighe HollyfMAY 2014IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Dave You GomAUG 2013IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve033106OPEN104
Drive On SmokeymMAY 2014IEDKBDAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve500000
Greenhill JanefOCT 2016IEBEDroopys JetJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Jamaica JackmMAY 2014IEAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0100S415
Jamaica JazzmJUN 2017IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Jamaica JennyfMAY 2014IEBEAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve141742S1109
Jamaica JetmOCT 2016IEBDWDroopys JetJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve058714A279
Jamaica JoeymOCT 2016IEBEDroopys JetJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01646S177
Jamaica JoyfDEC 2015IEBKLaughil BlakeJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0591011A192
Jamaica JudyfAPR 2015IEWFKyle JamesJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Jamaica JukemDEC 2015IEBKLaughil BlakeJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Jamaica JunefOCT 2016IEDroopys JetJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01443S1117
JamminmAUG 2013IEKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0592013A1113
Joneses RoadfJUN 2017IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve020014
KilgreelfMAY 2014IEWBEAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve6311A387
Kilwest BlinkmAPR 2015IEBEKyle JamesJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Kilwest DuchessfJUN 2017IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01933D457
Laurdella DanifMAY 2015IEWFAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Laurdella JanefDEC 2015IEBKLaughil BlakeJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve62735S276
Memphis MafiamAUG 2013IEBKKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0692417OPEN134
Olwinn JanefOCT 2016IEDroopys JetJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve055116OPEN95
Powerpoint DavymMAY 2014IE/UKBEAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve02546A280
Primeley SceptrefMAR 2012IEBDRazor AshmoreJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve22326S1100
Seldom CallsmMAR 2012IEBKRazor AshmoreJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0942OPEN81
Stonepark JanefDEC 2015IEBKLaughil BlakeJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve30000
Tiffanys GemfAUG 2013IE/UKBDKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01332A555
True NorthmMAY 2014IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
TullyotterfMAY 2014IEBKAdios AlonsoJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0310S560
Tynwald AshmMAR 2012IE/PKBDRazor AshmoreJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve00000
Tynwald JanefMAR 2012IEBDRazor AshmoreJamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0211Coursing0
Tynwald LaurafAUG 2013IU/UKBDKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve01141624A555
Tynwald LucyfAUG 2013IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0100A60
WingsofanangelfAUG 2013IU/UKBKKinloch Brae *Jamaica JaneBallymac Maeve0521A654