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    Sidarian Blaze

picture of the greyhound Sidarian Blaze
(Kinloch Brae *  x  Silverhill Tina)
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Also known as   Silverhell Blaze
Colour   Black
Date of Birth   FEB 2012
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Eugene Buckley
Studbooks Licensed with   Graham Holland
Choice of Semen available   Fresh
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: €450

Contact: Standing with Graham Holland 086-393-1615 / 086-062-72889

ABOUT Sidarian Blaze


One of Kinloch Brae’s top sons

Blaze was bred to be a champion...

And he delivered! And he didn't disappoint!

His consistency saw him make EVERY final of EVERY competition he was entered for in Ireland, from unraced pup to all age.

Amassing over €70,000 in prize money (without contesting an Irish Derby)


(2013) IGB Newcomer of the Year

(2013) Commerford Cakes Winner

(2013) Munster Puppy Cup – 3rd

(2013) Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy – 3rd

(2014) Race of Champions Winner – beating another son of Kinloch Brae (Ballymac Vic) in his own backyard

(2014) Irish Laurels Runner up

(2015) Easter Cup Winner

See race videos of Sidarian Blaze
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Rnd Heat 11Wimbledon6 JUN 2015OPEN480 Quietly28.42
William Hill Greyhound Derby 1st Round Heat 30 HT Wimbledon29 MAY 2015OPEN480 Sidarian Blaze28.43
The Dandelion Bar and Nightclub Easter Cup FinalShelbourne Park21 MAR 2015GROUP1503 Sidarian Blaze29.52
Boylesports.com Night of Stars 550Shelbourne Park29 NOV 2014GR AA0503 Laughil Blake29.45
The Connolly's Red Mills Irish Laurels Final 2014Cork18 OCT 2014OPEN480 Vimmerby28.56
Cork (Curraheen Park) 11 OCT 2014 HT 10Cork11 OCT 2014GR AA0480 Vimmerby28.44
Cork (Curraheen Park) 04 OCT 2014 HT 9Cork4 OCT 2014GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.07
Cork (Curraheen Park) 27 SEP 2014 HT 9Cork27 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Midtown Raffa28.18
Cork (Curraheen Park) 20 SEP 2014 HT 11Cork20 SEP 2014GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.14
Boylesports.com Download Our App Open 550Shelbourne Park13 SEP 2014GR AA0503 Sidarian Blaze29.84
Boylesports.com Race of Champions FinalTralee6 JUN 2014FEATURE503 Sidarian Blaze29.57
Boylesports.com Race of Champions Semi-FinalTralee30 MAY 2014GR AA0503 Skywalker Farloe29.58
Sheffield (Owlerton) 25 MAR 2014 HT 11Sheffield25 MAR 2014GR IV500 Guinness Spark28.70
The Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park1 FEB 2014FEATURE480 Deanridge Pennys28.36
The Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park25 JAN 2014GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.21
The Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy 525 Round 1Shelbourne Park18 JAN 2014GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze29.15
2013 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 FinalShelbourne Park7 DEC 2013OPEN480 Sidarian Blaze28.49
2013 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park30 NOV 2013GR AA0480 Borneo28.48
2013 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 Round 2Shelbourne Park23 NOV 2013GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.43
2013 Comerford Cakes National Puppy 525 Round 1Shelbourne Park16 NOV 2013GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.38
The 2013 Munster Puppy Cup FinalClonmel3 NOV 2013GR AA0480 Fiery Splendour28.59
The 2013 Munster Puppy Cup Semi-FinalClonmel27 OCT 2013GR AA0480 Sidarian Blaze28.49
The 2013 Munster Puppy Cup Round 1Clonmel20 OCT 2013GR AA0480 Fiery Splendour28.67


Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

How would you describe the temperament of your Dog?   Relaxed
Was your Dog a fast beginner?   Fast
Was your Dog a strong finisher?   Finished like a train
What was your Dog's favourite distance?   400 – 500 mtrs
What was your Dog's best racing weight?   

Terms and Conditions

€450 less luck

Contact: Standing with Graham Holland 086-393-1615 / 086-062-72889