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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum


The Greyhound-Data Forum has been created to act as a platform for greyhound enthusiasts to share information on this magnificent animal called a greyhound.

Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove any post that is off topic, advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive.

Please read the forum usage manual please note:

If you answer then please try to stay on topic. It's absolutely okay to answer in a broader scope but don't hijack posts by switching to something off topic.

In case you see an insulting post: DO NOT REPLY TO IT!
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Do you have questions about breeding theories?
Or do you need tips on how to rear your pups?

Save the greyhound racing industry.Robert Borsak

Kevin Wright
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21 Sep 2020 00:13



Kenneth Markham
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22 Sep 2020 22:15


This man keeps championing our industry heís a real good guy and as he rightfully states itís been some 4 and a half years that we were banned and at what point does politics stop trying to ruin the industry through its over regulation and allow us to conduct our business free from harassment from within government.Lets support Robert and call out those politically aligned who are not interested in us progressing forward.

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