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The First Greyhound Workshops for Owners in Mainland China

The GRCC with Greyhound-Data has conducted its first Workshop 1 and 2 Basic Injury Detection for greyhound owners in Mainland China. The injury detection workshops are "hands on" and teach a precise technique of examining any dog for muscle injuries.

The following subjects were covered:
Suitable Bedding, Nails, Acidosis, Cramping and Corns.

Examination of the: Shoulders, Accessory Carpal, Main Flexor Tendon, Metacarpals, Toes, Wrists, Hip Muscles, Hip Support, Gracilis, Calf, Achilles Tendon, Hock and Groin.

Thank you for your Support.

Tony Gallagher

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431 breeding kennels     page  1 2 3 4 5

Name of Kennel ^LandBreederZipCity
Coolaboola Kennels
IrelandVanessa AhernCork
Coolattin Kennels
IrelandThomas W KennedycarnewCo Wicklow
Coolbeggan Kennels
IrelandPeter SteadTallow Co Waterford
Coolfox Kennels
IrelandToni JordanBallaMayo
Coolygorman Kennels
IrelandDavid ScanlanLimerick
Corbrack Kennels
IrelandCathal ConnollyBallybayCo. Monaghan
Corby Lynn
IrelandIvan ParkhillStrabane
Coshair Kennels
IrelandJames CossPortlaoiseLaois
Couzins Kennels
IrelandThomas LightLisburn
Crack On Kennels
IrelandClive PadwickThurles
Cracking Kennels
IrelandHughie Keleghangalway cityGalway
IrelandPaul CroninCork
Crucial Kennels
IrelandMichael HendersonNew Ross Co Wexford
Crystal Kennels
IrelandDes KellyWaterford
Cullinane Kennels
IrelandPatrick Cullinane
Cully Stud
IrelandRichard and Michael CullyCarburyCo Kildare
Cumberland Kennels
IrelandJohn BrennanCo. Meath
IrelandLiam O KeeffeCo.waterford
Curramore Kennels
IrelandMichael FinneranCo. Roscommon
Da Vinci Kennels
IrelandWilliam White
Dacent Kennels
IrelandBarrett FamilyKerry
Daisyfield Kennels
IrelandO ' Kanebt 489thDerry
Dance Kennels
IrelandJerry & Liam DrennanGalmoyKilkenny
Danielles Kennels.
IrelandMichael Lynam.Cork
Danmar Kennels
IrelandDanny PotterCARNMORE ORANMOREGalway
Darcis Kennels
IrelandJason MernorCo Tyrone
Darver Kennels
IrelandPaul Mc DonnellDarverCo Louth
Dawn and Keith Rearing Kennels
IrelandThe RenwicksCo Tipperary
Dawns Kennels
IrelandPat Howardco wexford
Dazsrite Kennel
IrelandGer KellyLaoise
Dead Set Kennels
IrelandHenning OlesenBallymacarbry
Debs Tick Kennels
IrelandStephanie Casey
Demonic Racing
IrelandDean TownsendMagherafelt
Deneview Kennels
IrelandAlison CoxonDERRANECo. Roscommon
Divine Kennels
IrelandPaul CusheWexford
Dogolphin Greyhounds
IrelandGary Noble
Donishall Kennel
IrelandSean Kavanagh000Wexford
Dormello Kennels
IrelandEoin HollandTimoleagueCork
Downland Kennels
IrelandNigel WarehamThurlesCounty Tipperary
Dragon Kennels
IrelandDave LonerganKnocknaboha/knockgraffon/clonmel
Dripsey Kennels
IrelandWayne & Liam CotterCork
Drumcrow Kennels
IrelandRoy Ruddy
