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Save Longford Track, Ireland

Longford Track Supporters Club Fundraiser:

At a meeting held at the track on August 15th a survival plan for the future of Longford Greyhound Stadium was discussed. Over 100 people from all over Ireland attended and heard that basically there are 2 options for the track:

* Close down on Friday August 23rd
* Deal with the urgent issues raised by the Fire Officer and other financial requirements by raising funds immediately.

It is estimated that if we raised €25,000 in the next 2 weeks that racing at the track could continue to October.
It was clearly pointed out that raising these funds will NOT guarantee that racing will continue after October. The track will also require a further €20,000 to survive after that.

Basically it’s a big gamble, but faced with the other option of closing immediately those in attendance decided unanimously to fight for the future of the track. The Longford Track Supporters Club have formed a fundraising committee with the aim of raising €25,000 as soon as possible. This figure is easily attainable as the goodwill is there. We are asking owners, trainers and anyone worldwide with an interest in greyhound racing to contribute to the fund.

Please click on YES if you would like to help.

Thank you for your Support.

The feature races of Ireland

FEATURE RACE data since
Cesarewitch, Irish Cesarewitch 1960
Champion Stakes, Irish Champion Stakes, Bord na Gaeilge Champion Stakes 1986
Cox Cup 1972
Derby, The Irish Derby,THE paddypower.com IRISH DERBY 1932
Dundalk International, Bar One International 1968
Dunmore 700; Sean Graham 700 1961 partial
Easter Cup,D.J. Reilly Easter Cup 1928
Grand National 1960
Grand Prix, Irish Grand Prix 1997
Guinness 600 1964
McCalmont Cup 1997
Laurels; The Irish Laurels,Co-Op SuperStores Laurels 1944
Lee Strand Charity 1978
Munster Oaks 1997
National Puppy Stakes 1995
National Sprint,Irish National Sprint 1943
Oaks, The Irish Oaks, Sporting Press Irish Oaks 1932
Paddy Byrne Memorial 1997
Produce Stakes, Red Mills National Breeders Produce Stakes1939
Puppy Derby, The Irish Puppy Derby 1943
Red Mills Guineas 1993
Regal 600 1994
Egan Catering Leger1961
St Leger;The Irish St Leger 1932
Tipperary Cup,Red Mills Thurles Co-Op Tipperary Cup 1963
Coursing data since
Irish Coursing Derby 1979
Irish Coursing Oaks 1987
Champion Stakes Coursing 1973
Desmond Cup Coursing 1998
Corn Na Feile Derby Coursing 1997
Corn Na Feile Oaks Coursing 1997