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derby winner

Frank Muldowney
(Verified User)
Posts 333
Dogs 1 / Races 0

21 Sep 2020 18:00


nothing about derby winner something wrong //

Shay Mcloughlin
(Verified User)
Posts 247
Dogs 7 / Races 0

21 Sep 2020 18:13


Well done to winner, best dog on the night

Mary Crotty
(Verified User)
Posts 1099
Dogs 0 / Races 0

21 Sep 2020 19:24


Well done to all connections

Darren Leeson
(Verified User)
Posts 272
Dogs 12 / Races 49

21 Sep 2020 22:50


The way he won...was champion like qualities. Dwelt at start...exploded and went 4 wide into the bend to then clear them and lead down the back with sheer explosive pace. To still hold off the late challenge of Meenagh Miracle . It was a run of a champion!

posts 4