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Greyhound Chronicles.The Truth About Grey2K

Kevin Wright
(Verified User)
Posts 5588
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21 Sep 2020 07:12



Are you interested in seeing from a Grey2K Executive EXACTLY HOW Grey2K manipulates, providing false information about greyhound racing?
The following link contains a Facebook debate between Fred Barton of Grey2K and a greyhound advocate… https://www.facebook.com/.../permalink/2645636618860846/.

It reveals exactly how Grey2K manipulates to suit their needs. It is a long read, but you can see how they twist the truth. Some points are summarized below.
Grey2K always says that greyhound racing is cruel. However, did you realize by Grey2K logic, that you as a pet owner are treating your dog(s) in a cruel manner every day?

Grey2K defines “cruel” as “an intentional or criminally negligent act that causes pain and suffering.”

They claim racing greyhounds are treated cruelly because of the “needless injuries and deaths”, that owners and trainers are aware of the potential for harm while racing. However, as pointed out in the debate, every time a greyhound pet owner allows their greyhound to run in their backyard, in a fenced field, at a dog park, or in amateur sports or even to ride in the car, they are intentionally putting them in situations where they could be injured or even killed.

When Grey2K reports on injury rates, they choose timeframes that give them the highest possible number, never mind that it is spread over a long timespan and involves thousands of greyhounds and many more thousands of racing starts which they don’t disclose. And they don’t disclose any information about how many of those injuries were minor, such as a torn toenail or sprained toe.

Every statistical analysis reveals that the injury rate for ALL injuries -- minor to major -- is between 1% and 2% of all racing starts, and it's less than 1% of all racing starts for more serious injuries.
A study reported in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association looked at injuries of pet dogs doing agility. The study found that 31.8% of those agility dogs experienced agility-related injuries and that 27.6% of the injured dogs sustained more than one agility-related injury...
http://speakingforspot.com/.../injuries-affecting.../. But they never talk about or compare greyhound racing to other dog activities.
Grey2K follows the same methodology when talking about racing greyhound deaths.

They choose the timespan that will give the greatest number and then report that number with no information about the causes of the deaths and whether they were from catastrophic injuries sustained in racing or mortality from natural causes that can be found in any dog population.

They never give a comparison of how many deaths there are in a racing Greyhound population compared to another working breed or compared to the pet dog populations.
And Grey2K does the same thing with positive drug tests, not disclosing how many samples were taken in the timeframe. They just cite the number of positives, so that there's no context.

This article puts it in context…. https://floridapolitics.com/.../275807-jennifer-ng-anti.... It shows that positive drug test results which showed just traces of cocaine exposure represented less than 0.1 percent of all total samples taken from 2007 - 2017.

That's much lower than similar positives in horse racing. Additionally, Dr. Craig, a pre-eminent animal doping expert who provides drug-testing protocols and consultations to all manner of sanctioned animal sports, said that the cocaine testing protocols used for the Florida racing greyhounds were flawed because they failed to test for all the human-produced metabolites of cocaine.

Yet more examples of misinformation and deception from Grey2K. Please share with your friends and invite them to follow this page.
#GreyhoundRacing #Grey2K


Tony Gallagher
(Team Member)
Posts 5308
Dogs 11899 / Races 40189

21 Sep 2020 09:56


Thanks Kev, that's really interesting and brought up points I had not thought about.

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