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    Kilgraney Tomson

picture of the greyhound Kilgraney Tomson
(Aries Son  x  Lady Kilgraney)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   JUL 2011
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   icc
Choice of Semen available   fresh
Countries Semen available for   all

Stud Fee: 450

Contact: Kilgraney bagenalstown co.carlow 0879940603 0599775160

ABOUT Kilgraney Tomson

Unigue dog with unbelievable early and back straight pace.

Won 2013 Tipperary cup 28.48
Won 2014 Tote gold cup Shelbourne park 28.48

Aslo times recorded

18.64 350yards  Shelbourne park
17.54 330yards Thurles park
28.53 525yards Shelbourne park
28.32 525yards Shelbourne park

Also amazing sectional of 1.97 Shelbourne park

Won 15 races and over 30,000 in prize money


See race videos of Kilgraney Tomson
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Round 2 Heat 1Shelbourne Park31 JAN 2015GR AA0480 Honour and Glory28.64
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Round 1 Heat 1Shelbourne Park24 JAN 2015GR AA0480 Priceless Lassie28.45
ECC Timber Products 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park28 JUN 2014GR A1480 Mash Cage28.58
The 2014 Cox Cup Open 550 Semi-FinalNewbridge30 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Star Ace29.91
The 2014 Cox Cup Open 550 Round 1Newbridge23 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Jims Blessing30.47
The Gain Elite Pet Food Open 525Shelbourne Park10 MAY 2014GR AA0480 Ardfert Thunder28.48
The Friends Of Autism and AHD Open 525Shelbourne Park3 MAY 2014GR AA0480 Kilgraney Tomson28.55
Gain Greyhound 28 Open 525Shelbourne Park26 APR 2014GR AA0480 Slippery Fred28.77
The Aughrim Street Scout Group 550Shelbourne Park19 APR 2014OPEN503 Tyrur Adrian29.89
Shelbourne Tote Gold Cup 525 FinalShelbourne Park8 MAR 2014GROUP1480 Kilgraney Tomson28.48
Shelbourne Tote Gold Cup 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park1 MAR 2014GR AA0480 Kilgraney Tomson28.69
Shelbourne Tote Gold Cup 525 Round 2Shelbourne Park22 FEB 2014GR AA0480 Sidarian Rhythm28.38
Shelbourne Tote Gold Cup 525 Round 1Shelbourne Park15 FEB 2014GR AA0480 Kilgraney Tomson28.56
The Find us on Facebook A1 525Shelbourne Park8 FEB 2014GR A1480 Kilgraney Tomson28.92
The 2013 Gain Feeds Select Stakes Round 1Waterford2 NOV 2013GR AA0480 Vanrooney28.85
The Connolly's Red Mills Irish Laurels Round 3Cork5 OCT 2013GR AA0480 Burgess Rumble28.16
The Connolly's Red Mills Irish Laurels Round 2Cork28 SEP 2013GR AA0480 Borna Gem28.68
The Connolly's Red Mills Irish Laurels Round 1Cork21 SEP 2013GR AA0480 Harry Got Styles28.50
The Lourdes Celtic FC A2 525Shelbourne Park25 APR 2013GR A2480 Kilgraney Tomson28.74
Deal of the Month igb.ie His 'n' Her A2 FinalShelbourne Park17 APR 2013GR A2480 Ask Tom28.96
Deal of the Month igb.ie His 'n' Her A2 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park10 APR 2013GR A2480 Kilgraney Tomson28.93
Racing Good Friday A2 525Waterford23 MAR 2013GR A2480 Run Away Girl29.99
The Thompsons Carryout Ferrybank A2 525Waterford16 MAR 2013GR A2480 Ketch Up Pet29.02
Congratulations David Glynn on Your Confirmation DWaterford9 MAR 2013GR A2480 Kilgraney Tomson29.57
The Coast 2 Coast A2 525Waterford2 MAR 2013GR A2480 Coolard Chief28.90
The Sporting Press A1 525Clonmel24 FEB 2013GR A1480 Riverside Turbo29.07


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Contact: Kilgraney bagenalstown co.carlow 0879940603 0599775160