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Sapling for Sale
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Here you can advertise your Sapling.

Please note a Sapling is a puppy older than 10 months that has not been officially named.

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Tyrur Big Mike  x  Fleetwood Dot
show pedigree
Date of birth  1-5-2017 
Price  1250
Comment  Fleetwood Dot litter sister to Drive On Tipp and Drive On Razor , Full sister to Beara Tipp.
First litter.

This lady has not been tried , she was just in kennels , had a few gallops and walked through traps when she came in season 28-6-18.

She has no nerves , good grubber and is very keen.

Selling as I don't race bitches.

Phone calls only 087-2577322.

Contact  David Harrington   
Address  Ireland  ,   Cork
Phone  087-2577322
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 15-Jul-18)

Confident Rankin  x  Razldazl Grace
show pedigree
Date of birth  2/9/17 
Price  1500
Comment  11 months old saplings
Dam a sister to the dam off( native chimes) top class breeding fine big pups
1dog x2bitchs
Viewing is a must
Call pat 0861729085
Contact  patrick moroney   
Address  Ireland  ,   Limerick
Phone  0861729085
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 10-Jul-18)

Droopys Jet  x  Express Micro
show pedigree
Date of birth  14/08/2017 
Price  1200
Comment  BK Bitch

Micro chipped & vaccinated.
Friendly Bitch, trained to lead.

Bred from the Airport Express Damlines.

Viewing highly recommended.

Contact  Mary Jo Dalton   
Address  Ireland  , E25 HX30  Golden, Cashel, Co Tipperary
Phone  0872218047
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 09-Jul-18)

Droopys Jet  x  Express Micro
show pedigree
Date of birth  14/08/2017 
Price  1200
Comment  BKW Bitch pup for sale

Micro chipped and vaccinated. Friendly bitch & trained to lead.

Bred from the Airport Express Damlines.

Viewing highly recommended.

Contact  Mary Jo Dalton   
Address  Ireland  ,   Golden, Cashel, Co Tipperary
Phone  0872218047
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 08-Jul-18)

Tullymurry Act  x  Micks Bid
show pedigree
Date of birth  21st aug 2017 
Price  £3000 dog £2750 bitchs left
Comment  *** 2DOGS * 2BITCHS ***
Left from total of 8

2 already sold i will keep what is left

Micks bid open class 29.92 550 rated 106

Winner of stake at shelbourne park irelands premier track

Top class breeding out micks angel who is sister to none other than


These pups are the same line as

King alley rated 132
King kid rated 135
King eden rated 128
King kane rated 155

Queen asia rated 126

All from the great code dancer line

Still producing champions by the year

King eden dual track record breaker

At doncaster by 20 spots

And also at central park

Pups rared at top class facility from day 1

Pups can be seen any time by arrangement

2dogs 2bitchs for sale

choice from 5 altogether

Prefer if they were sold in pairs

Deals can be sorted for pairs

Call peter for details

Choice of 5

Total litter was 8

2 sold already

Can be rared on

Can be schooled (schooled irish derby finalist)later sold

Transport can be arranged also

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Peter Crawford   
Address  Ireland  ,   
Phone  07467362084 or 07977916036
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 02-Jul-18)

Droopys Jet  x  Bling Bling Mars
show pedigree
Date of birth  July 17 
Price  1550d 1050b
Comment  For sale
Droopys Jet X Bling Bling Mars 9/July/2017
3 dogs 2 bitches
Dogs 75lb+ all black
Bitches 60lb+ one black one blue.
First litter to Paradise Madison have won over 8000e in prize money.
The Dam had blistering early and recorded 28.77 in dlk.These pups are still in the paddock and not yet leading.Wormed every 6/8 weeks.Very healthy,strong pups
With the dams early and Droopys Jets influence these pups should have explosive early.Inspection invited.
Dogs 1550e
Bitches 1050e less luck
Phone Martin 086 3223048
Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  owen doyle   
Address  Ireland  ,   
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 28-Jun-18)

Romeo Recruit  x  Droopys Frizz
show pedigree
Date of birth  26 / 8 / 2017 
Price  2,750
Comment   A Beautiful black dog sapling for sale still in his puppy coat !!!

Son of :
Romeo recruit needs the minimum introduction winner of 20 from 46 races and a data rating of 150.

Droopys frizz ( Auro majestic x Droopys solange ) has one line of form on her card winning her first official trial 10 lengths in 29:28. A member of an all open class litter and full sister to dogs such as :
- Toolmaker Rambo winner of 18 races rated 126
- Droopys schnozz rated 121
- Droopys jock rated 112

She is out of Super brood Droopys solange which makes her a half sister to hounds such as :

Droopys nidge
Millwards Teddy
Droopys Gigi
Droopys Tamara
Slix spinex
Droopys story
Droopys cabaye
Droopys Nine

The list of open class winners in endless! Derby class is just all over this line of breeding from the best in the business.Droopys solange out of droopys sporty who produced flying machines such as :

Rayvin Giovani
Droopys comedian
Droopys diver
Droopys fringe
Droopys Laramie - Produced dogs like Droopys Cain , Ashford castle , Droopys Sydney , Droopys Alexus

Frizz was kept especially for breeding.Just like her mother Droopys Solange.

This sapling has wanted for noting and Im testing the water regards his sale so no time wasters or tyre kickers as he is in no rush leaving my yard.

If genuinely interested in this perfectly bred sapling I can send videos via watts app or Facebook of th dog.
Or better yet the dog can be viewed and inspected at our kennels .

For anymore information contact us .

Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Ratchies kennels   
Address  Ireland  ,   Laois Ireland
Phone  +353852148329
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Dayne Peacock   
(ad posted 15-Jul-18)

Aero Majestic  x  Southwind Penny
show pedigree
Date of birth  August 17 
Price  1000euro each
Comment  Two 11 month old bitch saplings from excellent line...100% temperment .. no injuries or issues...just in from farm ...nothing done with them as of yet...nice fresh opertuinity ..contact dave +353876884231
Kennel  View our Kennel
Contact  Kieran O Brien   
Address  Ireland  ,   Cork
Phone  +353876884231
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 17-Jul-18)

Romeo Recruit  x  Derryadd Diva
show pedigree
Date of birth  02 October 2017 
Price  1,250 Dog 750 Bitch
Comment  Dog & Bitch Saplings for sale.


Derryadd Diva was herself a super early paced bitch winning 9 of her first 15 races!!!

Diva is a well proven dam having thrown many Open Class runners rated over 100 on g-data.

1 Dog and 1 Bitch for sale.
Dog 1,250 Bitch 750 ... deal for pair.

Phone: 086 8046615
From UK: 0035386 8046615.

Contact  Mark O' Grady   
Address  Ireland  ,   
Phone  0868046615
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Mark Anthony O Grady   
(ad posted 16-Jul-18)

Superior Product *  x  Kittys Taffy
show pedigree
Date of birth  09/09/16 
Price  Dog 650 bitch 500
Comment  3 well made saplings for sale great breedin an well looked after.. 2 pups currently in england an winning in central park an pool neeed the space. Will do good cash deal for 3.
Contact  Ryan Mc Granaghan   
Address  Ireland  ,   
Phone  0838554683
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 17-Jul-18)

16 Sapling Advertisements     page  1 2