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    Westmead Hawk

picture of the greyhound Westmead Hawk
(Sonic Flight  x  Mega Delight)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   MAY 2003
Land of Birth   United Kingdom
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Nick Savva
Studbooks Licensed with   Droopys Stud
Choice of Semen available   
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: €1500

Contact: info@droopys-stud.com

ABOUT Westmead Hawk


Dual English Derby Winner

See race videos of Westmead Hawk
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
ENGLISH DERBY 2006 FINALWimbledon3 JUN 2006GROUP1480 Westmead Hawk28.44


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Westmead Hawk
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Weltmeisterschaft 2016 Finale HündinnenBlagnac3 SEP 2016OPEN477 Cashen Princess29.26
COLOSSUS BETS T.V.TROPHY FINAL HT 10Towcester3 AUG 2016GROUP3906 Borna Mindy56.57
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st 1/4 Final HT 7Wimbledon24 MAY 2016FEATURE480 Cloran Paddy28.02
Geelo Midnight Retirement Stayers HT 6Sheffield26 APR 2016OPEN660 Borna Mindy38.57
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 1 HT 3Shawfield26 MAR 2016OPEN480 Eden the Kid28.96
LADBROKES GOLD CUP FESTIVAL 630 FINAL HT 9Monmore27 AUG 2015OPEN630 Millwards Teddy37.57
Total Recycling Services Marathon HT 6Pelaw Grange11 AUG 2015OPEN780 Calzaghe Lisa47.88
Betfred Select Stayers HT 9Nottingham21 JUL 2015GR IV730 Millwards Teddy44.56
William Hill - The Home Of Betting 687 Stayers HTWimbledon27 JUN 2015OPEN687 Millwards Teddy41.13
LADBROKES SUMMERS STAYERS CLASSIC 2015 FINALMonmore19 JUN 2015OPEN630 Millwards Teddy37.63
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Quarter FinalWimbledon16 JUN 2015FEATURE480 Eden the Kid28.24
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Rnd Heat 1Wimbledon5 JUN 2015OPEN480 Eden the Kid28.15
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Round Heat 36 HT Wimbledon30 MAY 2015OPEN480 Eden the Kid27.95
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Round Heat 47 HTWimbledon30 MAY 2015OPEN480 Droopys Nidge28.18
The Fundraising @ Curraheen Park 525Cork3 JAN 2015GR A2480 Fair Price28.46
The 2014 Macroom Motor Services Open 575 FinalCork20 DEC 2014GR AA0526 Drive On Royal30.88
Northwest Greyhound Supplies S3/S4 400 FinalDundalk19 DEC 2014GR S3366 Fridays Ringo21.46
13 DEC 2014 HT 2Towcester13 DEC 2014OPEN655 Holdem Hawk39.42
Dandelion Bar and Nightclub Night of Stars 575Shelbourne Park29 NOV 2014GR AA0526 Droopys Nidge30.89
Limerick (Markets Field) 01 NOV 2014 HT 9Limerick1 NOV 2014GR AA0503 Droopys Nidge29.62
Waterford (Kilcohan Park) 01 NOV 2014 HT 6Waterford1 NOV 2014GR AA0480 Mind the Net28.37
Limerick (Markets Field) 25 OCT 2014 HT 9Limerick25 OCT 2014GR AA0503 Droopys Nidge29.29
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 18 OCT 2014 HT 13Monmore18 OCT 2014OPEN630 Moss Lane Sue37.97
Newbridge 10 OCT 2014 HT 7Newbridge10 OCT 2014GR AA0480 Springwell Watsy28.58
