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Desparete Dan Election looming !

Charles W Mizzi
(Verified User)
Posts 567
Dogs 1 / Races 1

11 Jul 2018 00:47



We will all have a different opinion, some shaped by events that have taken place upon participants and some by power positioning to gain the most out of the situation in a dictatorial way of we know what's best for you. Thank god we live in a democracy!

We will get the opportunity to exercise this right on the 24th of November here in Victoria.

Be not seduced by the giving of gifts!


Jack Ogilvie
(Verified User)
Posts 13548
Dogs 0 / Races 1

11 Jul 2018 07:42


If Labour and the greens have to form a coalition,Victoria will go the way of Canberra .We all saw how Dan sold us out on the east link to get green preferences.

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