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Litter Advertisements of
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Here you can advertise your litters, single pups and not yet registered saplings.

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Dyna Double One  x  Keilies Dash
show pedigree
Date of birth  6\1\2020 
Participation No  210210
Price  $3000.00\reduced
Comment  Keilie's Dash is a 4x3 reverse cross to(Go Wild Teddy Token Prince)/very successful cross,I've replicated the same cross as arguably the best breeder in Australia (Paul Wheeler.) Keilie's Dash won maiden by 9 lengths at the Gardens after trialling 22.70 first section 10.99/run in time 11.71/ she won in 2308 wet track and also farrowed track. only limited litters bred over 25 years Sires Red Amerigo= City winners/ Token Prince= City winners/Strike Attack = City winners/ Bit Chilli = Duncan Dart memorial winner Trigger Dash at the Gardens 22.77 11.54 run in time/also 3sub 30 secound wins 29.74 run in time 12.24/ Solitary Sam 400-600 mtr winner/Hip Hop Dash 29.90 winner/ Dogs and Bitches have won multiple provincial finals. All of these pups have been on the bug teaser since 7 weeks of age keen aggressive leggy full beef and chicken diet butcher meat vitamin minerals calcium diet. Offered at the great price of $3000 Keilie's Dash also trialled 515 mtrs Garden 4.90/ 17.44/12.36 run in 29.80 first look out of the boxes. Some notable dogs bred are:
- Dashing Turbo
- Cyclone Dash
- Red Dazzle
- Trigger Dash
- Bam Bam Dash
- Solitary Sam
- Lightning Dash
- Pricey Prince
- Alien Miss
- Carribean Dash
- Hows The Dash
- Dusty's Dash
- Sub Zero Cell
- Wally Wanderer
Multiple purchases are negotiable,6 Dogs 2 Bitches from litter of 10 will be available 13/4/2020, fully vaccinated & wormed.
Deposits taken now also viewing available at a time of your convenience

Contact  David Hoare   
Address  Australia  , 2307  Newcastle
Phone  0414459161 /02 49556623
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 30-Mar-20)

Fernando Bale  x  Stunning Success
show pedigree
Date of birth  24 december  
Price  10,000 ONO
Comment  Buy with confidence from a city winning bitch who hails from a super litter that won overt 1 million dollars in prize money.

There wouldn't be many if not any on greyhound data that can match

Stunning success has had two litters with her first litter racing and has already thrown a city winner and all pups in litter have won there fair share of races and they are still babies.

There are 5 bitches for sale. These will make outstanding broods once they finish racing.

Ive place this ad on behalf of owners.

Contact  Darren Langley   
Address  Australia  ,   
Phone  0426199956
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 22-Mar-20)

Orson Allen  x  Miss Fernando
show pedigree
Date of birth  17/01/2020 
Participation No  313069
Price  $3900 ono
Comment  Taking deposits now! 5 already gone.


Photos and Videos taken today!
Really can't fault these pups. Struggling myself to pick out the 2 I'll keep. They are all just as good as each other!

Orson Allen x Miss Fernando pups.
Whelped 17/1/20
6 dogs 3 bitches
Orson Allen - voted the 2018/2019 Australian Greyhound of the Year. He is the multiple Group winning son, out of boom US sire, KC and All and Desalle Bale. Desalle Bale, being the full litter sister to the great Barcia Bale.
Miss Fernando - is a city winning bitch, with an exceptional damline. I personally believe her damline is one of the best, not only responsible for throwing plenty of Group 1 winners, but for throwing dogs that go onto being stud dogs.
Mogambo, My Bro Fabio, Chasin Crackers, Warrior King, Love to Rock, Lady Arko, Matt Machine, Ex's and Oh's, Joop Muse are just a few brilliant chasers that come to mind, that have come from this awesome damline.
Miss Fernando finished up her racing career with 10 wins, winning over the 288m - 520m.
16.87 Ipswich 288m
25.12 Ipswich 431m
30.22 Albion Park 520m
$3900 each ONO.
We are taking $500, non refundable deposits! This eliminates the incredible amount of timewasters within the industry.
Remaining balance to be paid by 10/04/2020.
6 dogs and 3 bitches in the litter. We are keeping 1 dog and 1 bitch, with another 4 already sold from the litter.
Pups are located in Churchable, QLD.
This litter qualifies for all the bonuses on offer here in Queensland. First start $250, first win $250, second win $250. Essentially another $750 in bonuses back in your pocket!
Call or text Daniel on 0404 569 959.