Stainforth (Meadow Court) 09 OCT 2014 HT 12Stainforth9 OCT 2014OPEN661 Millwards Teddy41.34
Limerick (Markets Field) 04 OCT 2014 HT 8Limerick4 OCT 2014GR A0549 Fionns Hawk32.55
Cork (Curraheen Park) 27 SEP 2014 HT 10Cork27 SEP 2014GR AA0480 General Wolf28.19
Limerick (Markets Field) 27 SEP 2014 HT 12Limerick27 SEP 2014GR A1549 Killinan Baby32.44
Limerick (Markets Field) 27 SEP 2014 HT 11Limerick27 SEP 2014GR A1549 Hawaii Kinsale32.31
Limerick (Markets Field) 20 SEP 2014 HT 12Limerick20 SEP 2014GR A2480 Fionas Star28.58
Limerick (Markets Field) 20 SEP 2014 HT 6Limerick20 SEP 2014GR A1549 Hawaii Kinsale32.48
Mullingar 20 SEP 2014 HT 7Mullingar20 SEP 2014GR SS0366 Springwell Watsy21.47
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 20 SEP 2014 HT 11Shelbourne Park20 SEP 2014GR AA0549 Vulturi32.21
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 19 SEP 2014 HT 10Harolds Cross19 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Millbank Stevie28.61
The Curraheen Park Bookmakers 525Cork6 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Drive On Royal28.11
Try A Trio A3/A4 525 ydsThurles5 SEP 2014GR A3480 Milldean Cougar28.94
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 29 AUG 2014 HT 7Perry Barr29 AUG 2014OPEN660 Holdem Hawk40.09
Shaneboy Spencer @ Stud Open 400Mullingar23 AUG 2014GR SS0366 Springwell Watsy21.51
Rathdowney Errill GAA Buster Night A2/A3 570 YDSThurles23 AUG 2014GR A2521 Wicstun Will31.29
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 21 AUG 2014 HT 11Monmore21 AUG 2014OPEN630 Millwards Teddy37.78
Gain Feeds Cambridgeshire Open 750 Semi-FinalLimerick16 AUG 2014GR DD0686 Aero Harrison41.88
Gain Feeds Cambridgeshire Open 750 Round 1 Heat 2Limerick9 AUG 2014GR DD0686 Aero Harrison41.79
Race Sponsorship A2/A3 570 ydsThurles2 AUG 2014GR A2521 Scholar Philpot31.33
The Head For Fame @ Stud Puppy Oaks 525 Round 1 HeHarolds Cross25 JUL 2014GR AA0480 Rocknroll Baby28.74
14,000 ECC Timber Champion 550 FinalShelbourne Park12 JUL 2014GR AA0503 Droopys Nidge29.71
The Hedgehunter Novice 725 Semi-FinalKilkenny11 JUL 2014GR DD0663 Aero Harrison40.66
Swindon 11 JUL 2014 HT 16Swindon11 JUL 2014OPEN480 Take the Crown28.24
THE MACMILLAN & MARIE CURIE AAO 550Lifford29 JUN 2014GR AA0503 Mind the Net29.72
E 14,000 ECC Timber Champion 550 Round 1Shelbourne Park28 JUN 2014GR AA0503 Droopys Nidge29.32
Sittingbourne 22 JUN 2014 HT 6Sittingbourne22 JUN 2014OPEN642 Holdem Hawk40.34
Sporting Press Consolation Oaks FinalShelbourne Park21 JUN 2014GR AA0480 Springwell Watsy28.70
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 16 JUN 2014 HT 5Monmore16 JUN 2014OPEN480 Millwards Teddy27.81
Sittingbourne 15 JUN 2014 HT 11Sittingbourne15 JUN 2014OPEN642 Holdem Hawk39.94
The Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Getting out 575Shelbourne Park7 JUN 2014GR AA0526 Greenwell Hulk30.85
The ECC Timber Champion Puppy 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park31 MAY 2014GR AA0480 Droopys Nidge28.00
