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    Frisby Barney

picture of the greyhound Frisby Barney
(Head Bound   x  Airport Boss)
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Also known as   Biraldo
Colour   Black
Date of Birth   JUN 2010
Land of Birth   Ireland or United Kingdom
Standing Land   United Kingdom
Studbooks Licensed with   Irish greyhound board
Choice of Semen available   frozen Only
Countries Semen available for   UK and Ireland

Stud Fee: Euro 550

Contact: Brain Loughnane 0872828284

ABOUT Frisby Barney

2013 Peterborough derby winner 
track record in Peterborough


one of the fastest son of head bound

See race videos of Frisby Barney
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Nottingham 12 MAY 2014 HT 7Nottingham12 MAY 2014OPEN305 Bush Hill Paddy17.80
Nottingham 10 FEB 2014 HT 14Nottingham10 FEB 2014OPEN480 Golden Wonder28.86
Nottingham 20 NOV 2013 HT 9Nottingham20 NOV 2013OPEN480 Daddy Knowsbest28.67
William Hill Derby 1/4 Final Q3Wimbledon18 JUN 2013OPEN480 Ballymac Eske28.37
William Hill Derby R3 HT5Wimbledon15 JUN 2013OPEN480 Bonamassa Rocks28.76
William Hill Derby R2 HT4Wimbledon7 JUN 2013OPEN480 Garryglass Rodge28.70
William Hill Derby R1 HT14Wimbledon1 JUN 2013OPEN480 Newinn Rocket28.83



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Contact: Brain Loughnane 0872828284