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The First Greyhound Workshops for Owners in Mainland China

The GRCC with Greyhound-Data has conducted its first Workshop 1 and 2 Basic Injury Detection for greyhound owners in Mainland China. The injury detection workshops are "hands on" and teach a precise technique of examining any dog for muscle injuries.

The following subjects were covered:
Suitable Bedding, Nails, Acidosis, Cramping and Corns.

Examination of the: Shoulders, Accessory Carpal, Main Flexor Tendon, Metacarpals, Toes, Wrists, Hip Muscles, Hip Support, Gracilis, Calf, Achilles Tendon, Hock and Groin.

Thank you for your Support.

Tony Gallagher

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. 7 active sires

 NameDobBorn inStanding vSireDamFee
Barts Outofmyway 2014 US US KC and All Seadon Enchanted $500 US $1200 AU
Blazin Wildfire 2007 US US Dragon Fire Tin Nee Ann upon request to approved females
Kiowa Mon Manny 2002 US US Flying Penske Flying Monica K $2000
Odd Charlie 2012 US US BD's Grayson Odd Cherie $100
Odd Grayson 2011 US US TK Quick Strike Odd Swanee $500
Silver Baron 2006 US US Ebony River * Char Jimmy Pop 2 vials/$500
Yo My Mediator 2004 US US My John Q My Twilite Star 500