Slan Abhaile A1/A2 570 ydsThurles31 MAY 2014GR A1/2521 Power of Lourdes31.34
Benefit/Buster Nights At Thurles Open 360 ydsThurles30 MAY 2014OPEN329 Barts Apprentice19.34
Wimbledon (London) 24 MAY 2014 HT 7Wimbledon24 MAY 2014OPEN480 Droopys Ward28.25
Wimbledon (London) 24 MAY 2014 HT 8Wimbledon24 MAY 2014OPEN480 Mind the Net28.42
The Track Bar AAO 550Enniscorthy22 MAY 2014OPEN503 Ballinabola Joy30.21
The ECC Timber Champion Puppy 525 Round 1Shelbourne Park22 MAY 2014GR AA0480 Droopys Nidge28.09
Wimbledon (London) 20 MAY 2014 HT 6Wimbledon20 MAY 2014OPEN480 Mind the Net28.09
2014 Lee Strand 550 FinalTralee17 MAY 2014FEATURE503 Van Frankie29.90
The Track Bar A0/A1 525Enniscorthy15 MAY 2014GR A0/1480 Ballinabola Joy28.95
The GAIN 600 FinalShelbourne Park10 MAY 2014GR AA0549 Greenwell Hulk32.24
The GAIN 600 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park3 MAY 2014GR AA0549 Greenwell Hulk32.21
Sittingbourne 27 APR 2014 HT 8Sittingbourne27 APR 2014OPEN642 Witcombe Howzat40.54
Try A Trio A2/A3 570 ydsThurles19 APR 2014GR A2/3521 Wicstun Will31.34
The Spring Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy14 APR 2014OPEN480 Critical Casie29.37
Connollys Red Mills & N.T.S.C FinalNewbridge12 APR 2014OPEN480 Droopys Muriel28.79
Hove & Brighton 10 APR 2014 HT 1Hove & Brighton10 APR 2014OPEN515 Millwards Teddy29.62
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Round 2Limerick5 APR 2014GR AA0480 Vulturi28.25
Connollys Red Mills & N.T.S.C Semi-FinalNewbridge5 APR 2014OPEN480 Droopys Muriel28.69
Connollys Red Mills & N.T.S.C Round 1Newbridge29 MAR 2014OPEN480 Droopys Muriel28.68
Limerick Brakes 061 419313 A1/A2 550Limerick14 MAR 2014GR A1503 Fionns Hawk29.82
The Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Trial StakeNewbridge14 MAR 2014GR AA0480 Kingsmill Sky28.64
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 10 MAR 2014 HT 11Monmore10 MAR 2014OPEN630 Droopys Adler37.71
PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - FinalCrayford22 FEB 2014OPEN540 Aayamzamodel33.65
Enniscorthy Track A3 Bitch 525Enniscorthy20 FEB 2014GR A3480 Ballinabola Joy28.95
Crayford 15 FEB 2014 HT 9Crayford15 FEB 2014OPEN714 Sidarian Jaguar46.15
The Suirview Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake FinalClonmel2 FEB 2014GR A2480 Borna Central28.88
The Red Mills/T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake FinalClonmel2 FEB 2014OPEN480 Shaneboy Frankie28.91
Romford 14 JAN 2014 HT 10Romford14 JAN 2014OPEN750 Drumna Finch47.60
The Gain Feeds Breeders Club 550Shelbourne Park28 DEC 2013GR AA0503 Hawaii Kinsale29.80
Gain 'wishing You All A Happy New Year' 575Shelbourne Park28 DEC 2013OPEN526 Abbeyville Tipp31.37
Sheffield (Owlerton) 23 DEC 2013 HT 4Sheffield23 DEC 2013GR IT660 Drumna Finch40.59
Christys Kennels A0/A1 600Limerick21 DEC 2013GR A0/1549 Killinan Baby32.43
A4/A5 525Dundalk14 DEC 2013GR A4/5480 Banshee Hawk28.60
Tullymurry ActSliptheLark Kingdom Derby Semi-FinaTralee13 DEC 2013GR AA0480 Mind the Net28.09
Tullymurry Act\SliptheLark Kingdom Derby Round 1Tralee6 DEC 2013GR AA0480 Mind the Net28.27
