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Welcome to the Greyhound Knowledge Forum


The Greyhound-Data Forum has been created to act as a platform for greyhound enthusiasts to share information on this magnificent animal called a greyhound.

Greyhound-Data reserve the right to remove any post that is off topic, advertisements or opinions they consider to be offensive.

Please read the forum usage manual please note:

If you answer then please try to stay on topic. It's absolutely okay to answer in a broader scope but don't hijack posts by switching to something off topic.

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This is the place for friends of the traditional hare coursing.
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TopicTopic StarterRepliesViewsLast ActionLast PostAgree
  KILCREEVIN & BALLYMOTE C.C. FRI/SAT/SUN 12/13/14thRaymond Hadden3145814 Jan 15:56Raymond Hadden 0
  TEMPLETUOHY C.C. FRI/SAT/SUN 5th,6th &7th JAN 2018Raymond Hadden3200207 Jan 17:01Raymond Hadden 3
  Foster Mother.John Fitzgerald030506 Jan 21:33 0
  MILLSTREET C.C. FRI/SAT 5th & 6th JAN 2018 Raymond Hadden2133106 Jan 14:33Raymond Hadden 2
  GALBALLY C.C. SUN 31st DEC & MON 1st JANRaymond Hadden2135001 Jan 15:29Raymond Hadden 1
  EAST DONEGAL C.C. SUN 31st DEC & MON 1st JANRaymond Hadden4184401 Jan 15:27Raymond Hadden 2
  WEXFORD & DIST C.C. SAT/SUN 30th & 31st DEC 2017 Raymond Hadden2121531 Dec 15:26Raymond Hadden 1
  ABBEYFEALE C.C. THUR/FRI 28th & 29th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden3206330 Dec 15:14Raymond Hadden 4
  Co. KERRY C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden2166927 Dec 15:46Raymond Hadden 1
  MOONCOIN C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden2154827 Dec 15:44Raymond Hadden 2
  CORK C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden2125027 Dec 15:43Raymond Hadden 1
  SOUTH CLARE C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DEC 2017Raymond Hadden2148927 Dec 15:42Raymond Hadden 1
  ROSCOMMON C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden3123227 Dec 15:41Raymond Hadden 1
  BORRISOLEIGH C.C. TUES/WED 26th & 27th DEC 2017Raymond Hadden2114327 Dec 15:40Raymond Hadden 1
  DUNDALK & DOWDALLSHILL C.C. TUES/WED 26th/27th DECRaymond Hadden2160827 Dec 15:38Raymond Hadden 1
  ROSEBERRY C.C. OPEN TUES 26th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden151826 Dec 16:01Raymond Hadden 0
  Contact Number for Gorey CCJim Turner125421 Dec 15:17Jim Turner 0
  NORTH KILKENNY C.C. SAT/SUN 16th & 17th DEC 2017Raymond Hadden2155317 Dec 15:11Raymond Hadden 1
  DUNGARVAN C.C. SAT/SUN 16th & 17th DECEMBER 2017Raymond Hadden2128017 Dec 15:08Raymond Hadden 1
  CASTLETOWNGEOGHEGAN C.C.SAT/SUN 16th&17th DEC 2017Raymond Hadden2107917 Dec 15:05Raymond Hadden 1
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