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    Cloughtaney Gift

picture of the greyhound Cloughtaney Gift
(Crash *  x  Whitegate Sense)
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Colour   Fawn
Date of Birth   17 MAR 2011
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   icc
Choice of Semen available   fresh Ai or Natural
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: 200

Contact: Coolaboola Kennels Mallow Co, Cork 0894411414 or 02279228 e- mail rebelclinic@gmail.com

ABOUT Cloughtaney Gift

A super looking 77lb fawn son of  Top Sire Crash, Gift is the fastest trapper produced by Crash, He had amazing early pace he led the 2013 Bar One Irish National sprint final for 399.99 yards sand was beaten by Razdazl Rioga by a short head in a photo finish. Gift raced against and beat the best sprinters of his generation. Bulmers Baby, Leeview Dave, Sidiarian Jet, Cambushmore etc,

Gift also had the stamina to win over the 480 mts distance winning seven races at that distance and breaking 29 seconds on nine seperate occasions.

His breeding is special he was bred to go to stud. His dam a lightly raced daughter of Jet Spray and Seventh Sense, 6  wins from 22 races best times 28.94 Clonmel and 29.25 Kilkenny. she  came from a super litter which included Group one finalists Seventh Jet and Whitegate Jet. She is a half sister to the ill fated Directors Ruler 27.96 Monmore, Birmingham Cup finalist and Carling Classic winner. She produced a puppy Derby finalist in her first litter to Droopys Maldini.

The damline has also produced National sprint winner Cambushmore all coming from the lightly raced Sleek Rose. ex Lane of Roses ex Seventh Dynamic. This is a breeding Dynasty for early paced machines, the addition of the Martinstown lines have added the ability to get distance.


Bar one National  Sprint Runner Up 2013. btn short head by Razdazl Rioga.

Night of the Stars Open Sprint Shelbourne

21.46,21.45,  21.45 21.37, 21.45, 21.28, 21.24, 21.29 400 yds Dundalk,  Splits of 7.12, 7.15, 7.14

18.70, 18.71 Shelbourne Park, 28.77, 28.80, 28.86, 28.81, 28.98,28.85, 28.90, 28.88 525 Dundalk