The Text Alerts to your Mobile 550Tralee29 NOV 2013GR A1503 Vulturi29.66
Kerry Group Open 350Limerick23 NOV 2013OPEN320 Jaytee Wizz18.67
Poole 23 NOV 2013 HT 4Poole23 NOV 2013GR IT640 Droopys Franklin38.89
Nottingham 20 NOV 2013 HT 5Nottingham20 NOV 2013OPEN500 Take the Crown29.57
THE LUCKY LAST A2Galway1 NOV 2013GR A2526 Move Over Ozzie31.41
The Gain Future Champion Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy27 OCT 2013OPEN480 Kingsmill Sky29.11
The Fundraising At Curraheen 525Cork25 OCT 2013GR A3480 Broadstrand Hawk28.33
The www.igb.ie A3 Dual Distance FinalHarolds Cross25 OCT 2013GR A3521 Barrack West31.39
The Ballarue Kennels A2 Dual Distance FinalEnniscorthy17 OCT 2013GR A2526 Kingsmill Honey31.66
The Gain Future Champion Unraced 525 Round 2Enniscorthy10 OCT 2013OPEN480 Kingsmill Sky28.89
Find Us On Facebook A2 525 FinalMullingar5 OCT 2013GR A2480 Springwell Busty29.16
The Find us on Facebook A3 525 FinalShelbourne Park21 SEP 2013GR A3480 Miz Direction28.21
Track Supporters Club A3/A4 600 yds Stk Round 1Thurles21 SEP 2013GR A3549 Friar St Flyer33.12
The 2013 HRX Bookmakers Puppy Derby Round 1Harolds Cross13 SEP 2013GR AA0480 Mind the Net28.68
The Longford Grade S5 330Longford2 SEP 2013GR S5302 Urban Chat17.68
Coventry 25 AUG 2013 HT 3Coventry25 AUG 2013OPEN450 Kerris Hawk26.97
Hove & Brighton 07 AUG 2013 HT 6Hove & Brighton7 AUG 2013OPEN515 Green Amigo30.21
English Greyhound Derby Final 2013Wimbledon29 JUN 2013GROUP1480 Sidaz Jack28.37
William Hill Derby 1/4 Final Q1Wimbledon18 JUN 2013OPEN480 Sidaz Jack28.32
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 14 JUN 2013 HT 6Perry Barr14 JUN 2013OPEN480 Kerris Hawk28.44
The Late Pick 4 Starts Now 525Harolds Cross26 APR 2013GR A1/2480 Fairhill Paddy28.92
The Land Of Legends A3 525Dundalk19 APR 2013GR A3480 Whiplash Willie28.65
The Corn Cuchulainn @ the Cross Open 750Harolds Cross12 APR 2013GR DD0686 Plutos Rena42.65
Kudos Creative Catering Open 750Limerick30 MAR 2013GR DD0686 Plutos Rena42.02
Sporting Press Open Puppy 525Limerick30 MAR 2013GR AA0480 Christys Bolt28.47
Sittingbourne 26 JAN 2013 HT 11Sittingbourne26 JAN 2013GR A4480 Mill Donald29.57
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A2/A3 575Drumbo Park12 JAN 2013GR A2/3526 Mistonlisnaward31.65
Robert Connolly Memorial A3 Tri Distance Round 1Drumbo Park1 DEC 2012GR A3480 Drumna Finch28.52
The Coillte Night of Stars Open 575Shelbourne Park1 DEC 2012GR AA0526 Abbeyville Tipp31.21
The Happy Moments Open 525Waterford17 NOV 2012GR AA0480 Jaytee Dancer28.51
Frank Snell Bookmakers A1 550Newbridge9 NOV 2012GR A1503 Rockmount Eagle30.07
The Connolly's Red Mills A1 575Cork20 OCT 2012GR A1526 Speed Lock31.37
The Emerald Lakes Academy of Irish Dance A4 525Mullingar6 OCT 2012GR A4480 Roving Express29.62
The 2012 Droopys Stud Munster Oaks. FinalWaterford6 OCT 2012GROUP2480 Katies Quadrigo28.51
St Senan's RFC Fundraiser Tomorrow Night A00 550Limerick21 SEP 2012GR AA0503 Varra Rumble29.41
