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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum


The Greyhound-Data Forum has been created to act as a platform for greyhound enthusiasts to share information on this magnificent animal called a greyhound.

Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove any post that is off topic, advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive.

Please read the forum usage manual please note:

If you answer then please try to stay on topic. It's absolutely okay to answer in a broader scope but don't hijack posts by switching to something off topic.

In case you see an insulting post: DO NOT REPLY TO IT!
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TopicTopic StarterRepliesViewsLast ActionLast PostAgree
  Belle Vue To Close Douglas Campbell149719 Dec 20:17Maureen Day 0
  Vanderworp at StudTony Gallagher11291219 Dec 13:10Peter Cameron 1
  Massive greyhound Christmas Walk Florence Haslett028919 Dec 10:02 1
  Bernard Duffy's 2019 Spring Challenge Tipping Comp   (1, 2 ... 16, 17 )Peter Gurry332821119 Dec 03:28Peter Gurry 0
  Open 620/670 entries required for DundalkPaul Mc Donnell236418 Dec 20:56Paul Mc Donnell 1
  MACROOM C.C. MON/TUES 16TH/17TH DEC 2019Raymond Hadden3144618 Dec 16:36Raymond Hadden 0
  [b][u]BANDON & CAREYS X MON/TUES 16TH/17TH DEC 19Raymond Hadden3125718 Dec 16:34Raymond Hadden 0
  LIMERICK CITY SAT/SUN 14th/15th DEC 2019Raymond Hadden2156315 Dec 17:49Raymond Hadden 1
  NEW ROSS (2) FRI/SAT/SUN 13th/14th/15th DEC 2019Raymond Hadden2126715 Dec 17:41Raymond Hadden 0
  BALLINAGAR C.C. FRI/SAT/SUN 13th/14th/15th DEC 19Raymond Hadden2116215 Dec 17:40Raymond Hadden 0
  OLD KILCULLEN FRI/SAT/SUN 13th/14th/15th DEC 2019Raymond Hadden3191915 Dec 17:38Raymond Hadden 0
  GLIN C.C. SAT/SUN 14th/15th DEC 2019Raymond Hadden2162815 Dec 17:30Raymond Hadden 1
  IGOBF - Indecon ReportPadjoe Dorney15281015 Dec 12:06Maurice Organ 12
  Private messagesPeter Dugmore242514 Dec 21:37Peter Dugmore 0
  Senior executive challengesDave Cunningham052813 Dec 22:06 2
  indecon report   (1, 2 )Frank Muldowney35737613 Dec 20:26Maurice Organ 1
  Barts Outofmyway at Stud   (1, 2 )Tony Gallagher26276413 Dec 14:22Andrew Bobak 4
  What price these puppies?Cynthia Suttle3107413 Dec 11:12Colin Humphryes 0
  Boston angel matings Nathan Bendeich1689813 Dec 08:38Kevin Wright 0
  61 lb champ ??Howard Moshinsky438113 Dec 00:51Howard Moshinsky 0
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