Drumscraw Kennels
IrelandPaul McCuskerCo Tyrone
Dryland Kennels
IrelandJohn and Declan ByrneCarlow
Duanghy Kennels
IrelandAnthony Fudabt53 7hjBallymoney
Dunlavin Kennels
IrelandScott Phelan
Dustin Kennels
IrelandMartin Fitzpatrickbt48 0jnDerry
Dynamite Racing
IrelandBarry CaulSWORDSDublin
East Coast Kennels
IrelandDarren FerrisWhitehead Co. Antrim
Elbony Kennels
IrelandKen DuceCo. Limerick
Elite Kennels
IrelandMyles RobanCo Wexford
Ellens Kennels
IrelandEleanor RileyThurles,Co.Tipperary
Ellumonate Kennels
IrelandNoel ButlerKilkenny
Eshwary Kennels
IrelandGary AndersonBT35 7BTCo Armagh
Ever So Kennels (Rearing & Training)
IrelandEdward O'SullivanListowelKerry
Fahrenheit Kennels
IrelandWilliam O'SullivanCahir
Fairhill Kennels
IrelandJulia O NeillCork
Falkirk Kennels
IrelandDavid FennellycoolrainLaois
Fane Kennels
IrelandSharkeyCo. Louth
Farkland Kennels
Farran/foggy Kennels
IrelandJerry Hanifan/jonathan Best
Fatboyz Nodrog Kennels
IrelandFatboyzEnniscorthyCo Wexford
Feagh Kennels
IrelandJim TurnerWexford
Fergus Run Kennels Dundalk
IrelandPeter NooneDundalk
Fiddlers Rest Kennels - Breeding/rearing
IrelandMr Kevin BurrowsCounty Tipperary
Field of Dreams
IrelandSharon HurleyBT45 8PAMagherafelt
Fire Height Kennels
IrelandBrendan MaunsellTralee
Five Alley Kennels
IrelandPaul HoganNenagh
Fluff Kennels
IrelandGerry CallanDundalk
Fly Kennels
IrelandPatrick MurrayWaterford
Flyers Kennels
IrelandMichael & Colm Fitzgeraldv15rx75Kilrush
Fort Hill Kennels
IrelandMr John KeenanNewry. NI
Fortfield Kennels
IrelandJames McMahon
Fortwilliam Kennels
IrelandSee BelowTraleeCo. Kerry
Foxford Kennels
IrelandTom SquiresFOXFORDCo.mayo
Foxwood Kennels
IrelandDenny Mc GrathNenaghCo. Tipperary
Frenchmans Kennels
IrelandPat BellBT70 3DFDungannon
Fridays Kennel
Frosses Kennels
IrelandColin DunlopBallymoney
Funcheon Kennels
IrelandRoger Casey
G M Kennels
IrelandGregory MooreGREYSTEELDerry
Gabbys Kennels
IrelandMartin FoleyCo.Donegal
Galdanagh Kennels
IrelandGaldanagh Kennelsbt44 9edBallymena
Gallows Kennels
IrelandPat O Neill
IrelandEllie Gallagher and Mark ReayCo Mayo
Garrett Kelly Greyhounds
IrelandGarrett Kelly
Garryfine Kennels
IrelandDavid BrowneLimerick
Garryglass Kennels
IrelandWilliam/Karol RamsbottomTimahoePortlaoise
Gazes Kennel
IrelandBrendan KeoghportlaoiseCounty Laois
Geneva Kennels
IrelandMichael Meade
Gerard Dowling
IrelandGerard DowlingV31h771County Kerry
Geta Win Or Die Trialin Kennels
IrelandMatthew SimpsonCounty DownBangor
Gleannrue Kennels
IrelandOliver CurtinArdrahanCo. Galway
Glenbeg Kennels
IrelandJohn MaherCork
Glenbowen Kennel
IrelandAidan BowenCork
Glenduff Racing
IrelandPádraig LeenTralee, Kerry
Glensharrold Kennels
Glitzy Kennels
IrelandKevin MurphyGorey Co.Wexford
Goldmine Kennels
IrelandFrancis TobinLimerick
Gosford Greyhounds
IrelandStephen J SavageMarkethillCo Armagh