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    Bright and Cool

(Big Daddy Cool  x  Boraderra Babe)
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Colour   White and Blue
Date of Birth   SEP 2008
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   Natural mating/ fresh ai
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 50 Euros + mating cert

Contact: Seventh Kennels Mallow Co. Cork 0879464234

ABOUT Bright and Cool

The dog won his first race in thurles on the 14th of May 2010 showing good early pace and winning in an eye catching 29.51 He came off with a sore hock recieved treatment and was off the track until the 3rd of August where he contested the first round of the Rose Tralee stake.

Struggling from traps he was beaten a head in 28.99. A week later in the second round he was again slowly away he beat Farran Rumble by 1 1/2 lenghts after running through the field in 29.08. the following week in the semi final struggling from the boxes after starting 6/4 favorite he was beaten a diminishing lenght in 29.04. In the final baulked at the first he was 3rd btn 3 1/2 in 28.78.

2 weeks later contesting the first round of the Frightful Flash Kennels stakes he ran through the field recording a smart 30.24 for his first look at the 550 yard distance. Baulked at the first bend he showed serious pace to get on terms with the leaders, he then proceeded to run away from them. The race can be viewed on the IGB site. He came off sore and ran below par in the next round. Despite intensive treatment and a seven month lay off he broke down again this June. He is from an impressive litter with two comrades Judical Academy rated at 121 for his 29.56 run in this years Ledger semifinal. Pull the plug 29.81 550 yards Shelbourne rated 122 on greyhound data a third comrade has also recorded 29.03 Youghal.


29.00 29.08 29.11 525 Tralee 30.24 550 Tralee. 28.80 Trial New Limerick.


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Super paced dog from a brilliant Litter


Terms and Conditions

Fee 50 euros + Mating certificate

Contact: Seventh Kennels Mallow Co. Cork 0879464234