See race videos of Cloughtaney Gift
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium S1/S2 40Dundalk14 MAR 2015GR S1366 Fit Right21.56
Darren Rooney's 40th Birthday Celebrations S0/S1 4Dundalk24 JAN 2015GR S0366 Headman Chris21.46
Jolly January Restaurant Special S1 400Dundalk17 JAN 2015GR S1366 Gortmelia Gorey21.68
Eamon McCrave Memorial A1/A2 525 Round 1 Heat 2Dundalk6 DEC 2014GR A1480 Quarterland Abby28.85
Happy Birthday Kevin Reilly A2 525Dundalk15 NOV 2014GR A2480 Cloughtaney Gift28.98
Bridge Turf Lawns A1/A2 525 Semi-FinalDundalk8 NOV 2014GR A1480 Bit of Berlin28.70
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 01 NOV 2014 HT 9Dundalk1 NOV 2014GR A1480 Hayestown Hawk28.67
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 25 OCT 2014 HT 5Dundalk25 OCT 2014GR S1366 Cloughtaney Gift21.60
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 18 OCT 2014 HT 6Dundalk18 OCT 2014GR A3480 Tudor Sue28.89
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 11 OCT 2014 HT 9Dundalk11 OCT 2014GR A3480 Cloughtaney Gift28.85
Dundalk (The Ramparts) 03 OCT 2014 HT 2Dundalk3 OCT 2014GR A2480 Sheikh Mahead28.98
Mullingar 20 SEP 2014 HT 7Mullingar20 SEP 2014GR SS0366 Springwell Watsy21.47
Joe 'Fuzzy' Gaynor Fair Warrior Plate Semi-FinalMullingar13 SEP 2014GR SS0366 Ely Rambler21.74
2014 Shaneboy Spencer @Stud Fair Warrior 400 RoundMullingar6 SEP 2014GR SS0366 Neds Opinion21.57
2014 Shaneboy Spencer @Stud Fair Warrior 400 RoundMullingar30 AUG 2014GR SS0366 Aclamon Messi21.50
Cathedral Financial Consultant's SS0 400 Semi-FinaDundalk4 JUL 2014GR SS0366 Mesedo Black21.30
Cathedral Financial Consultant's SS0 400 Round 1Dundalk27 JUN 2014GR SS0366 Bit of Berlin21.35
Toals Bookmakers Open 335 1st Semi FinalDrumbo Park14 JUN 2014GR SS0306 Frosty Wood17.95
Official Easter Cup After Party at the Dandelion 3Shelbourne Park12 APR 2014GR SS0320 Jumeirah Barry18.73
iRadio Race Night SS0/S0 400Dundalk4 APR 2014OPEN366 Cloughtaney Gift21.29
Racecourse of the Year 2013 S0 400Dundalk28 MAR 2014OPEN366 Monleek Force21.47
The Head Bound Night of Stars Open 350Shelbourne Park30 NOV 2013GR SS0320 Knockglass Billy18.61
New Bistro Deal at E 19.95 per Person 350Shelbourne Park17 OCT 2013GR SS0320 Mine Velvet19.11
The E 19.95 New Bistro Deal Open 350Shelbourne Park10 OCT 2013GR SS0320 Ballymac Matthew18.64
Caroline Brady 40th Birthday SS0/S0 400Dundalk21 SEP 2013OPEN366 Cloughtaney Gift21.24
ETS Renewables Domestic 350Shelbourne Park14 SEP 2013GR SS0320 Cyclone Sandy18.82
Happy Birthday Marguerite Costello 350Shelbourne Park7 SEP 2013GR SS0320 Knockglass Billy18.70
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 FinalDundalk18 AUG 2013FEATURE366 Razldazl Rioga21.27
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 Semi-FinaDundalk10 AUG 2013GR SS0366 Razldazl Rioga21.22
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 Round 3Dundalk3 AUG 2013GR SS0366 Leeview Dave21.23
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 Round 2Dundalk27 JUL 2013GR SS0366 Cloughtaney Gift21.37
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 Round 1Dundalk20 JUL 2013GR SS0366 Rios Girl21.40
Boylesports.com Download Our App Open 400Dundalk12 JUL 2013GR SS0366 Steely Passion21.38
Dundalk Stadium Open 350 FinalDundalk30 JUN 2013GR SS0320 Exit Milan18.87
Dundalk Stadium Open 350 Semi-FinalDundalk22 JUN 2013GR SS0320 Exit Milan18.89
The Land Of Legends A0/A1 525Dundalk15 JUN 2013GR A0/1480 Beaming Owl29.32
Drogheda Special Olympics Club A1 525Dundalk18 MAY 2013GR A1480 Cloughtaney Gift28.81
Mary's Hen Party S1 400Dundalk11 MAY 2013GR S1366 Cloughtaney Gift21.46
Track Bookmakers Spring Cup 525 Round 1Drumbo Park27 APR 2013GR AA0480 Captain Scolari28.75
The April Trackside Signage Offer Open 525Shelbourne Park4 APR 2013OPEN480 Maddies Dream29.17
Alan Weldrick Stag Party A1 525Dundalk8 MAR 2013GR A1480 Cloughtaney Gift28.86
Silks Function Room Hire A1 525Dundalk15 FEB 2013GR A1480 Courtlough Rio29.04
Happy Birthday Henry Grouse A1 525Dundalk8 FEB 2013GR A1480 Lazy Jess28.93
Find Us on Facebook A2 525 FinalShelbourne Park31 OCT 2012GR A2480 Totos Treasure28.95
Find Us on Facebook A2 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park25 OCT 2012GR A2480 Log Cabin28.88
The Buy A Lotto Ticket N2 / N3 525Clonmel30 AUG 2012GR N2/3480 Clonmoyle Bob30.14


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

This Dog will be ideal for bitches which lack size and  early pace his damline has worked well with Maldini, Scolari bitches, Headbound also

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Relaxed
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Very Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Average
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   300 400 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

Terms and Conditions

special terms for proven dams and open class bitches

Contact: Coolaboola Kennels Mallow Co, Cork 0894411414 or 02279228 e- mail rebelclinic@gmail.com