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(Trendy Leigh  x  Tyholland Spirit)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   JAN 2007
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural Matings
Countries Semen available for   IRE/ENG

Stud Fee: 100 to cover costs

Contact: Kieran Kerley, Kaykays Racing, Threemilehouse Co. Monaghan 086 6048863

ABOUT Buiochar

Gives 100% every time he steps on the track.

This Jan'07 whelp has now won 22 from 67 and is still going strong.

His dam Tyholland Spirit is litter sister to the flying Cals Tonic.


28.66 Lgd

28.77 Lfd

See race videos of Buiochar
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Duce Construction Corporation New York A5/A6 525Dundalk22 MAR 2014GR A5/6480 Sandygrove Holly29.69
Racecourse of the Year 2013 A5/A6 525Dundalk28 FEB 2014GR A5/6480 Nemo Blue29.19
James Hughes Stag Party A4/A5 525Dundalk1 FEB 2014GR A4/5480 Manilla Breeze29.82
Jolly January Special A4 525Dundalk4 JAN 2014GR A4480 Blenhiem Ice29.46
Racecourse of the Year 2013 A4 525Dundalk20 DEC 2013GR A4480 Dorsey Spider29.54
Digiweb A4 550 Semi-FinalDundalk6 JUL 2013GR A4503 Looney Jake30.79
www.dundalkstadium.com A3 525Dundalk28 JUN 2013GR A3480 Canary Man29.30
Marshes Shopping Centre Ladies Day 12th July A3 52Dundalk14 JUN 2013GR A3480 Inkerman29.36
An Post Social Club A3 525Dundalk18 MAY 2013GR A3480 Knockagh Mal29.36
Land of Legend’s Race Day 3rd May A2 525Dundalk26 APR 2013GR A2480 Bandstand29.18
Racecourse Road A2 525Dundalk12 APR 2013GR A2480 Ashcarne Ivy29.02
Pierce 21st Birthday A2 550Dundalk9 MAR 2013GR A2503 Memories Dash30.38
Michael McGibbon 30th Birthday A4 550Dundalk2 MAR 2013GR A4503 Buiochar30.62
There’s more to GAIN A3 550Dundalk23 FEB 2013GR A3503 Battle Speed30.95
Happy Birthday Tara Carolan A3 525Dundalk15 FEB 2013GR A3480 Eoins Billy29.10
Celebrate at Dundalk Stadium A4 525Dundalk26 JAN 2013GR A4480 Fergus Run29.35
The Night Of Stars A2 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park27 SEP 2012GR A2480 Tyrur Loughery28.57
SIS Live A1 525Shelbourne Park19 SEP 2012GR A1480 Market Littlejoe28.90
Ladbrokes Mobile App A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park9 AUG 2012GR A1480 Forest Rock28.85
The Deal of the Month A2 525Shelbourne Park2 AUG 2012GR A2480 Skerries Harp28.67
Bernard Barry Bookmaker A2 525Shelbourne Park26 JUL 2012GR A2480 Niceonemayo29.15
J.Grennan & Sons,John O'Meara,Custodian ConsultancShelbourne Park19 JUL 2012GR A2480 Tyrur Stefani28.37
THE VIDEO A2 550 Semi-FinalLifford23 JUN 2012GR A2503 Ballymacan Man30.45
Trackside Signage A1 525Shelbourne Park7 JUN 2012GR A1480 Ballinclare Meg29.65
Find Us On Facebook A2 525Shelbourne Park31 MAY 2012GR A2480 Highview Fortune28.84
Find Us On Facebook A2 525Shelbourne Park19 MAY 2012GR A2480 Tyrur Blanche28.87
The Sporting Press A3 525Shelbourne Park16 MAY 2012GR A3480 Buiochar29.21
Shelbourne A3 525 FinalShelbourne Park10 MAY 2012GR A3480 Highview Molly30.56
Shelbourne A3 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park3 MAY 2012GR A3480 Springwood Lego29.29
Dobbins @ Shelbourne A2 525Shelbourne Park26 APR 2012GR A2480 Talktoyoulad29.33
The Accenture A2 525Shelbourne Park19 APR 2012GR A2480 Young Duke Box28.82
Friends of Annabels Fund A1 525Drumbo Park30 APR 2010GR A1480 Ben Go Home28.83
Try A Trio S0 400Dundalk5 JUN 2009OPEN366 Fantastic21.48
Shelbourne A7 525Shelbourne Park10 SEP 2008GR A7480 Is Mise Hector29.35


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

For genuine toughness, all round pace and value for money


Terms and Conditions

Return service if one or no pups

Contact: Kieran Kerley, Kaykays Racing, Threemilehouse Co. Monaghan 086 6048863