Contact  Daniel Evans   
Address  Australia  ,   
Phone  0404569959
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 26-Mar-20)

Zambora Brockie  x  Smashing Sally
show pedigree
Date of birth  11-11-19 
Participation No  215278
Price  $3250 ono
Comment  Heavily reduced to clear as I need the room.

Sire - Zambora Brockie going great guns as a young sire prospect, with winners everywhere displaying a mix of speed and strength.

Dam - Smashing Sally already a proven producer with her 1st litter winning multiple races.

Sally's 2nd litter is in pre-training and going along nicely.

This mating is her final litter.

Sally was a very good racebitch who competed against some of the very best greyhounds racing at the time.

Her highlight was winning the Group 2 Richmond Oaks, defeating a starstudded field.

Some of her best times include -
Richmond 30.45
Wenty 29.97
Dapto 29.73
Gardens 29.87

These pups are a very even lot, are extremely keen on the squeaker and eat well.

Only 3 bitch pups now remain.

Inspections most welcome.

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Jeff Crawford   
Address  Australia  , 4207  BUCCAN
Phone  0419488761
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 17-Mar-20)

Mepunga Blazer  x  Ritzy Chicki
show pedigree
Date of birth  18/2/2020 
Price  $3000 Dogs/Bitches
Comment  *UPDATE*
*2 Dogs sold, *2 Bitches sold.
Mepunga Blazer- Barcia Bale x Mepunga Nicky
Group one winner that has an impeccable pedigree.

Group 1 Maturity
Meadows 29.64
Sandown 29.23
Albion Park 29.41 TR
Angle park 29.25

Ritzy Chicki- My Bro Fabio x Miss Chicki.

A quality city winning bitch, 2 wins Wentworth Park 30:04
Richmond 30:90
Maitland BON 22:67, 25:21 .Later towards the end of her career she finished her racing with multiple wins @ Angle Park,FFA winner, 29:91.

Ritzy Chicki is a member of a fantastic winning litter, which includes Sheez My Chicki 3rd National Futurity Wentworth Park 29:95 WWP, Richmond 30:76
Don’t Quote Me, city winner @ the Meadows 30:24 Multiple wins Ballarat 25:24
Angle Park 29:79
Chit Chat Chicki, 2 wins Wentworth Park
3 wins @ Richmond 30:82
Bulli 28:91

Ritzy Chicki is a half sister to Group 3 winning bitch Miss Bamsy, Mandurah Birthday Cup
Gawler BON 22:76Tedesco, Meadows FFA winner 29:88, Sandown 29:66
Ritzy Chicki’s dam Miss Chicki is a proven group producer as is her sister Zippy Chicki who have both produced dogs that competed group 1 and 2 level. Ritzy Chicki comes from a proven dam line which produces dogs that raced at city class and group level. We are confident that Ritzy can continue this success with her attributes being...a genuine hard chasing 30 kilo bitch that could win leading or coming from behind.

Pups will be ready to go when all requirements are met, soon after the 12th of May 2020. $500 deposits are being taken now to secure a Quality bred pup out of hard chasing city winning dogs.

Only enquiries looking to buy a pup that are serious and have the funds thanks. if the ad is still up on GH Data then there are pups still available.

Please no time wasters!!!!

Contact Tracey Amos
Address Australia ,

Phone 0420 878 338
Email contact now!
(ad posted 10-Mar-20)

Contact  Tracey Amos   
Address  Australia  ,   Adelaide
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 16-Mar-20)

Jagger Swagger  x  Riverside Deb
show pedigree
Date of birth  2 yrs old 
Price  FREE
Comment  1 dog 1 bitch
Contact  Steven Trotman   
Address  Australia  ,   
Phone  0439373201
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 12-Mar-20)

Collision  x  Fiery Crash
show pedigree
Date of birth  25.1.2020 
Microchip No  3 dogs 4 bitches
Participation No  232436
Price  Dogs 7k bitches 6k ONO
Comment  Dam fiery crash very fast bitch , racing cut short due to coming on season twice a year and injury. Wentworth park 29.94, dapto 29.90. She only had 21 starts for 7 wins and 6 placing . Great greyhounds from this line include. Feral franky group 1. Good odds harada, million dollar chase winner, bit chilli National sprint champion, paua to burn 5 group 1 wins , smart Valentino national distance champion, prankster group 1 Hobart 1000 winner, did I entertain won over 20 races at Wentworth park and dam of fiery crash Double Twist, 2013 greyhound of the year . Australia’s premier line . Lovely healthy pups by a legend sire
Contact  Jason Lymbery   
Address  Australia  ,   Nowra’
Phone  0418285561
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 22-Mar-20)

Aston Dee Bee  x  Dyna Fame
show pedigree
Date of birth  3/12/19 
Microchip No  TBA
Price  $2800 dogs $2600 bitches
Comment  6 Stunning, friendly, lively pups,

2 Bitches - $2600 BOTH SOLD
4 Dogs - $2800 - 3 NOW SOLD JUST 1 LEFT

Dyna Fame was a city winning bitch winning 5 at The Meadows

72 starts - 6-11-11.

