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S.Pk Facelift

Pat Scully
(Verified User)
Posts 16
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12 Jan 2018 12:52


I'm baffled that the first major spend by new CEO is on a Facelift for S.Pk
How could this be a priority in the present climate?

Kilkenny is a standout in my opinion for a Facelift
It's a vibrant CITY particularly at weekends with stag and hen parties.
It's well managed, a well mantained track, has 5 yes 5 bookmakers,has never received a cent of Board funding because of lease issues that have now been sorted, and despite having spartan facilities accounts are still in the black

In his new year message CEO stated Core is sound.
According to the dictionary core means heart, centre, nucleus.
I believe heart of industry is greyhound numbers, breeders and owners.
If he thinks any of these aspects are sound he must be living on a different planet
S.Pk yes the same one referred to earlier couldn't fill cards last weekend
During last years standoff i said breeding needed massive incentives.
The increase in prize money is not enough to keep, let alone encourage new people into the game. Claims that improved prices in Thurles are not relevant, as most of those dogs are going to UK

With the S.Pk proposal i shudder to think what's coming down the tracks - pardon the pun. I've been 50 plus years in dogs, had plenty of bad ones but enjoyed the few good ones, im naturally an optimistic person but can't see any reason for optimism right now
Core is sound;; I'm sorry but with respect Mr Dollard in my humble opinion that statement is pure and utter "bullshit"

Martin James
(Verified User)
Posts 847
Dogs 5 / Races 0

12 Jan 2018 20:08


Good man Pat. Uplifting to read your post.

If I had money to spend to reinvigorate the industry, I would start by rewarding the dogs that won the most races at each track in Ireland during 2017.
Give a cash reward and bring connections to the annual awards dinner. If there are joint winners bring connections of both along.These won't all be Derby dogs and connections will be the back bone of the sport.
Clapped out 20 year old TVs in the kennel areas, broken down tote boards, water fountains that don't work, badly painted stadia, tracks where bend designs / camber have not been adjusted for 50 years, lure pulling up short of pick-up, lure running through pick-up....on and on it goes.
It's a shambles in many respects.
I agree they do a great job in Kilkenny with what they have. I assume they can't develop this track for some legal reason or whatever.
Anyway if you have a masterplan...........
According to the Tenders website "The Irish Greyhound Board is requesting submissions from interested parties, relating to its Design of a Master Plan for Refurbishment/Upgrade works at Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium."
I'm confused about this.
Have the Board a plan with which they need assistance, or are they looking for an outside party to come up with a plan for them?

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