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    Ullid Conor

(Late Late Show  x  Tyrur Gillian)
show pedigree

Colour   Black
Date of Birth   22 JUL 2004
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr.P.J.Fahy
Studbooks Licensed with   Irish Coursing Club
Choice of Semen available   Natural Matings
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 200 euro

Contact: Paul Hennessy Gowran Co Kilkenny Tel: 0872650493 Email: blackandamberracing@eircom.net

ABOUT Ullid Conor

English Derby Finalist

100% Irish Bred

Blistering early pace........Track record holder Kilkenny ...... Unbelievable 15.99....

Winner of over 40 races


See race videos of Ullid Conor
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Purse FinalCork18 OCT 2008FEATURE480 Attykitt Admiral28.41
Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Purse Semi-FinalCork11 OCT 2008OPEN480 Green Mentor28.54
2008 Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 3Cork4 OCT 2008OPEN480 Side Bet28.25
2008 Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 2Cork27 SEP 2008OPEN480 Ullid Conor28.25
The Tyrur Ted S0 400 FinalDundalk12 JUL 2008GROUP3366 Clonrooske Bart21.02
Connollys Red Mills Cup Open 525yds Race.Kilkenny22 JUN 2008OPEN480 Ullid Conor29.10
E 700 Shelbourne Open 550Shelbourne Park12 APR 2008OPEN503 Jaxerback29.98
Ted Hegarty Bookmaker Getting Out 575Shelbourne Park5 APR 2008OPEN526 Soul to Soul31.89
Shelbourne A2 525Shelbourne Park22 MAR 2008GR A2480 Skywalker Angel29.22
E 2000 Shelbourne A2 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park15 MAR 2008GR A2480 Maybe Classy30.15
Shelbourne Tote A2 525Shelbourne Park8 MAR 2008GR A2480 Ullid Conor29.17
E 2,000 Shelbourne A1(Backgraders) 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park19 JAN 2008GR A1480 The Other Noah28.90
E 2,000 T.P Waters A2 Backgraders 575 FinalShelbourne Park22 DEC 2007GR A2526 Rockmount Wonder31.50
E 2,000 T.P Waters A2 Backgraders 575 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park15 DEC 2007GR A2526 Rockmount Wonder31.80
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 2Cork29 SEP 2007OPEN480 Big Time Gent28.62
The Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 1Cork22 SEP 2007OPEN480 Tyrur Laurel28.45
paddypower.com Open 575Shelbourne Park7 SEP 2007OPEN526 Ballydaniel Bret31.45
2007 Paddypower.Com Greyhound Derby Rnd 1 HT 08Shelbourne Park1 AUG 2007OPEN503 Acceleration30.53
E 3,000 Boylesports Champion Stakes Consolation FiShelbourne Park28 JUL 2007GROUP3503 Hondo Dingle29.76
E 60,000 Boylesports Champion Stakes Semi-FinalShelbourne Park21 JUL 2007FEATURE503 Micks Savings29.93
The Francis Fitzgerald 575Shelbourne Park28 APR 2007GR A1526 Ullid Conor31.16
donalreilly.com 575Shelbourne Park21 APR 2007GR A1526 Bogside Jake31.54
Shelbourne A2 525Shelbourne Park18 APR 2007GR A2480 Ullid Conor29.24
Shelbourne A2 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park14 APR 2007GR A2480 Black Okee29.39
THE GETTING OUT STAKESCork7 APR 2007GR A0503 Capetown Breeze29.70
Shelbourne A1Backgraders 550 FinalShelbourne Park24 MAR 2007GR A1503 Orema Flight30.58
Shelbourne A1Backgraders 550 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park17 MAR 2007GR A1503 Kingsmill Black30.65
Shelbourne 525Shelbourne Park13 JAN 2007GR A0480 Comans Joe29.19
Betdaq 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park23 DEC 2006OPEN480 Kanes Blue28.77
Shelbourne Open / A1 525Shelbourne Park14 DEC 2006GR A0480 Camlin Boss29.11
PADDYPOWER IRISH DERBY RND 2 HT 07Shelbourne Park10 AUG 2006OPEN503 Killough Billy30.05
PADDYPOWER IRISH DERBY RND 1 HT 03Shelbourne Park2 AUG 2006OPEN503 Smoking Again30.15
E 5,500 DAVY O'CALLAGHAN MEMORIAL A3 525 FINALShelbourne Park27 JUL 2006GR A3480 Ullid Conor29.17
E 5,500 DAVY O'CALLAGHAN MEMORIAL A3 525 S/FINALShelbourne Park20 JUL 2006GR A3480 Ullid Conor28.89
E 5,500 DAVY O'CALLAGHAN MEMORIAL A3 525 HEAT 4Shelbourne Park13 JUL 2006GR A3480 Kilmacow28.99
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 06 JUL 2006 HT 3Shelbourne Park6 JUL 2006GR A3480 Kilmacow29.25


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Ullid Conor
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
The Try A Trio 330Cork6 SEP 2014GR SS0302 Kilara Hey Mac17.58
Red Mills & T.S.C. Champion Juvenile 525 FinalKilkenny20 JUN 2014GR AA0480 Kilara Hey Mac28.87
The Kilkenny Track A1 525Kilkenny30 MAY 2014GR A1480 Kilara Hey Mac28.87


Contact: Paul Hennessy Gowran Co Kilkenny Tel: 0872650493 Email: blackandamberracing@eircom.net