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RIP Ray Gatti

Terry Hines
(Verified User)
Posts 796
Dogs 92 / Races 10

23 Jan 2020 07:37


This Morning 50+ year Qld veteran sadly passed. Such a likeable fellow, Ray always had a good story to tell. He could set a dog to win and win well could Ray ... Rest In Peace Buddy.

Michael Geraghty
(Verified User)
Posts 4008
Dogs 14 / Races 15

23 Jan 2020 09:17


That is really sad news, Terry.
Didn't get to know him well but always had time for anyone.
He went through a pretty rough trot in recent times.
The knowledge he had can never be passed on now and that is sad.

All said and done he was a good passionate man who loved his Greys.

RIP Ray.

Steven Martin
(Verified User)
Posts 7433
Dogs 179 / Races 66

23 Jan 2020 11:56


Thx for the post, Terry.

Ray was a frequent visitor to Bundaberg before he became a victim of circumstance around 2015.

He'll always go down as a legend of the sport in Queensland.

A great personability.

Made he rest in peace.

Sandro Bechini
(Verified User)
Posts 18012
Dogs 14370 / Races 1818

23 Jan 2020 20:31


I didn't know Ray personally. Down here in NSW those of us who didn't know him, knew of his reputation as a meticulous and fastidious trainer

RIP Ray and condolences to his family

Graham Moscow
(Verified User)
Posts 765
Dogs 0 / Races 0

24 Jan 2020 18:54


RIP Mr Ray
I miss that Gatti Grin

A Tribute song from Mr Ray younger days,


David Brasch
(Verified User)
Posts 788
Dogs 1925 / Races 9737

26 Jan 2020 06:50


This poem on Ray Gatti was written in 2006


Well he hails from round the Glasshouse
Near the mountains steep and tall
And he comes to us with knowledge
Of the longtails big and small
He's been in dogs for many years
With class above the average
Well known to every trainer
As the legend Raymond Gatti

In greyhound racing circles
He appears to be a rogue
But that is just a furphy
As most of us would know
And just to know the secrets
And the tricks that he's forgot
Would help the average trainer
Improve his little lot

Ray's partial to a coupla drinks
On a steamy summers day
And a word or two on how things are
Would never go astray
But when he speaks about the past
It pays to lend an ear
If you do you'll learn a lot
About the bygone years

And what about the stewards
He keeps them on their toes
Running late for pre-race swabs
As a catcher he's no go
As casual as a sleeping dog
No rush, no haste, no worry
They'll wait for me, he always says
I'm in no bloody hurry

And as McGrath so surely found
While inspecting Gatti's kennel
Questions asked without a sound
Was hard for Steve to handle
So in Steve got with Gatti's dog
And asked the hound a few
And Steve told Ray he'll tell me more
Than I'll ever hear from you

Does Call Me Roscoe ring a bell
A champion Gatti reared
Two Qld Cups, a trophy race
Twice greyhound of the year
And it was claimed the best damn dog
That Gatti ever owned
And after celebrating wins
The dog would then drive home

But now that Roscoe's left the scene
Much to Gattis sadness
Ray still has a racing team
And the traffic scene is madness
He travels far and many miles
To race the team he's got
And the car seems to find its way
On automatic pilot

Yes, he has run foul of the boys in blue
And gave the sergeant lots
A tad above the limit
After winning at the trots
Spent the night in the local cell
With the sergeant thereabouts
Got his hands on the sergeant's book
And ripped the pages out

Well, come the morn, he'd done his time
So he summoned Reggie Kay
Come get me out of this damn hole
Before I go astray
And so Reg did as Reggie would
Bailed Gatti from that cell
And the sergeant said in temper
Take the bastard back to hell

Ray's always had a handy crew
In his kennels throughout time
The Coonowrin dogs were but a few
Bred on Gatti's line
He gives an average dog a go
And treats them as his own
By day they roam the forest
And at night he brings 'em home

So if you like to hear a tale
Of dogs in years bygone
Just attach him to your ear
And let him ramble on
Classic yarns is what you'll hear
Of his capers and exploits
I'd like to put it all in verse
But my papers running short

So with respect to one good bloke
A man whose seen it all
Small in size but big in heart
No hurdles are too tall
I'd give him praise for what it's worth
An award without a fear
A rough cut diamond that's for sure
But legend of the year

Valerie Glover
(Verified User)
Posts 171
Dogs 2 / Races 0

27 Jan 2020 01:29


A real good one David , where have you been keeping that one?? Bob Glover

David Brasch
(Verified User)
Posts 788
Dogs 1925 / Races 9737

27 Jan 2020 11:07



It was in The Journal way back in 2006
Owen Edmonds provided a poem for me every month at that time
He was fabulous ... just like Ray


Terry Hines
(Verified User)
Posts 796
Dogs 92 / Races 10

02 Feb 2020 03:11



posts 9