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Grey-Aid is an initiative set up by Greyhound-Data Limited with the support of GRV (Greyhound Racing Victoria) and other Australian based greyhound racing clubs, participants and adoption groups.

We are asking our members worldwide to support us in our effort to raise funds to be distributed throughout Australia in real time to greyhound owners that have been directly impacted by the recent Australian Bush Fire disaster.

It is time for the owners and their dogs to return home, or return to what is left of their homes.

Thank you everyone for helping all Australian Greyhounds in their time of need.

The devastation Australia is currently going through is uniting us as a nation and with your help and determination we can unite worldwide as greyhound owners.

To visit our Go Fund Me page please click on YES

Thank You Again for Your Support
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71 active sires

 NameDOBBorn inStanding ^SireDamFee
Endless Sky 2011 IE BE Black Shaw Scarty Sheila 800€
Compass Don 2005 IU CZ Hondo Black * Come On Treasure 100 euro
Jarvis Aston Riuna 2011 CZ CZ Imposant Imp Riuna Beauty In My Eyes Bohmar 100 €
Cashen Shatana * 2010 IE DE Head Bound Minnies Shatani € 800,-
Daves Rifle 2010 DE DE Daves Mentor * Westmead Serin 500 Euro or Puppy
Droopys Bach * 2009 IE DE Westmead Joe Droopys Chelsea 1000 €
Magnetic Sunrise 2007 IE DE Yeah Man Magnetic Catch 600 €
Oran Leader * 2009 IE DE Hades Rocket * Droopys Lauren 800,-€
Orson 2005 DE DE Ikarus Aussie Kangaruby 1000 €
Toocoolforschool 2015 IE DE Definate Opinion Vicraz 800€
Hold On Mate 2008 IE DK Droopys Scolari Hold On Angel 300 eur
Pesoto 2007 IE DK Brett Lee Miggs 660 Euro
Bling It On 2008 AU FI Where's Pedro Miss Bling 150€/pup - max. 1200€
Colorful Champ 2008 IE FI Top Honcho * Sly Fox Negotiable
Line of Fire * 2004 IE FI Top Honcho * Mind the Way 600€
Analyse 2004 IU FR Just the Best Lifes Beauty 500 euros
Boyneside Mega 2004 IE FR Spiral Nikita Mustang Mega 350 euros
Mallogs Vieri 2005 IU FR Droopys Vieri Diva Mallog 400 euros
Baszhan Parij Almost 2015 HU HU Skip The Field Kengyelfuto Jumping Yes 500
Baszhan Parij Asztronomic 2015 HU HU Skip The Field Kengyelfuto Jumping Yes 350€
Csontrakéta Rapid Penge 2011 HU HU Rapid Pedro Kengyelfuto Sunny € 500
Dopping Random Chance 2011 HU HU Dopping Láden Kengyelfutosweet €150
Jaxx On Fantasy 2010 IE HU Premier Fantasy Natalie Jacs On 450 EUR
Kengyelfuto Elite Soldier 2015 HU HU Count Ivan Roadrunner Cecie €300
Mashmad Bale 2017 IE HU Fernando Bale Ballymac Eugenie €300
Pride of Hungary 2016 IE HU Hondo Black * Fridays Twirl €1000
Rákospataki Csavargó Irwin 2014 HU HU Francos Topper Speed Ski's €400
Unique Rolex 2010 HU HU November Fury Roadrunner Cecie 500 euro
Dopping First Class 2011 HU NL Hades Rocket * Dopping Fatah 1000 Euro
Hot Dot 2014 UK NL Jaxx On Fantasy Direct Current 1000 Euro
Karacho Camolin 2010 IE NL Droopys Maldini Chocolat Camolin 1000 Euro
Razldazl Pluto 2013 IE NL Godsend * Razldazl Faye 1000 euro
Almandins Loverboy Song 2008 SE SE Hallucinate Almandins Air Song 8000
Ballymac Johnros 2014 IE SE Ballymac Vic Coolavanny Sue 800 euro
Delwood Senior 2004 UK SE Brett Lee Whitefort Tess 10000skr
Happy Feet 2007 SE SE Ahane Lad * Kingdom Leon 8000skr
Roxholme Ryan 2004 IE SE Toll Security * Farantane Sinead 10000sek
Top Boe * 2001 IE SE Top Honcho * Next Deal €800
Pennys Aesop 2009 IE RO Winetavern Oscar Pennys Pandora 500eur
Ballymac Tony 2006 IE AR Ballymac Maeve Ballymac Lark $ 2000,00
Bittles Bar 2010 IE AR Droopys Scolari Dooey Shaw 4000 pesos
Bozeman * 2006 US AR Larking About * Gable Evangeline $ 2.000
Bruce Ali 2005 IE AR Brett Lee You Said So €300
Derrane Lark 2010 IE AR Ballymac Ruso Westmead Natalie Consultar
Droopys Wilbury 2014 IE AR Romeo Recruit Droopys Keisha 250 Euro
Elwick Chris 2007 IE AR Brett Lee Free to Air €100 to establish !!!
Feeling Black 2007 AU AR Elite State Bazwill $ 10.000.00
Flying Birkdale 2008 US AR Dragon Fire Flying Snap On $ 1.500
Fortfield Hiker 2009 IE AR Matt Hyland Fortfield Girl $ 2500,00
Geronimo 2008 AR AR SA Ekman * Martina $700.-
Gran Juez * 2003 US AR Solitary Runner Olga's Corner 100USD
Inzaghi 2007 AR AR Bohemian Jumble * Waira 5000AR$
Joseph 2008 AR AR Bohemian Runaway Brenda 5000AR$
Kilpeacon Ash 2009 IE AR Bexhill Eoin Moon Top 5000AR$
Maytown Ruler 2008 IE AR Kinloch Brae * Razldazl Pearl 500
Nambisco 2007 IE AR Big Daddy Cool Airport Boss €400 Pay when you pup !
Sheepwalk Mac 2008 IE AR Ballymac Maeve Crazy Jane 225 euro
Soy Leyenda* 2010 AR AR Adriano Martina 3000AR$
Specialist Woods 2012 CL AR Balliniska Woods Craigie Addie 5000AR$
Tabaco Ruler 2015 AR AR Maytown Ruler Oriana Consultar
Tally Ho Shane 2011 IE AR Shaneboy Lee Tally Ho Style 5000AR$
Tamna Bound 2009 IE AR Head Bound Quare Lucy 3000AR$
Temblor Lee 2008 AR AR Brett Lee Jr. * CC Rubiona 500
Trepador 2007 AR AR Elbony Ciclone Maruka $ 1000
Westmead Grant 2007 IU AR Droopys Scolari Mega Delight 400
Yes Boss 2007 IE AR Crash * Cabin Rose 2.000 $
Elbony Maldini 2006 IE BR Droopys Maldini Ballindean Star R$800/USD500
D's Botox Morgan 2009 AR CL Magic Heart Wade Botox Judy $50.000 pesos (US$95.12)
Primo JPY 2009 UK SK Head Bound Westmead Joy 400€
Elbony Tangaloa 2006 BR UY Elbony Romario Pampas Hill € 250
Ranquel Chase 2009 AR UY Pattons Chase Princesa 300 United States dollar