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    Holdem Spy

picture of the greyhound Holdem Spy
(Hondo Black *  x  Have One More)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   AUG 2010
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   United Kingdom
Breeder   Mrs Patsy Mccusker
Studbooks Licensed with   1CC and Uk Stud Book
Choice of Semen available   Fresh or Frozen
Countries Semen available for   Ireland, Uk

Stud Fee: On Application

Contact: Sean and Ann Bourke, Newpark Stud, Ballyclerihan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Phone: 00353 872549554 website: www.newparkstud.ie email admin@newparkstud.com

ABOUT Holdem Spy


See race videos of Holdem Spy
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Wimbledon (London) 31 MAY 2014 HT 2Wimbledon31 MAY 2014OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.41
Wimbledon (London) 20 MAY 2014 HT 5Wimbledon20 MAY 2014OPEN480 Crokers Champ28.73
Wimbledon (London) 17 MAY 2014 HT 8Wimbledon17 MAY 2014OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.39
Wimbledon (London) 09 MAY 2014 HT 13Wimbledon9 MAY 2014OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.71
Ladbrokes Scottish Derby Final 2014Shawfield12 APR 2014GROUP1480 Holdem Spy28.87
Shawfield (Glasgow) 05 APR 2014 HT 6Shawfield5 APR 2014OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.95
Shawfield (Glasgow) 29 MAR 2014 HT 4Shawfield29 MAR 2014OPEN480 Holdem Spy29.40
Wimbledon (London) 29 JUN 2013 HT 4Wimbledon29 JUN 2013OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.33
William Hill Derby 1st Semi FinalWimbledon22 JUN 2013OPEN480 Droopys Jet28.38
William Hill Derby 1/4 Final Q3Wimbledon18 JUN 2013OPEN480 Ballymac Eske28.37
William Hill Derby R3 HT8Wimbledon15 JUN 2013OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.80
William Hill Derby R2 HT16Wimbledon8 JUN 2013OPEN480 Screen Critic28.61
William Hill Derby R1 HT17Wimbledon1 JUN 2013OPEN480 Holdem Spy28.75
Coventry 31 MAR 2013 HT 12Coventry31 MAR 2013OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.28
Coventry 16 DEC 2012 HT 5Coventry16 DEC 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.55
Coventry 02 DEC 2012 HT 6Coventry2 DEC 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.34
Coventry 24 NOV 2012 HT 6Coventry24 NOV 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.37
Nottingham 05 NOV 2012 HT 7Nottingham5 NOV 2012OPEN500 Holdem Spy29.54
Nottingham 29 OCT 2012 HT 14Nottingham29 OCT 2012OPEN500 Ballymac Eske29.21
Coventry 21 OCT 2012 HT 10Coventry21 OCT 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.33
Coventry 14 OCT 2012 HT 7Coventry14 OCT 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.17
Coventry 07 OCT 2012 HT 7Coventry7 OCT 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.15
Coventry 16 SEP 2012 HT 6Coventry16 SEP 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.46
Coventry 26 AUG 2012 HT 10Coventry26 AUG 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.16
The Westview Kennels Dual Distance Trophy - FinalNottingham20 AUG 2012OPEN500 Holdem Spy29.85
Hove & Brighton 26 JUL 2012 HT 7Hove & Brighton26 JUL 2012OPEN515 Aero Tobias30.01
1ST JUNE PUPPY TROPHYCoventry9 JUN 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.27
RUGBY & COV RGT PUPPY TROPHY DIV 1Coventry27 MAY 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.39
BRANDON MAIDEN STANDARDCoventry20 MAY 2012OPEN485 Holdem Spy29.50



Wins 2018 St Leger, Perry Barr


Impressive 1st Round English Derby

Incredible start to his racing career.

From only 24 pups registered to race - His pups have won over 150 races.




Have won over 25 opens between them are part of the best litter in the UK for many years.

They are only a few months past their 2nd Birthday.

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation


Terms and Conditions

TERMS: Payment due at time of mating.

 80%  refund or FREE SERVICE to missing bitches - Bitches at owners risk

Contact: Sean and Ann Bourke, Newpark Stud, Ballyclerihan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. Phone: 00353 872549554 website: www.newparkstud.ie email admin@newparkstud.com