Ladbrokes.com Bet in Running Open 850Shelbourne Park8 SEP 2012GR DD0777 Benro Sparky48.45
Ladbrokes 'Getting Out' Open 575Shelbourne Park8 SEP 2012GR AA0526 Abbeyville Tipp31.50
E 17600 Texacloth Puppy Derby FinalNewbridge31 AUG 2012GROUP2480 Plutos Hawk28.66
The Suirside Stayers & T.S.C. Open 790 Semi-FinalClonmel26 AUG 2012GR DD0722 Usual Story44.06
Paddy Byrne Memorial Sweepstake FinalTralee3 AUG 2012GROUP2480 Local Opinion28.62
THE JACKIE FLYNN MEMORIAL A3 525 FinalLifford28 JUL 2012GR A3480 Ballyard Bluey28.62
Dont Forget Friday Night-1st Round of GPW Puppy OaHarolds Cross17 JUL 2012GR A3/4521 Pie Minister31.37
The Byrne & Farrelly Family A3 525 FinalMullingar14 JUL 2012GR A3480 Kitemark29.39
Welcome To Derby Night A2 570Longford6 JUL 2012GR A2521 Saoirses Hawk30.95
The 2012 Barry's Tea Open 750 Round 1Cork26 MAY 2012OPEN686 Dogwithacollar41.93
Headbound At Stud A1/A2 570 ydsThurles26 MAY 2012GR A1521 Flomur Romulus31.48
Final Chance To Pick A Winner Open 525Limerick5 MAY 2012OPEN480 Varra Rumble28.31
Sonny Butler Memorial A2A3 E 5000 Stake Semi-FinalThurles5 MAY 2012GR A2480 Patterdale Rocco28.86
The D1 Club 63 Lower Dorset St. A1 570Harolds Cross4 MAY 2012GR A1521 Abbeyville Tipp31.31
The Online Booking @ the Cross 550Harolds Cross27 APR 2012GR A1503 Night Time Hawk30.15
Roche's Feeds Oaks Round 1Limerick21 APR 2012OPEN480 Jaytee Dancer28.24
Droopys Noel @ Stud Open 525 FinalShelbourne Park14 APR 2012OPEN480 Killbarry Rover28.49
Swindon 08 MAR 2012 HT 3Swindon8 MAR 2012OPEN737 Wise Totty45.26
Ards Ladies XV “The Iron Maidens” S1/S2 335Drumbo Park19 NOV 2011GR S1306 Remix17.84
Stainforth (Meadow Court) 19 NOV 2011 HT 9Stainforth19 NOV 2011GR A2483 Eleanoras Falcon29.59
(BAGS) THE JOHN SMITHS KENT DERBY FINAL 2011Sittingbourne21 AUG 2011OPEN480 Jazz Apollo29.24
(BAGS) THE SITTINGBOURNE MARATHONSittingbourne31 JUL 2011OPEN893 Droopys Djokovic56.82
(BAGS) THE KENT DERBY TRIAL STAKES (DIV 2)Sittingbourne24 JUL 2011OPEN480 Jazz Apollo28.72
THE CORAL ROMFORD PUPPIESRomford10 JUN 2011OPEN400 Ballyhale Enda23.75
STONDON MAIDEN STAYERS DUPHenlow7 APR 2011OPEN692 Blue Anchor42.80
THE CARLSBERG STAYERSSwindon30 MAR 2011FEATURE685 Droopys Start41.57
The Swindon Stayers StakesSwindon25 MAR 2011OPEN685 Droopys Start41.33
Betfred Its Goals Galore Stayers TrophyNottingham9 DEC 2010OPEN680 Odell Faith42.65
THE SITTINGBOURNE STAYERSSittingbourne22 AUG 2010OPEN642 Mistley Colonel40.28
The Monday Night A2 600 Semi-FinalDundalk24 MAY 2010GR A2549 Drumcrow Hawk33.06
The Swindon Monkey Stayers Final BAGSSwindon31 MAR 2010FEATURE685 Wise Totty42.05
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby FinalHarolds Cross10 OCT 2008GROUP1480 Droopys Noel28.49
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Round 2Harolds Cross19 SEP 2008OPEN480 Accordello28.54
The Harolds Cross Bookmakers Puppy Derby Round 1Harolds Cross12 SEP 2008OPEN480 Accordello28.63
The Almighty Jack A2 Dual Distance Stake Semi-FinaHarolds Cross29 AUG 2008GR A2480 Droopys Frings28.66

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