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Wrong information on GBGB hall of fame

Anthony Nash
United Kingdom
(Verified User)
Posts 137
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12 Jul 2018 20:31


I feel I must write to say that, anyone like me who is interested in the history of famous greyhounds racing history, needs to pay no attention to the Hall of Fame section on the GBGB website. After emailing the GBGB about several mistakes to the record of Beef Cutlet a month ago, not only have I not had a reply, but they haven't even updated the website page. Without any deep research, there are mistakes to other famous greyhounds in the Hall of Fame. Surely they should be looked at and rectified, as for generations to come will read this and not realise that parts of it are wrong. Mistakes on the website can be changed, but unfortunately, books have been published detailing famous greyhounds racing history with many mistakes which can't be.

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