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    Winetavern Oscar

picture of the greyhound Winetavern Oscar
(Top Honcho *  x  Lemon Spiral)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   10 OCT 2003
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Patrick J. Collins
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 550 for first 20 bitches

Contact: TEL: Noel 087 4115883 or Wayne 086 1709452

ABOUT Winetavern Oscar

OSCAR: Top Honchos number one prize money earner in Ireland 2006

OSCAR: Ultra consistent performer in the first three 28 times from 33 open class races. (16 wins!!) 50% winning strike rate.


OSCAR: Comes from impossible position to land the vetserch challenge spk 25k beating Trey Utd, Spiral Cirate, Paranoid Paschal and GROUP ROOSTER.

OSCAR: Smashes 29.00 nine times including 28.42, 28.59, 28.57 SPK

OSCAR: Smashes track record and destroys top class field( 7.5L to second place) in final of IRISH NEWS 620 Dundalk 33.72TRK REC.

OSCAR: Rattles LATE LATE SHOWS 600 yard record of 32.21 with an awesome 32.25 600 yards SPK!

OSCAR: Breathtaking performances at SPK for 575 including 31:25, 31:22, 31:12, 31:19 and an amazing return from serious injury to win on derby final nightin 31.33.

Introducing at stud


See race videos of Winetavern Oscar
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
E 25,000 I.G.B. NATIONAL 750 HEAT 2Shelbourne Park7 OCT 2006OPEN686 Wilcos Mate42.48
The Paschal Taggart Waterford Crystal 750Shelbourne Park30 SEP 2006OPEN686 Bombersgoinghome42.75
Shelbourne Open 575 FinalShelbourne Park23 SEP 2006FEATURE526 Greenwell Flash31.19
Shelbourne Open 575 Heat 2Shelbourne Park16 SEP 2006OPEN526 Greenwell Flash31.46
Paddy Power Dial-a-Bet OPEN 575Shelbourne Park9 SEP 2006GROUP3526 Winetavern Oscar31.33
PADDYPOWER All Ireland Final 575Shelbourne Park2 SEP 2006OPEN526 Daring Hero31.51
60,000 LADBROKES OPEN 600 Semi 1Shelbourne Park29 APR 2006FEATURE549 Dead Set32.38
60,000 LADBROKES OPEN 600 Quarter 4Shelbourne Park22 APR 2006FEATURE549 Winetavern Oscar32.50
2006 E 60,000 LADBROKES OPEN 600 HEAT 3Shelbourne Park15 APR 2006OPEN549 Winetavern Oscar32.25
E 30,000 VETSEARCH INTERNATIONAL 575Shelbourne Park1 APR 2006GROUP1526 Winetavern Oscar31.19
The Tully Bookmakers Open 575Shelbourne Park25 MAR 2006OPEN526 Winetavern Oscar31.41
The Niall Mordaunt Memorial Open 600Shelbourne Park25 FEB 2006FEATURE549 Dead Set32.98
The Irish News Open 620Dundalk4 FEB 2006GROUP1567 Winetavern Oscar33.72
The Irish News Open 620 - 1st Semi-FinalDundalk27 JAN 2006OPEN567 Winetavern Oscar34.06
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 20 JAN 2006 HT 6Dundalk20 JAN 2006OPEN567 Winetavern Oscar34.09
The Irish News Open 620Dundalk13 JAN 2006OPEN567 Winetavern Oscar34.20
Chronicle Bookmakers 575Shelbourne Park28 DEC 2005OPEN526 Trey United *31.82
Nolan Kitchens Ltd Open 575Shelbourne Park17 DEC 2005OPEN526 Winetavern Oscar31.60
Larkhill Jo Open 575Shelbourne Park5 NOV 2005OPEN526 Broadacres Cash31.36
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 15 OCT 2005 HT 5Shelbourne Park15 OCT 2005OPEN526 Winetavern Oscar31.22
25,000 SHELBOURNE TOTE 575 SEMI 1Shelbourne Park8 OCT 2005OPEN526 Martinstown Lass31.42
25,000 SHELBOURNE TOTE 575 Quarter 4Shelbourne Park1 OCT 2005OPEN526 Winetavern Oscar31.77
25,000 TOTE RETENTION FUND 575 HT 5Shelbourne Park24 SEP 2005OPEN526 Winetavern Oscar31.25
PADDY POWER DIAL-A-BET OPEN PUPPYShelbourne Park17 SEP 2005OPEN480 Skywalker Magic28.84
10.000 Bernard Berry Winner of TwoShelbourne Park23 JUL 2005OPEN480 Gifted Sir28.90
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 14 JUL 2005 HT 6Shelbourne Park14 JUL 2005OPEN480 Carrigeen Smooth29.04
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 07 JUL 2005 HT 5Shelbourne Park7 JUL 2005OPEN480 Winetavern Oscar28.57
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 22 JUN 2005 HT 8Shelbourne Park22 JUN 2005OPEN480 Caulry Fast Trap28.97
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 15 JUN 2005 HT 3Shelbourne Park15 JUN 2005OPEN480 Petals Pride28.91
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 08 JUN 2005 HT 5Shelbourne Park8 JUN 2005OPEN480 Winetavern Oscar28.59
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 01 JUN 2005 HT 6Shelbourne Park1 JUN 2005OPEN480 Winetavern Oscar29.08
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 18 MAY 2005 HT 2Shelbourne Park18 MAY 2005OPEN480 Bridepark Tadhg29.30
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 11 MAY 2005 HT 3Shelbourne Park11 MAY 2005OPEN480 Glenfad29.15


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Winetavern Oscar
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
The Connolly's Red Mills Irish Laurels Final 2014Cork18 OCT 2014OPEN480 Vimmerby28.56
Cork (Curraheen Park) 20 SEP 2014 HT 2Cork20 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Vimmerby28.11
The Track Bar A2 575Enniscorthy31 JUL 2014GR A2526 Tyrsova31.60
Michael Watts 'Under The Radar' 550Shelbourne Park21 JUN 2014GR AA0503 Vimmerby29.76
Intertrack Betting A5 575Enniscorthy7 FEB 2013GR A5526 Afghan Girl31.79

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Introducing at stud

So many Oscar winning performances so much more Oscar winning puppies to follow!


Terms and Conditions

Introducing at stud

Full refund for missing bitches

Contact: TEL: Noel 087 4115883 or Wayne 086 1709452