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Do you have questions about greyhound racing?
Do you need advice on how to train a greyhound?

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Steven Martin
(Verified User)
Posts 6836
Dogs 172 / Races 66

06 Sep 2018 09:59


Ricki Hassall wrote:

Steve.......I have previously worked on a turf farm.....growing.....cutting.....fertilizing......and laying turf.

Your second question.......I can answer that one for you.

After putting fertilizer down....then laying turf.......you water it and roll it.
The reason being it will die.
The new grass has to root and bed in before top dressing can occur.

Every lawn that I have laid DOES NOT get top dressed for 12 months........if at all.

I went up and inspected the track after 2 weeks. I thought they had done a top job.......and the greenkeeper from the local Golf Course was looking after it. It was looking good.......and I have photos.

With that being said Rick, replacing grass during the coldest time of the year, which is also the dryest 1/4 of the year, is not economical.

Until the grass has fully reshooted, Bundy will remain stagnant as owners & trainers become more frustrated.
The track works should have been done during the warmer months, some 2 months after it was dug up & participants should have been notified in advance so they could have made possible changes to their kennels.

I know of a NEWBIE trainer that has a team of greyhounds some 4 to 5 hours away, who was planning on an assault on the THEN up & coming YOUNG GUN series. He was bouncing off me for advice & he decided to drive down & bring them up 2 weeks prior to the heats, so they could trial on the track. Sensible decision....but what a waste of time & energy that turned out to be as the track was closed that weekend.

Anyway....As Kev has stated. It's now 10 years since Parklands was stolen from the industry.

Kev Galloway
(Verified User)
Posts 2300
Dogs 2 / Races 0

06 Sep 2018 10:39


Yes Steve September 2008 Parklands closed,and now we have Brendan Parnell all talk and NO action regarding a replacement one turn track,just another Racing Qld thoroughbred hack doing nought about greyhound welfare.

Bruce Teague
(Verified User)
Posts 881
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07 Sep 2018 01:28



Without denying RQ's responsibilities, the prime issue with tracks is surely a function of government and finance. Its inability to sort out Albion, replace Parklands and the decision to pull out of Logan were politically inspired.

Clearly, greyhound politics would be better served with a dedicated greyhound board, although history shows that did not work well either.

Better again would be a corporatised and commercially-based management structure with minimal involvement from government.

Michael Geraghty
(Verified User)
Posts 3746
Dogs 14 / Races 15

13 Sep 2018 04:15


Finally a welcome catch up with the rest of Australia...INJURY REBATE in QLD!...except it's flawed.

This is basically in line with most other states.

There is a basic flaw with all of it and it needs to be said.
Greyhound people are generally NOT FLUSH WITH CASH!
This will not help save Greyhounds when the owner cannot afford to outlay $1,600 of a $2,000 Vet bill!
They will make the decision to put the dog to sleep IF THEY HAVEN"T GOT THE MONEY!!!
Some have limited reserves and if the bill is say $4,000, although they desperately want to save the dog, cannot afford the substantial initial outlay.

RQ propose to pay up to 80% for eligible injuries AFTER the surgery is paid for by the owner.
Why not pay the Vet DIRECT after the surgery?!?!?!?
Surely it's not too hard to liaise with the Vet and pay them DIRECTLY.
Create a RQ recommended circle of VETS, negotiate a reasonable charge rate...WIN - WIN?

IMO, it's not going to stop the flow but marginally slow it.
This is not what is needed.
People want to save their dogs, RQ have nothing to lose by paying the Vet direct, and give the owners the chance to save MOST of the dogs.

Low grade, low earner dogs get injured the same as higher earners!
Hobby trained dogs get injured the same as professionally trained and owned dogs!

Change the way it is rebated and it's a winner.
The cost to RQ is no different and the results are magnified.

It's only commonsense.

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