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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

Please click YES to sign the petition.

105 races with racename like english derby, country= UK, and class=1
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist m/yWinnerWintimeFilm
STAR SPORTS 2018 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL HTTowcester2 JUN 20189GROUP1500 / 547Dorotas Wildcat28.85
STAR SPORTS 2017 ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY FINAL HTTowcester1 JUL 201710GROUP1500 / 547Astute Missile28.92
English Greyhound Derby Final 2015Wimbledon27 JUN 20159GROUP1480 / 525Rio Quattro28.24
2012 English Derby FinalWimbledon26 MAY 201212GROUP1480 / 525Blonde Snapper28.65
English Greyhound Derby Final 2011Wimbledon11 JUN 201111GROUP1480 / 525Taylors Sky28.17
ENGLISH DERBY 2010 FINALWimbledon29 MAY 201011GROUP1480 / 525Bandicoot Tipoki28.57
ENGLISH DERBY 2009 FINALWimbledon30 MAY 200911GROUP1480 / 525Kinda Ready28.65
ENGLISH DERBY 2008 FINALWimbledon31 MAY 200811GROUP1480 / 525Loyal Honcho28.60
ENGLISH DERBY 2007 FINALWimbledon7 JUL 200711GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Lord28.47
ENGLISH DERBY 2006 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 200611GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Hawk28.44
ENGLISH DERBY 2005 FINALWimbledon2 JUL 200511GROUP1480 / 525Westmead Hawk28.56
ENGLISH DERBY 2004 FINALWimbledon5 JUN 200411GROUP1480 / 525Droopys Scholes28.62
ENGLISH DERBY 2003 FINALWimbledon28 JUN 200311GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Verdict29.12
ENGLISH DERBY 2002 FINALWimbledon1 JUN 200211GROUP1480 / 525Allen Gift29.04
ENGLISH DERBY 2001 FINALWimbledon2 JUN 200111GROUP1480 / 525Rapid Ranger28.71
ENGLISH DERBY 2000 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 20000GROUP1480 / 525Rapid Ranger28.71
English Derby 99 FINWimbledon26 JUN 19990GROUP1480 / 525Chart King28.67
English Derby 98 FINWimbledon27 JUN 199850GROUP1480 / 525Toms the Best28.75
English Derby 97 FINWimbledon28 JUN 19970GROUP1480 / 525Some Picture28.23
English Derby 96 FINWimbledon29 JUN 19960GROUP1480 / 525Shanless Slippy28.66
English Derby 95 FINWimbledon24 JUN 19950GROUP1480 / 525Moaning Lad28.66
English Derby 94 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19940GROUP1480 / 525Moral Standards *28.59
English Derby 93 FINWimbledon30 JUN 199350GROUP1480 / 525Ringa Hustle28.62
English Derby 92 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19920GROUP1480 / 525Farloe Melody *28.88
English Derby 91 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19910GROUP1480 / 525Ballinderry Ash28.78
English Derby 90 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19900GROUP1480 / 525Slippy Blue28.70
English Derby 89 FINWimbledon24 JUN 19890GROUP1480 / 525Lartigue Note28.79
English Derby 88 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19880GROUP1480 / 525Hit the Lid28.53
English Derby 87 FINWimbledon30 JUN 19870GROUP1480 / 525Signal Spark28.83
English Derby 86 FINWimbledon28 JUN 19860GROUP1480 / 525Tico28.69
English Derby 86 Semi-FinalWimbledon21 JUN 19861GROUP1480 / 525Murlens Slippy29.04
English Derby 86 Semi-FinalWimbledon21 JUN 19862GROUP1490 / 536Tico28.72
English Derby 85 FINWimbledon30 JUN 198550GROUP1480 / 525Pagan Swallow29.04
English Derby 84 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19840GROUP1500 / 547Whisper Wishes29.43
English Derby 83 FINWhite City London25 JUN 19830GROUP1500 / 547Im Slippy29.40
English Derby 83 1st roundWhite City London7 JUN 198311GROUP1500 / 547Im Slippy29.75
English Derby 83 1st roundWhite City London4 JUN 19830GROUP1500 / 547Lisnamuck29.88
English Derby 83 Qualifying RoundWhite City London21 MAY 19830GROUP1500 / 547Game Ball29.43
English Derby 83 Qualifying RoundWhite City London21 MAY 19833GROUP1500 / 547Im Slippy30.43
English Derby 83 Qualifying RoundWhite City London21 MAY 198321GROUP1500 / 547Copper Beeches29.55
English Derby 82 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19820GROUP1500 / 547Lauries Panther29.60
English Derby 81 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19810GROUP1500 / 547Parkdown Jet29.57
English Derby 80 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19800GROUP1500 / 547Indian Joe29.68
English Derby 79 FINWhite City London23 JUN 19790GROUP1500 / 547Sarahs Bunny29.53
English Derby 78 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19780GROUP1500 / 547Lacca Champion29.42
English Derby 77 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19770GROUP1500 / 547Balliniska Band29.16
English Derby 76 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19760GROUP1500 / 547Mutts Silver29.38
English Derby 75 FINWhite City London28 JUN 19750GROUP1500 / 547Tartan Khan29.57
English Derby 74 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19740GROUP1480 / 525Jimsun28.76
English Derby 73 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19730GROUP1480 / 525Patricias Hope28.68
