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licking pee

Robert Weightman
(Verified User)
Posts 88
Dogs 0 / Races 0

19 Sep 2019 07:25


Hi I have a dog in my kennels that licks his pee off the floor is there anything I can put in his food that may stop him doing this is obviously not good for him, I wash my kennels out every day and they are regularly let out to empty.

Cheers Rob

Jason Caley
(Verified User)
Posts 204
Dogs 6 / Races 0

19 Sep 2019 10:55


Chlorophyl and if that doesnt work throw some chilli flakes on the kennel floor and heíll give it away pretty quickly.

The bigger question would be why is he doing it in the first place? Mineral deficiency? Electrolyte imbalance? Learned behaviour thatís become a pattern from prior establishment?

What iíve suggested will address the symptom but finding the cause is more important.

Brian McKivat
(Verified User)
Posts 402
Dogs 5 / Races 0

20 Sep 2019 00:35


The fact that your dog wees in the kennel regularly and drinks the urine is most likely a sign of kidney problems. I suggest you start with getting a sample of the urine to your Vet for testing. Make sure your dog has a good supply of drinking water at all times until you get this problem sorted out.

Michael Worth
(Verified User)
Posts 420
Dogs 2 / Races 0

20 Sep 2019 04:35


If you have the time Iíd try and empty him more often so he doesnít soil his kennel. If heís still peeing in there than fair chance he does have a kidney problem. Cheers

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