These pups are great value, priced to sell.

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Fay Ridis / Mickleham Lodge   
Address  Australia  , 3064  MICKLEHAM
Phone  0450227811
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Fay Ridis   
(ad posted 11-Mar-20)

Raw Ability  x  Meagans Fury
show pedigree
Date of birth  24-12-2019 
Participation No  215028
Price  $3000 Dogs Bitches $2500
Comment  Raw Ability - Son of Barcia Bale with blistering early speed he has pups almost at break in stage ..

Meagan’s Fury - Lightly raced bitch struck down with injuries most of her career.. She did record 30.50 over the 535m at Richmond.. Well respected trainer John Dart watched me trial her a few times at Lismore before taking her but she then unfortunately tore her hip support so the decision was made to retire her..

This is her first litter she has produced 8 healthy strong pups 4 dogs and 4 bitches..

4 Black Dogs - 2 Sold
2 Black Bitches - 1 Sold
1 Brindle Bitch - Sold
1 Blue Bitch - Sold

Pups can be inspected at Clover Cottage Rearing Facility at Ettrick they will be ready to go mid March after earbranding.. Dogs $3000 Bitches $2500

Scott - 0407 553 048

Contact  Scott Austen   
Address  Australia  , 2474  Ettrick
Phone  0407 553 048
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 12-Mar-20)

SH Avatar  x  Rocket Banquet
show pedigree
Date of birth  27/6/2019 
Price  $4,000
Comment  4 beautiful Brindle Male pups great size & conformation 30kg + at 8.5 months Qld bred so Qld bonuses.
Rocket Banquet 17 x 19 x 14 $20,835 won on 8 different tracks from 347 to 535m incl Wentworth Park winning in 30.10 & running 2nd in 30.03.
Rockets first litter of 6 won
$114,000 71 x 43 x 36
& included Group WInner Sheza RIppa
34 x 5 x 1 $69,000 from 56 starts.
Won maiden Wagga 320m in 0.01 off Track Record in 17.99
21 wins in Best of night .
Won over 295- 520m.
Won heat of NZ Oaks 520m in 30.15 which was faster than the Derby tore her hip support & missed final which was run in 30.52..

Rippa was retired to breeding barn but owner/trainer has bought her back for another crack at the group sprints & at 4 yrs & 3 months she resumed on Wednesday to win in 0.01 off BOD.
That is her 14 th win from her last 18 starts with 2 x 2nds & 2 x 4ths.

Black Amex 19 x 13 x 5 $24,596 has gone to Fernando Bale for her 1st litter.
Won Albion Park 395 22.90
Ipswich 431 25.19
Capalaba 366 20.07
Townsville 380 21.86
Cairns 410 23.80

Luke’s Gift 6 x 4 x 1 suffered injury early which affect whole career
Won Horsham 410 23.47
Healesville 350 19.41
Bendigo 425 23.99
Geelong 400 22.59
Shepperton 390 22.26

Hifalutin 5 x 7 x 13 winning on 4 track

2nd litter to Sh Avatar just 2 yrs old & starting to race.
4 to race have had 35 starts for
12. X 3 x 6 $22,000 in prizemoney litter just turns 2 yrs.

Peas & Carrots 8 x 1 x 4 from 22
Meadows 525 x 2 30.30 & 30.33
Healesville 350 19.39
Shepperton 390 22.54
Warrnambool 450 25.42

Don Bin Deli 3 x 0 x 0 from 7
Lismore 420 x 2 24.37 & won his Heat of the Ipswich Auction Sprint Series.

Rocket Raider 1 x 1 x 1
Ipswich 288 17.30

She’s Sassy 0 x 2 x 1
520 Ipswich 2nd & 3rd
431 Ipswich 2nd

SH AVatar from his first 9 litter to race in Australia he has produced Multiple Group WInners, Finalists & Track Record holders including
Ebby Ripper $325,689
Suffragette $192,000
Midnight Hero $92,775
Matt Machine $89,000
Ebby Chance $58,000
Daithy Allen $62,000
Utah Miss $53,630
Allen Hadrian $49,929
Exs and Ohs $39,430
& the winner of Saturday night Paws of Thunder King Cratos WP 29.64

Contact  Cyril John Anderson   
Address  Australia  ,   
Phone  0419 642 140
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 17-Mar-20)

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