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    Skywalker Farloe

picture of the greyhound Skywalker Farloe
(Skywalker Ace  x  Final Orchid)
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Also known as   Farloe Ace
Colour   White and Black
Date of Birth   SEP 2011
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Dessie Loughery
Studbooks Licensed with   ICC
Choice of Semen available   FRESH
Countries Semen available for   IRELAND AND UK SOON AUSTRALIA

Stud Fee: €300 less luck

Contact: 0868280214 or 0857148434

ABOUT Skywalker Farloe


Easter Cup Winner 2014

84lbs flying machine

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting dogs Ireland has ever seen in a number of years. He met and beat some of best dogs around.
> (brilliant winner Easter cup)

comes from Irelands best winning damline Farloe Oyster
>competed in the Kilkenny future champion unraced, finished  2nd to Lough Messi having 

> Missed the break completely and showed breath taking pace.

A1 A2 track supporters 550 (Clonmel)
> Twice nearly broke the track record with runs of 29.63 and 29.65 - raced 6 times on this track and never beaten.

Limerick Legar Finalist baulked on first bend 
> Trialled 28.10 before competition started
> Recorded 29.67 550

> Night of stars 550 2nd to Ballymac Vic
> In 29.58 (first ever look at Shelbourne)
Easter cup winner (Group 1 Competition) 
> Beat Tyrur Sugar Ray in semi-final and final in 29.63 

Race of Champions Finalist (Tralee)
> Recorded 29.45 for 550 before the comp.
> Came from 8 lengths behind Sidarian Blaze to within 29.58
> (Was hurt in the final which was won by Sidarian Blaze

> Derby semi-finalist (8/1 F to win Derby)
> Could not run in the consolation final due to injury
> The dog was injured the whole way through the competition.

Ladbrokes 600 Finalist
> Recorded 32.36 semi the same time as Ballymac Matt.


A back injury sustained dogged his career and brought about a premature end to racing career.

With his pure Irish sire line (Stapler’s Jo), size, determination and stamina, he has the capacity to produce Shelbourne class dogs.

>His phenomenal back straight pace and willingness to win was unreal. and as dogs go a very INTELLIGENT dog, no nerves and easy to handle.


Easter cup winner 
5 Group one finals 
8 to 1 Derby fav

See race videos of Skywalker Farloe
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Limerick (Markets Field) 01 NOV 2014 HT 7Limerick1 NOV 2014GR AA0503 Ballyana Foxtrot29.75
Limerick (Markets Field) 25 OCT 2014 HT 8Limerick25 OCT 2014GR AA0503 Shaneboy Frankie29.84
Boylesports.com Irish Greyhound Derby Semi-FinalShelbourne Park6 SEP 2014GR AA0503 Vulturi29.65
Boylesports.com Irish Greyhound Derby Round 4 HeatShelbourne Park30 AUG 2014GR AA0503 Tyrur Sugar Ray29.44
Boylesports.com Irish Greyhound Derby Round 3 HeatShelbourne Park23 AUG 2014GR AA0503 El Flutter30.06
Boylesports.com Irish Greyhound Derby Round 2 HeatShelbourne Park14 AUG 2014GR AA0503 Hawaii Kinsale29.87
Boylesports.com Irish Greyhound Derby Round 1Shelbourne Park7 AUG 2014OPEN503 Blenhiem Cracker30.14
Boylesports.com Race of Champions FinalTralee6 JUN 2014FEATURE503 Sidarian Blaze29.57
Boylesports.com Race of Champions Semi-FinalTralee30 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.58
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park12 APR 2014GROUP1503 Skywalker Farloe29.63
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 Semi-FinaShelbourne Park5 APR 2014GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.77
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 Round 2Shelbourne Park29 MAR 2014GR AA0503 Ardfert Thunder29.87
Dandelion Bar & Nightclub Easter Cup 550 Round 1Shelbourne Park22 MAR 2014GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.69
Your Last Chance to Back a Winner on the TOTE 525Shelbourne Park8 MAR 2014GR AA0480 Tyrur van Persie28.47
Boylesports Download Our App Night of Stars Open 5Shelbourne Park30 NOV 2013GR AA0503 Ballymac Vic29.58
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinalLimerick23 NOV 2013GROUP1503 Locnamon Bridie29.34
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger Semi-FinalLimerick16 NOV 2013GR AA0503 Locnamon Bridie29.62
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger Round 3Limerick9 NOV 2013GR AA0503 Roxholme Bully29.41
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger Round 2Limerick2 NOV 2013GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.76
2013 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger Round 1Limerick26 OCT 2013GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.89
Track Supporters Club A1 / A2 550 Stake FinalClonmel22 SEP 2013GR A1503 Skywalker Farloe29.66
Track Supporters Club A1 / A2 550 Stake Semi-FinalClonmel15 SEP 2013GR A1503 Skywalker Farloe29.85
Track Supporters Club A1 / A2 550 Stake Round 2Clonmel8 SEP 2013GR A1503 Skywalker Farloe29.65
Track Supporters Club A1 / A2 550 Stake Round 1Clonmel1 SEP 2013GR A1503 Skywalker Farloe30.01


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Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

Willie Brennan 
Royal Impact Kennals

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Relaxed
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Very Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Finished like a train
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   400 – 500 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

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Contact: 0868280214 or 0857148434