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World Greyhound Organisation

The World Greyhound Organisation (WGO) was formed to give all countries and their greyhounds a voice.

WGO will unite all countries under one umbrella to encourage development and understanding of the magnificent animal we call a greyhound. We need your support to make this a reality.

To join and be part of an organisation that is making a difference on a world scale please click YES

Breeding Kennels of  
IE (434)  UK (227)  AU/NZ (275)  US (35)  Other (383)    Add Your Kennel

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Name of KennelLandBreeder ^ZipCity
Flyers Kennels
IrelandMichael & Colm Fitzgeraldv15rx75Kilrush
Bocks Kennels
IrelandBecky BirchRoscommon
Abbeyview Kennels
IrelandChristopher MaloneyCo.Wicklow.
Whizzing Kennels
IrelandAdam and David HoggdromTemplemore, Tipperary
Titans Greyhounds
IrelandAdriaan & Louise CilliersClareEnnis
Glenbowen Kennel
IrelandAidan BowenCork
IrelandAidan DentonenniscorthyEnniscorthy
Pharis Kennels
IrelandAidan DohertyDunloyBallymena
Moes Kennels
IrelandAidan MannionGalway
Awbey Kennells
IrelandAidan O Connor022Cork
Kingsmill Kennels
IrelandAidan Roche/John RocheBallygoman,Barntown,Co. Wexford.
Ballyvane Kennels(new Pictures)
IrelandAiden O HanlonCo.Kerry
Glensharrold Kennels
Lismadine Kennels
IrelandAlan TroyKilkeeCo. Clare
Deneview Kennels
IrelandAlison CoxonDERRANECo. Roscommon
Arrow Kennels
IrelandAndrew and Ned LawlorCastlecomerKilkenny
Belle's Kennels
IrelandAndy HuddlestonRosegreen, Co Tipperary
IrelandAndy TurnerCo Wexford
Pad On Kennels
IrelandAnn KeoghDublin
Well Drawn Kennels
IrelandAnne BurroughsathyKildare
Duanghy Kennels
IrelandAnthony Fudabt53 7hjBallymoney
Smokin Ace
IrelandAnthony Moorheadcamolin enniscorthyCo. Wexford
Castlejane Kennels
IrelandAnthony MurphyCork
Hot Kennels
IrelandAnyhony CumminsEnniskeaneCork
Banba Kennels
IrelandAshley ManganLimerick
Rebel Kennels
IrelandB. Cullinane.Cork
Dacent Kennels
IrelandBarrett FamilyKerry
Dynamite Racing
IrelandBarry CaulSWORDSDublin
Shimba Kennels
IrelandBarry Coppard & Tracey BrentCashelCo. Tipperary
IrelandBernard O Reilly
Knockane Kennels
IrelandBilly DoylexxxxListowel
Scully Racing
IrelandBobby ScullionGilfordCo. Armagh
Tashadelek Kennels
Take On Kennels
IrelandBrendan Cullenco.tyrone
Gazes Kennel
IrelandBrendan KeoghportlaoiseCounty Laois
Fire Height Kennels
IrelandBrendan MaunsellTralee
Killeen Greyhound Farm
IrelandBrendan MooreBallylandersCo. Limerick
Toberadora Kennels
IrelandBrendan O'NeillThurles,Co.Tipperary
Seventh Kennels
IrelandBrian AhernCork
Temple Kennels
IrelandBrian EganMoate
Brian Johnson
IrelandBrian JohnsonGalway
Haliska Greyhound Kennels
IrelandBrian McCannBallymurnWexford
Boomtown Kennels
IrelandBrian O Sullivan
Almost Kennels
IrelandBryan and Lois DaviesWexford
Cara Ward West Kennells
IrelandCara Ward West Kennells
Condor Kennels
IrelandCarole ShinkwinMullinahoneCo. Tipperary
The Ordinary Man Kennels
IrelandCaroline Doherty
Corbrack Kennels
IrelandCathal ConnollyBallybayCo. Monaghan
Kuma Kennels
IrelandCatriona Ni Duill90210Co.westhmeath
Irdu Kennels (pups for Sale, Nov 12)
IrelandCees and Hetty de SnooBallymacarbry Co Waterford
Mullrook Kennels
IrelandCharlie Deerybt489qsDerry City
Maudabawn Kennels
IrelandChris CraddockCootehillCo.Cavan
Neerons Kennels
IrelandChris HavensWaterford
The Priory
IrelandChris SowerMeath
Lahana Kennels
IrelandChris WalshDunmanwayCo. Cork
Ballyrhan Kennels
IrelandChris Warren
IrelandChristopher TyrrellBelfast
IrelandClick CowanBelfast
Crack On Kennels
IrelandClive PadwickThurles
Frosses Kennels
IrelandColin DunlopBallymoney
IrelandColm MorrisGorey
Macbet Racing Kennels
Tenacious Kennels
IrelandCyril MulcahyardcroneyNenagh Co Tipperary
Rising Kennel
IrelandDamian FlemingCork
Kefcar Kennells
IrelandDan Joe O'KeeffeCo. Kerry
Ardrahan Kennels
IrelandDan NolanArdfertTralee, Co. Kerry
Danmar Kennels
IrelandDanny PotterCARNMORE ORANMOREGalway
East Coast Kennels
IrelandDarren FerrisWhitehead Co. Antrim
Dragon Kennels
IrelandDave LonerganKnocknaboha/knockgraffon/clonmel
CANYA Kennels
IrelandDave SinclairGoldenTipperary
Garryfine Kennels
IrelandDavid BrowneLimerick
Burley Greyhounds
IrelandDavid BurkeCork
Tyrap Kennels
IrelandDavid CarrollLimerick
Falkirk Kennels
IrelandDavid FennellycoolrainLaois
Sunset Kennels
IrelandDavid FlanaganTipperary
Springmount Kennels
IrelandDavid Hickey/Nikki O'DonnellTipperary
Badminton Kennels
IrelandDavid McGrath / Donal Murphy
IrelandDavid MckennaMeathCo Meath
IrelandDavid MillerMullingar
Coolygorman Kennels
IrelandDavid ScanlanLimerick
Pookies Kennels
IrelandDavid WeadickKilkenny
Marwood Kennels
IrelandDavy MorrisEnniscorthyCo. Wexford
Ratchies Kennels
IrelandDayne & Pj PeacockAbbeyleixLaois
Bambam Kennels
IrelandDean RandallCo,Limerick
Demonic Racing
IrelandDean TownsendMagherafelt
Cappagh Kennels
IrelandDeclan CostelloCappawhiteTipperary
Gunner Greyhounds
IrelandDeclan PowerDunmore EastWaterford
Liscahane Kennels
IrelandDeclan Sillesco.kerry
Kinielty Kennels
IrelandDeclan/Terry McdonaghCo Clare
IrelandDeirdre WalshNEWRYCounty Down
Kielduff Rearing & Whelping Kennels
IrelandDenis & Marie ShanahantraleeCo. Kerry
Lemon Kennels
IrelandDenis LennonCo. Kilkenny
Foxwood Kennels
IrelandDenny Mc GrathNenaghCo. Tipperary
Stormy Kennels
IrelandDermot FitzgeraldGLINCo.limerick
Moyeady Kennels
IrelandDes & Sheila FallonSummerhillCo. Meath
Crystal Kennels
IrelandDes KellyWaterford
Mourne Greyhounds
IrelandDes McGarryCo.down
Rewind Kennels
IrelandDes O NeillCork
Blacksmith Kennels
IrelandDes SmithCarlow
Bridgemar Kennals
IrelandDiarmuid FranklinenniscorthyCo.Wexford