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    Eskimo Jack

picture of the greyhound Eskimo Jack
(Brett Lee  x  Kinturk Bluebell)
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Also known as   Zax Manhattan
Colour   Black
Date of Birth   6 JAN 2004
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mrs. Lesley Finch
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural Mating, AI or FSI
Countries Semen available for   IRE, ENG, AUS

Stud Fee: 400 less luck

Contact: 'KAYKAYS RACING' THREEMILEHOUSE CO. MONAGHAN 086 6048863 or log onto www.kaykaysracing.com

ABOUT Eskimo Jack

Definitely one of, if not thee best bred son of the great Brett Lee available at stud!!

This massively early paced Group 1 winner ('06 Irish Produce Stakes 28.54 by 7L) hails from one of the most productive damlines of the last 20 years.

The'Pauls Turn' damline has been responsible for such stars as Oran Classic, Bandicoot Tipoki and the great Premier Fantasy in recent years.

Jacks litter sister, the super bitch Early Talent as well as being a star on the track has already produced 2 track record breakers in Reluctant and Moral Duty from her first 2 litters!!


Runaway 7L winner of the 2006 Irish Produce Stakes in a flying 28.54!

After winning the first round of the Irish Derby Jack suffered a broken hock in the 2nd round which finished his exciting race career


From his first 2 litters to race Jack has produced;

Millhouse Jack 21.37 MGR 19.00 GLY

Barrybeg Jack 28.69 SPK

Ellies Pride runaway winner of a 1150 to the winner stake at MGR in 29.61 (50 slow)

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Breed to Jack for EARLY PACE and one of the best most productive irish damlines of recent years


Terms and Conditions

No pups or 1 pup then a return service

Contact: 'KAYKAYS RACING' THREEMILEHOUSE CO. MONAGHAN 086 6048863 or log onto www.kaykaysracing.com