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Wentworth Park bars country trainerspage  1 2 

Daryl Barrett
(Verified User)
Posts 670
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21 May 2020 07:00


Well done Glenn,very nice win today by G7,he deserved that maiden victory,there will be plenty more to come.That trainer go's okay too,ha ha ha.
Cheers mate.
daryl barrett wrote:

No worries Glenn,from what i " hear ",those deaf ears just might have been opened up,keep the fingers crossed mate,but a " change " is iminent apparently.
Cheers mate
PS that young dog looks like he just might break through for you guys,you know the one G7,good luck mate.
Glenn Hatton wrote:

Thanks for your comments Daryl. And I agree with all of them 100%.

It seems like complaints fall on deaf ears. I heard Mr Mestrov this morning on sky radio saying the changes were received incredibly well. I know a lot of people who voiced their disapproval.

The boxing procedure is stupid. The horses with jockeys are in the stalls for longer than a trainer is next to another puttingba dog in a box. Itís all bullsh@t to be honest. More pressing though is giving country greyhounds a fair go & letting trainers place their dogs where they choose.
In NSW there are around 350 active cases that the authorities know of. That equates to 0.004% of the population.
I am happy with caution being applied but if one area gets 10 tracks to race on and another gets 3....then thatís not real fair.

Anyway, letís hope thereís a resolution sooner rather than later.

Safe racing.

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