English Derby 72 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19720GROUP1480 / 525Patricias Hope28.55
English Derby 71 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19710GROUP1480 / 525Dolores Rocket28.78
English Derby 1971 First Semi-FinalWhite City London23 JUN 19711GROUP1480 / 525Leap and Run28.67
English Derby Second RoundWhite City London19 JUN 19713GROUP1480 / 525Leap and Run28.88
English Derby 1971 Second RoundWhite City London19 JUN 19714GROUP1480 / 525Ballybeg Era*28.76
English Derby 1971 First RoundWhite City London17 JUN 19711GROUP1480 / 525Postal Vote28.85
English Derby 1971 First RoundWhite City London17 JUN 19712GROUP1480 / 525Mullas Shore28.62
English Derby 1971White City London17 JUN 19713GROUP1480 / 525Crefogue Flash28.83
English Derby 1971 First RoundWhite City London17 JUN 19715GROUP1480 / 525Hurst Wickham28.56
English Derby 1971 First RoundWhite City London17 JUN 19716GROUP1480 / 525Sole Aim28.84
English Derby 1971White City London17 JUN 19717GROUP1480 / 525Leap and Run28.66
English Derby 1971 First RoundWhite City London17 JUN 19718GROUP1480 / 525Spectre Jockey29.04
English Derby 70 FINWhite City London27 JUN 19700GROUP1480 / 525John Silver II29.01
English Derby 69 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19690GROUP1480 / 525Sand Star28.78
English Derby 68 FINWhite City London22 JUN 19680GROUP1480 / 525Camira Flash28.89
English Derby 67 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19670GROUP1480 / 525Tric Trac29.00
English Derby 66 FINWhite City London25 JUN 19660GROUP1480 / 525Faithful Hope28.52
English Derby 65 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19650GROUP1480 / 525Chittering Clapton28.82
English Derby 64 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19640GROUP1480 / 525Hack Up Chieftain28.92
English Derby 63 FINWhite City London29 JUN 19630GROUP1480 / 525Lucky Boy Boy29.00
English Derby 62 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19620GROUP1480 / 525The Grand Canal29.09
English Derby 61 FINWhite City London24 JUN 19610GROUP1480 / 525Palms Printer28.84
English Derby 60 FINWhite City London25 JUN 19600GROUP1480 / 525Duleek Dandy29.15
English Derby 59 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19590GROUP1480 / 525Mile Bush Pride28.76
English Derby 58 FINWhite City London28 JUN 19580GROUP1480 / 525Pigalle Wonder28.65
English Derby 57 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19570GROUP1480 / 525Ford Spartan28.84
English Derby 56 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19560GROUP1480 / 525Dunmore King29.22
English Derby 55 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19550GROUP1480 / 525Rushton Mac28.97
English Derby 54 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19540GROUP1480 / 525Pauls Fun28.84
English Derby 53 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19530GROUP1480 / 525Daws Dancer29.20
English Derby 52 FINWhite City London28 JUN 19520GROUP1480 / 525Endless Gossip *28.50
English Derby 51 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19510GROUP1480 / 525Ballylanigan Tanist28.62
English Derby 49 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19490GROUP1480 / 525Narrogar Ann28.95
English Derby 48 FINWhite City London26 JUN 19480GROUP1480 / 525Priceless Border28.78
English Derby 47 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19470GROUP1480 / 525Trev's Perfection28.95
English Derby 46 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19460GROUP1480 / 525Mondays News29.24
English Derby 45 FINWhite City London30 JUN 19450GROUP1480 / 525Ballyhennessy Seal29.56
English Derby 44 not runWhite City London30 JUN 194450GROUP1480 / 5250.00
English Derby 43 not runWhite City London30 JUN 194350GROUP1480 / 5250.00
English Derby 42 not runWhite City London30 JUN 194250GROUP1480 / 5250.00
English Derby 41 not runWhite City London30 JUN 194150GROUP1480 / 5250.00
English Derby 40 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19400GROUP1480 / 525G.R. Archduke29.66
English Derby 39 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19390GROUP1480 / 525Highland Rum29.35
English Derby 38 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19380GROUP1480 / 525Lone Keel29.62
English Derby 37 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19370GROUP1480 / 525Wattle Bark29.26
English Derby 36 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19360GROUP1480 / 525Fine Jubilee29.48
English Derby 35 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19350GROUP1480 / 525Greta Ranee30.18
English Derby 34 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19340GROUP1480 / 525Daves Land29.81
English Derby 33 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19330GROUP1480 / 525Future Cutlet29.80
English Derby 32 FINWhite City London1 JUL 19320GROUP1480 / 525Wild Woolley29.72
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