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Michael Geraghty
(Verified User)
Posts 4132
Dogs 14 / Races 15

15 Jun 2020 04:33


There's an upcoming election.

There's no such thing as a certainty, even in politics.

The cards are about to be dealt on the table...

What would you do if you were a fine upstanding honest transparent politician in the current Govt?

What is the current odds board?

Does starting the project now enhance their chances at the polls?

Do politicians lie?

What resources does the industry have to hold any Govt to account if they go back on their word?

When someone is beaten into submission so badly, how do they fight back? So do we present any potential danger?

Answer all, or even just one if you like, of the above honestly and you have your answer.

Wilma Honeyman
(Verified User)
Posts 413
Dogs 0 / Races 0

15 Jun 2020 07:42


wilma honeyman wrote:

Well it is almost 6 months since the Governor Paul de Jersey announced Yamanto. (Oct 2019)

The virus has hit, but, with working from home and all that commute time saved, design and development should be well underway. The Prime Minister has spoken, he wants people back at work!

We, Greys, have been patient in waiting for our share of
Queensland Racing Infrastructure Funding and will assiduously follow the building of this track.

The Premier of Queensland states that she will cut the red tape
to get people working. We are into the 8th month since Yamanto
got the go ahead.
We know how Governments come to a full stop after an election so
hope our race track is galloping forward.

Does anyone have an update?

Kev Galloway
(Verified User)
Posts 2419
Dogs 2 / Races 0

15 Jun 2020 10:14


If the current Racing Qld Board value their perks they should be demanding an immediate start for Yamanto.

Paul Dicks
(Verified User)
Posts 8871
Dogs 110 / Races 252

15 Sep 2020 10:53


Dear Queensland Greyhound Racing Participant,


Saturday, September 26 – Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre Stakeholders’ Forum


In late 2019, the Queensland Government and Racing Queensland announced the development of the new state-of- the-art Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre at Purga, near Ipswich.


With animal welfare at the core of design and construction, this world-class venue will feature three tracks - a straight track, a two-turn track and a much needed one-turn track - which will collectively reduce injuries and demonstrate the vibrancy of the greyhound code.

In recent times, RQ has appointed two of the world’s authoritative voices for identifying optimal greyhound track design for safety and welfare - David Allan and Professor David Eager (University of Technology, Sydney) – to assist with the project. In addition, Cox Architecture has also been appointed as the principal project consultant.


The amenities to be established at the Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre include:


Construction of a large one-turn track, two-turn track and straight track;Track safety benefits including radius and surface banking to be designed in a way to reduce excessive limb forces acting on greyhounds while racing;World-class racing surfaces;Starting box positioning – including roll on boxes were best suited - which reduces racing interference and supports race safety;Starting box design incorporating optimum spacing between contestants and grille heights;Grandstand and customer facilities ensuring gold standard customer experience and viewing of all three tracks; andAir-conditioned, sound-attenuated kennels with best practice pre and post racing support services.


The GBGC project now enters the formal design phase and Racing Queensland is committed to undertaking high levels of engagement with industry stakeholders during this phase.


An important component of the industry stakeholder engagement process will be the staging of an open forum for greyhound racing participants which is to be held at the Ipswich Greyhound Racing Clubs’ function centre at the Ipswich Showground on Saturday, September 26, commencing at 10am.


The forum will feature speakers from Racing Queensland and the project consultancy team. Participants attending the forum will be provided with an up-date on the progress of the project and the opportunity to contribute to discussions around racing infrastructure and facilities at the venue.


All greyhound racing participants are welcome to attend.



Racing Queensland supports employees working flexibly. Please note all RQ employees are currently working from home (WFH) as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 and adopt social distancing practices.


Paul Dicks
(Verified User)
Posts 8871
Dogs 110 / Races 252

15 Sep 2020 10:55


OMG don't tell me something is actually happening.

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