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    Oran Classic

picture of the greyhound Oran Classic
(Top Honcho *  x  Jo Bluebell)
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Also known as   An Tochar Blue
Colour   Blue
Date of Birth   15 MAR 2006
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   ireland
Choice of Semen available   natural
Countries Semen available for   ireland

Stud Fee: 300 and negotible to proven dams

Contact: john crehan 087 9159991 roscommon

ABOUT Oran Classic


2nd in irish derby to great College Causeway
2nd in laurels 
Finalist in english derby

See race videos of Oran Classic
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
ENGLISH DERBY 2010 FINALWimbledon29 MAY 2010GROUP1480 Bandicoot Tipoki28.57
Williamhill English Greyhound Derby 1st Semi FinalWimbledon22 MAY 2010GROUP1480 Lyreen Mover28.59
Williamhill.com Greyhound Derby 1st 1/4 FinalWimbledon18 MAY 2010FEATURE480 Westmead Scolari28.49
Irish Derby 2009 FinalShelbourne Park12 SEP 2009GROUP1503 College Causeway29.53
2008 Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 2Cork27 SEP 2008OPEN480 Slip the Lark28.71
2008 Cashmans Bookmakers Irish Laurels Round 1Cork20 SEP 2008OPEN480 Attykitt Admiral28.43
Shelbourne Open 550Shelbourne Park6 SEP 2008OPEN503 Oran Classic 30.02
E 10,500 paddypower.com Plate Semi-FinalShelbourne Park30 AUG 2008OPEN503 Step Out29.96
E 10,500 paddypower.com Plate Round 1Shelbourne Park21 AUG 2008OPEN503 Oran Classic 29.97
1890 269 969 for Derby Tickets Open 550Shelbourne Park16 AUG 2008OPEN503 Oran Classic 29.66
E310.000 2008 paddypower.com Irish Derby Rd 1 HT10Shelbourne Park7 AUG 2008OPEN503 Slip the Lark29.89
Boylesports Fon-A-Bet 1800 44 00 00Shelbourne Park26 JUL 2008OPEN503 Oran Classic 29.98
E 60,000 Boylesports Champion Stakes Semi-FinalShelbourne Park19 JUL 2008OPEN503 Tyrur Kenny30.00
Shelbourne Open 550Shelbourne Park12 JUL 2008OPEN503 Oran Classic 29.83
Shelbourne Open 525Shelbourne Park5 JUL 2008OPEN480 Forest Jack29.04
The Sporting Press Open 525Shelbourne Park28 JUN 2008OPEN480 Iguazu Falls28.93
Shelbourne Open 525Shelbourne Park1 MAR 2008OPEN480 Advantage Johnny29.03
E 18,000 Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Stake FinalShelbourne Park16 FEB 2008GROUP1480 Killahan Phanter28.74
E 18,000 Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Stake Semi-FinalShelbourne Park9 FEB 2008OPEN480 Oran Classic 28.76
E 18,000 Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy Stake Round 1Shelbourne Park2 FEB 2008OPEN480 Lemon Zamora29.25
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy FinalShelbourne Park15 DEC 2007GROUP1480 Skywalker Ace28.45
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Semi-FinalShelbourne Park8 DEC 2007OPEN480 Skywalker Ace28.68
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Round 3Shelbourne Park1 DEC 2007OPEN480 Oran Classic 28.77
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Round 2Shelbourne Park24 NOV 2007OPEN480 Oran Classic 28.74
E 50,000 Comerford Cakes National Puppy Round 1Shelbourne Park15 NOV 2007OPEN480 Oran Classic 28.81
Shelbourne A2 525Shelbourne Park8 NOV 2007GR A2480 Beaumont Raven29.39
E 1,600 Shelbourne N1 Unraced 525 FinalShelbourne Park24 OCT 2007GR N1480 Little Preacher29.14
E 1,600 Shelbourne N1 Unraced 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park17 OCT 2007GR N1480 Oran Classic 29.09


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Oran Classic
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
2014 Gain Dog Food Irish Cesarewitch Semi-FinalMullingar5 APR 2014GR AA0549 Gizmo Classic33.28
The Greyhound Bar A0/A1 525Mullingar23 NOV 2013GR A0/1480 Gizmo Diamond29.35
Gain Feeds Irish Cesarewitch Semi-FinalMullingar30 MAR 2013GR AA0549 Gizmo Classic33.09
Shelbourne Track Bookmakers Open 575 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park22 DEC 2012GR AA0526 Gizmo Classic31.00
The Fundraising Nights A2 525Newbridge3 AUG 2012GR A2480 Calico Classic28.66

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Natural matings available 


Terms and Conditions

300 euros or negotiable for proven dams 

Contact: john crehan 087 9159991 roscommon