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    Droopys Robinho

picture of the greyhound Droopys Robinho
(Teds Jo  x  Droopys Kate)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   1 JUL 2004
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   mr micheal dunphy
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   Natural
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 650

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com

ABOUT Droopys Robinho


See race videos of Droopys Robinho
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
THE EASTER SUNDAY OPEN 350Lifford23 MAR 2008OPEN320 Royal Delight18.57
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Semi-FinalCork13 OCT 2007OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.59
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 3Cork6 OCT 2007OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.13
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 2Cork29 SEP 2007OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.03
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 1Cork22 SEP 2007OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.08
paddypowertrader.com Open 525Shelbourne Park7 SEP 2007GROUP3480 Droopys Robinho28.43
Shelbourne Open 350 FinalShelbourne Park12 APR 2007FEATURE320 Droopys Robinho18.60
Shelbourne Open 350 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park5 APR 2007OPEN320 Droopys Robinho18.72
FINAL OF THE TYRUR TED STAKES.Cork12 AUG 2006OPEN480 Scarty Lad28.47
THE TYRUR TED STAKESCork29 JUL 2006OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.18
THE CURRAHEEN PARK BOOKMAKERS 525Cork8 JUL 2006OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.42
Friends of FIANNA FAIL 525Shelbourne Park20 MAY 2006OPEN480 Catunda Deano28.77
Shelbourne Open Unraced 525 FinalShelbourne Park10 MAY 2006OPEN480 Unperturbed29.07
Shelbourne Open Unraced 525 Heat 2Shelbourne Park3 MAY 2006OPEN480 Droopys Robinho28.70


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation


Terms and Conditions

For full Terms and Conditions please contact Sean or Michael Dunphy - details as below
below: අධස්, අධහ්, අධෝ, නීච, පහත, පහත්, පහතින්, පහලින්, පහළ, පහළින්, පාත, පාත්, යට, යටි, යටින්
English - Sinhala

Contact: Sean Dunphy at Ballyvalican, Co Waterford Tel..00 353 (0)51 387267 or 387991. info@droopys-stud.com