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RIP .Roy Lovett

Kevin Wright
(Verified User)
Posts 5067
Dogs 1 / Races 1

13 Jul 2019 02:16


Saddened to hear of the passing of Well known Cranbourne OTB ..Roy Lovett last night ..

One of Roy's best dogs was called Romper Stomper Sandown 700 Metre record holder .
Romper stomper shortly after his track record travelled to NSW to race but unfortunately on the return flight home the airlines sent the dog to Queensland leaving it in the sun the dog was just saved from death by roy but the dog never was the same dog ...a very unfortunate story ...

RIP Old Timer ...

Robert Hill
(Verified User)
Posts 29
Dogs 1 / Races 0

15 Jul 2019 07:20


never knew the man but may he rest in peace. (Edit by Admin).

posts 2