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    Toms the Best

picture of the greyhound Toms the Best
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   24 JUN 1995
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Ian Greaves
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   FROZEN ONLY
Countries Semen available for   

Stud Fee: 1350

Contact: MEREFIELD STUD CHESHIRE www.merefieldstud.com PH:07719612408


See race videos of Toms the Best
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
English Derby 98 FINWimbledon27 JUN 1998GROUP1480 Toms the Best28.75
English Derby 97 ConsWimbledon28 JUN 1997GROUP2480 Toms the Best28.42


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Toms the Best
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
EUROPEAN CHAMPION 2007 Final Veterans 280 mGeldrop11 AUG 2007FEATURE280 Carrowkeal Tom17.15
Ladbrokes Virtual Football 525Shelbourne Park19 MAY 2007OPEN480 Catunda Deano28.69
THE 2007 GUINNESS TROPHY Round 1Cork27 JAN 2007GR A1480 Catunda Deano28.17
E 3,750 SHELBOURNE A1 525 STAKE HEAT 2Shelbourne Park11 NOV 2006GR A1480 Catunda Francie28.51
VICTOR CHANDLER 60th ANNIVERSARY STAYERSWalthamstow16 SEP 2006GROUP2640 Fear Robben39.21
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 01 SEP 2006 HT 7Harolds Cross1 SEP 2006GR A2480 Best Display28.79
THE STAR RACING MARATHON - Heat 2Walthamstow11 JUL 2006OPEN835 Westminster Taj52.78
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 07 JUL 2006 HT 9Harolds Cross7 JUL 2006GR A2521 Gavins Dilemma31.25
MIKE ALLAN 880 INVITATIONCoventry23 DEC 2005OPEN880 Soviet Isis57.71
MIKE ALLAN 1080 SUPER MARATHONCoventry23 DEC 2005OPEN1080 Zuzu's Petal70.77
17,500 TINYS BUD OPEN 550 HT 3Cork3 DEC 2005OPEN503 Lenson Tom29.84
THE SMOKING MUMBA STAKESWalthamstow15 OCT 2005OPEN1045 Betathan Pebbles67.50
The Alan Speechley Fengate Collar 2005 FinalPeterborough8 OCT 2005OPEN420 Fear No One25.74
THE BANDON A5 STAKES FinalCork29 SEP 2005GR A5480 Balintore Tom29.18
Northumberland Plate Trial StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)6 SEP 2005OPEN670 Bellpac Tomas40.83
Shelbourne 29.70 525Shelbourne Park17 AUG 2005OPEN480 Hollyoak Hawk29.39
Peterborough Derby Final 2005Peterborough13 AUG 2005OPEN420 Fear No One25.57
Cork (Curraheen Park) 30 JUL 2005 HT 10Cork30 JUL 2005OPEN503 Deerfield Mover *29.89
Boylesports 525Shelbourne Park30 JUL 2005OPEN480 Noelles Magico28.80
THE VAILLANT SILVER COLLAR FINALWalthamstow23 JUL 2005GROUP2640 Caloona Striker39.79
Cork (Curraheen Park) 16 JUL 2005 HT 3Cork16 JUL 2005OPEN503 Westminster Taj29.88
Limerick (Markets Field) 09 JUL 2005 HT 3Limerick9 JUL 2005OPEN686 Nobodywantsme41.53
Corn Cuchulainn ConsolationHarolds Cross1 JUL 2005OPEN686 Coolavanny Kate41.82
Red Mills Breeders Cup 525yShelbourne Park11 JUN 2005OPEN480 Noelles Magico28.82
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 27 MAY 2005 HT 8Harolds Cross27 MAY 2005OPEN686 Coolavanny Kate41.72
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 20 MAY 2005 HT 6Harolds Cross20 MAY 2005OPEN686 Coolavanny Kate41.71
Shelbourne Park (Dublin) 19 MAY 2005 HT 1Shelbourne Park19 MAY 2005OPEN480 Buddha Budgie29.73
Continental Classics 740m Final 2003Praskacka26 OCT 2003FEATURE740 Pineapple Tara47.42
European Championship H2 Finale 680m mixedGeldrop9 AUG 2003GROUP1680 Pineapple Tara44.58


Terms and Conditions

The fee includes one vial of semen,unlimited progesterone testing and associated veterinary fees
The refund policy in the event of no pups is 1 RETURN SERVICE to the sire used or another sire upto the value of the original fee paid OR
a cash refund less all associated veterinary fees

Contact: MEREFIELD STUD CHESHIRE www.merefieldstud.com PH:07719612408