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    Adageo Bob

picture of the greyhound Adageo Bob
(Hondo Black *  x  Blonde Pearl)
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Also known as   Blonde Bobby
Colour   Blue
Date of Birth   16 JUL 2011
Land of Birth   United Kingdom
Standing Land   United Kingdom
Breeder   John Marriott
Studbooks Licensed with   UK
Choice of Semen available   Natural Mating's/Straws
Countries Semen available for   Ireland/UK

Stud Fee: 400

Contact: Dave Lee, Peaceful Kennels, Epping - 07973 563784

ABOUT Adageo Bob

One of the best greyhounds to race in recent year:
46 wins from 87 starts all OPEN RACES
Top-Class for three seasons; they don't come much tougher or genuine than the great Adageo Bob


1st Essex Vase 10,000 to-the-winner 2015 (at 4 1/2 years of age)
1st British Breeders' Stakes 2013
2nd Essex Vase 2013
2nd Coronation Cup 2015
2nd Sittingbourne Stayers
3rd Golden Muzzle Coventry
5th Racing Post Juvenile
Finalist Grand-Prix Sunderland
NR due to a traffic jam, when odds-on for 2014 Essex Vase
Some Of His Times: TR Romford 34.67, Sheffield 28.73, Wimbledon 28.36, Towcester 28.20, 29.13 Coventry (puppy), Nottingham 29.72, Sittingbourne 39.92, Sunderland 39.67, Monmore 38.18, 13.42 sectional 575m Romford.

See race videos of Adageo Bob
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Rnd Heat 12Wimbledon6 JUN 2015OPEN480 Geelo Vegas28.58
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Round Heat 16 HT Wimbledon28 MAY 2015OPEN480 Adageo Bob28.36
13 DEC 2014 HT 8Towcester13 DEC 2014GR IV480 Metro Jack28.43
WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX FINALSunderland9 JUL 2014OPEN640 Farley Rio39.40
Sheffield (Owlerton) 25 MAR 2014 HT 11Sheffield25 MAR 2014GR IV500 Guinness Spark28.70
Racing Post JuvenileWimbledon4 MAR 2014OPEN480 Droopys Odell28.84
Romford 27 NOV 2013 HT 5Romford27 NOV 2013OPEN575 Reel Trickyone35.33
Romford 22 NOV 2013 HT 5Romford22 NOV 2013OPEN575 Gripping Stuff35.53
Swindon 05 JUL 2013 HT 23Swindon5 JUL 2013OPEN480 Cimla Superstar28.64


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Adageo Bob is tough, genuine and will suit a wide range of bitches - get in touch for honest advice.


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Contact: Dave Lee, Peaceful Kennels, Epping - 07973 563784