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picture of the greyhound Bombersgoinghome
(Jamella Prince *  x  Glown Mist)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   15 MAR 2003
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Stephen Casey
Studbooks Licensed with   I.C.C.
Choice of Semen available   Natural
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: deceased

Contact: Michael Calvert, Co.Derry. mobile 07742561163 or from R.of Ire. 0482870836263

ABOUT Bombersgoinghome

Unbeaten National 750 Shelbourne Park winner 10,000 
Unbeaten White Oaks 750 H.X. winner 10,000
Track Record Holder 805 Mullingar
St. Ledger finalist Wimbledon and ran up Corn Cuchulainn H.X. btn. 1 length at 4 years and 3 months.
Winner 40 races and 54,255 of prize money in Ireland.
Great out cross for most bitches producing dogs with good early who can sprint or stay. 
Litter sister Compass Becky threw an outstanding litter to Crash including Barefoot Bryan now at stud.


See race videos of Bombersgoinghome
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
The Ted Hegarty Marathon Consolation FinalHarolds Cross21 DEC 2007OPEN924 Bombersgoinghome58.56
The Ted Hegarty Marathon Semi-FinalHarolds Cross14 DEC 2007OPEN924 Five Gold Bars58.38
The Ted Hegarty Marathon Round 1Harolds Cross7 DEC 2007OPEN924 Slaneyside Demon58.90
Harolds Cross Open 1010Harolds Cross9 NOV 2007OPEN924 Bombersgoinghome59.70
E 25,000 I.G.B. National 750 FinalShelbourne Park20 OCT 2007GROUP1686 Dromana Blue41.95
E 25,000 I.G.B. National 750 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park13 OCT 2007OPEN686 Comeonthecats42.43
THE LARRY DUNNE OPEN 750Lifford7 OCT 2007GROUP3686 Droopys Quiff41.56
E 25,000 I.G.B. National 750 Round 1Shelbourne Park6 OCT 2007OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.62
The Bernard Barry Open 750Shelbourne Park29 SEP 2007OPEN686 Templenacro Dubh42.20
paddypowerpoker.com Open 750Shelbourne Park7 SEP 2007OPEN686 Templenacro Dubh42.26
2007 Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn FinalHarolds Cross29 JUN 2007GROUP1686 Droopys Ike42.06
2007 Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Semi-FinalHarolds Cross22 JUN 2007OPEN686 Tyrur Rachel42.08
2007 Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Round 2Harolds Cross15 JUN 2007OPEN686 Bubbly Venus42.06
2007 Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Round 1Harolds Cross8 JUN 2007OPEN686 Air Force Amy42.31
THE 2007 BARRYS TEA OPEN 750 FinalCork26 MAY 2007GROUP2686 Droopys Ike41.45
THE 2007 BARRYS TEA OPEN 750 Semi-FinalCork19 MAY 2007OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome41.39
THE 2007 BARRYS TEA OPEN 750 Round 1Cork12 MAY 2007OPEN686 Droopys Ike41.59
Shelbourne Open 750Shelbourne Park10 MAR 2007OPEN686 Antrim Classic41.96
THE SWINDON STAYERS STAKESSwindon3 JAN 2007OPEN685 Swift Jade44.20
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 FINALShelbourne Park21 OCT 2006GROUP1686 Bombersgoinghome41.77
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 Semi 2Shelbourne Park14 OCT 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.56
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 HEAT 1Shelbourne Park7 OCT 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.27
The Paschal Taggart Waterford Crystal 750Shelbourne Park30 SEP 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.75
A. Palmer White Oak Premier Open 750 FinalHarolds Cross22 SEP 2006GROUP1686 Bombersgoinghome42.16
The Arnold Palmer White Oak Premier Open 750Harolds Cross15 SEP 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.07
The Arnold Palmer White Oak Premier Open 750Harolds Cross8 SEP 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.27
BOYLESPORTS OPEN 750Shelbourne Park29 JUL 2006FEATURE686 Lonely Harry42.14
The Tipperary G.A.A. Supporters Open 810Harolds Cross21 JUL 2006FEATURE741 Debidee Lane45.89
Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Cons.Harolds Cross30 JUN 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.21
The Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Semi 1Harolds Cross23 JUN 2006FEATURE686 Shelbourne Kay42.32
The Vodafone Corn Cuchulainn Quarter 1Harolds Cross16 JUN 2006FEATURE686 Bombersgoinghome42.13
The Vodafone Corn CuchulainnHarolds Cross9 JUN 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome43.47
THE RACING POST FESTIVAL STAYERS - Heat 3Walthamstow24 NOV 2005OPEN640 Junior Mechanic40.16
THE SWINDON STAYERSSwindon23 JUL 2005OPEN685 Bombersgoinghome42.14


Now proven with limited opportunities his progeny are winning races at tracks all over the U.K.

See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Bombersgoinghome
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Track Bookmakers A3 Tri Distance Round 1Drumbo Park1 SEP 2012GR A3480 Cals Autocrat28.67

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

For those looking to throw dogs with stamina Bombersgoinghome is the obvious choice.


Terms and Conditions

Now over 100 winners and never previously advertised now offered at an introductory fee of 225.

Contact: Michael Calvert, Co.Derry. mobile 07742561163 or from R.of Ire. 0482870836263