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    Hondo Messi

(Hondo Black *  x  Girl With Guitar)
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Colour   Fawn
Date of Birth   SEP 2011
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   natural
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: neg

Contact: David Byrne Mooncoin Co.Kilkenny 085 7811526

ABOUT Hondo Messi


See race videos of Hondo Messi
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
It's Your Final Chance to Pick A Winner A1/A2 525Newbridge30 JAN 2015GR A1480 Black Hawkeye29.36
The Official Trials @ Newbridge A2/A3 525Newbridge23 JAN 2015GR A2480 Hondo Messi29.09
Racing Again Next Thursday 8th January 575Shelbourne Park3 JAN 2015GR A1526 Painstown Chief31.44
The Track Supporters Club A1/A2 525Newbridge20 DEC 2014GR A1480 Starshineverona29.07
The Track Supporters Club A1/A2 550 Semi-FinalNewbridge13 DEC 2014GR A1503 Black Hawkeye30.70
The Track Supporters Club A1/A2 550 Round 1 Heat 2Newbridge6 DEC 2014GR A1503 Hondo Messi30.43
The Deanridge Pennys Stake AO/A1 525Newbridge28 NOV 2014GR A0480 Hillroad Jock28.84
The Bobby Walker Memorial Race 525Newbridge14 NOV 2014GR A1480 Hondo Messi28.90
It's Your Final Chance to Pick A Winner 525Newbridge8 NOV 2014GR A0480 Burnt Oak Becky28.93
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 01 NOV 2014 HT 12Shelbourne Park1 NOV 2014GR AA0526 Tyrur Nathan31.07
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 16 OCT 2014 HT 7Shelbourne Park16 OCT 2014GR DD0686 Killinan Baby42.13
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 09 OCT 2014 HT 8Shelbourne Park9 OCT 2014GR DD0686 Hondo Messi42.34
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 04 OCT 2014 HT 12Shelbourne Park4 OCT 2014GR AA0526 Tyrur Nathan31.50
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 27 SEP 2014 HT 8Shelbourne Park27 SEP 2014GR A0526 Westward Bound31.46
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 20 SEP 2014 HT 8Shelbourne Park20 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Star Ace28.55
The 2014 Cox Cup Open 550 FinalNewbridge6 JUN 2014GR AA0503 Redwood Mick29.70
The 2014 Cox Cup Open 550 Semi-FinalNewbridge30 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Redwood Mick29.50
The 2014 Cox Cup Open 550 Round 1Newbridge23 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Redwood Mick29.79
The Connollys Red Mills & N.T.S.C 575Newbridge12 APR 2014GR A1/2526 Ballintine Star31.47
The Margaret & Dick Dunne Memorial Race 550Newbridge29 MAR 2014GR A2503 Hondo Messi30.71
It's Your Final Chance to Pick A Winner 550Newbridge8 MAR 2014GR A2503 Hondo Messi30.52
The Run A Fundraising Night At Shelbourne in 2014 Shelbourne Park8 FEB 2014GR A1/2480 Hillcroft Champ28.50
Godsend @ Stud A1 525Shelbourne Park1 FEB 2014GR A1480 Courtlough Megan28.91
It's Your Final Chance to Pick A Winner 550Newbridge10 JAN 2014GR A1/2503 Hondo Messi30.51
The Track Supporters Club A1 525 FinalNewbridge27 DEC 2013GR A1480 Glenace28.92
The Track Supporters Club A1 525 Semi-FinalNewbridge20 DEC 2013GR A1480 Forest Simon28.76
The Online Deal of the Month 525Newbridge30 NOV 2013GR A1480 Poormans Hawk29.05
The Corner House Pub, Clane 525Newbridge16 NOV 2013OPEN480 Church Avenue28.74
The Sean Delaney Memorial&Kingo @Stud FinalNewbridge12 OCT 2013GR A4480 Carloway Flame28.77
The Sean Delaney Memorial&Kingo @Stud Semi-FinalNewbridge5 OCT 2013GR A4480 Carloway Flame28.85
The Sean Delaney Memorial&Kingo @Stud Round 1Newbridge28 SEP 2013GR A4480 Hondo Messi28.78
The Masters Restaurant 325Newbridge6 SEP 2013GR S4/5297 Allen Two17.94
The Masters RestaurantNewbridge31 AUG 2013GR S3/4297 Lisalea Lucy17.89


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Relaxed
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Finished like a train
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   500 600 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

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Contact: David Byrne Mooncoin Co.Kilkenny 085 7811526