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Do you have questions regarding the health of your greyhound? Do you need tips what you should feed your dog?
Or do you need advice in curing an injury?

Olive Leaf Extract

John Watts
(Verified User)
Posts 942
Dogs 7 / Races 6

26 Jun 2020 11:27


Thoughts as an immune booster,seems can strip RBC, if not careful with dosage.


Mitchell Tubinas
(Verified User)
Posts 742
Dogs 11 / Races 1

27 Jun 2020 09:21


How about Astragalus? Propolis? Ive used Thompsons Astraforte which seemed to do the job yet i believe there is an ingredient listed which is shown as toxic to dogs. What products do people recommend for bad immune systems?

Jack Ogilvie
(Verified User)
Posts 13944
Dogs 0 / Races 1

29 Jun 2020 07:43


What a crock .i race all my racing rats on BT which has olive leaf extract in it and have had great results over the years. .

Kevin Wright
(Verified User)
Posts 5453
Dogs 1 / Races 1

29 Jun 2020 12:03


Jack Ogilvie wrote:

What a crock .i race all my racing rats on BT which has olive leaf extract in it and have had great results over the years. .

Olive leaf extract has the ability to deactivate pathogenic bacteria, yeast and viruses without harming the healthy microbes in your dog’s gut and mucous membranes.
Medical antibiotics wipe out both good and bad microorganisms, leading to a disastrous internal microbial environment.
Olive leaf extract is a powerful antimicrobial but selectively targets pathogenic strains of bad bacteria without harming the good bacteria.

Black Tar has Olive Leaf Extract plus other well known ingredients it has been proven Worldwide and has stood the test of time Look at Jack he has it pumped into his blood weekly ..

Try it and see for yourself as i say the proof is in the pudding ...

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