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Race Videos

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68340 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Brandons Electrical ServicesAlbion Park13 APR 20140GR 5395 Celtic Dancer23.20
The Welcome To Clonmel A4 525Clonmel13 APR 20141GR A4480 Under Milkwood29.15
The Bet On The Tote A3 550Clonmel13 APR 20142GR A3503 Winspiration30.89
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A2 525Clonmel13 APR 20143GR A2480 Invest a Little29.29
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Round Clonmel13 APR 20144GR A2480 Kereight Wizard28.83
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Round Clonmel13 APR 20145GR A2480 Clares Wonder29.16
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Round Clonmel13 APR 20146GR A2480 Standard Claim29.04
The Track Supporters Club A5 550 Stake FinaClonmel13 APR 20147GR A5503 Vigorous Marly30.75
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Round Clonmel13 APR 20148GR A2480 Banderas29.15
The Sporting Press A1 / A2 525Clonmel13 APR 20149GR A1/2480 Orlando Quevega29.30
Welcome To Mullingar A1 600Mullingar13 APR 20141GR A1/2549 Emilys Flyer34.19
Gain Brownbread Nuggets A4 525 FinalMullingar13 APR 20142GR A4480 Curley Luke29.81
Gain Garmivit S2 400 FinalMullingar13 APR 20143GR S2366 Piercefield Kid21.97
Gain Greyhound 20 A3 525 FinalMullingar13 APR 20144GR A3480 Rocky Ground29.83
Gain Greyhound 28 A3 525 FinalMullingar13 APR 20145GR A3480 Water Garden30.01
Gain Puppy And Sapling A2 525 FinalMullingar13 APR 20146GR A2480 Cantkeepmein29.19
www.gainfeeds.com A1 525Mullingar13 APR 20147GR A1480 Springwell Watsy29.50
2014 Gain Dog Food Irish Cesarewitch FinalMullingar13 APR 20148GR AA0549 Kathleens Holly33.50
Gain Dog Food Lo Call:1890 321 321 Mini OpeMullingar13 APR 20149GR A0/1503 Ciaras Spain30.77
Gain New Record Breaker A1 525 FinalMullingar13 APR 201410GR A1480 Lahinch Billy29.61
Gain Life Size Dogfood Range A2/A3 525Mullingar13 APR 201411GR A2/3480 Scolari Flare29.90
Aussie Concrete Products 5th GradeCapalaba12 APR 20148GR 5366 Ubangi Stomp20.00
The Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork12 APR 20141GR A5480 Outsider29.54
We're Open Good Friday 525Cork12 APR 20142GR A5480 Ballyboy Hopper29.84
The Plan The Perfect Party 330Cork12 APR 20143GR S1/2302 Rip It Up17.90
The Bet With The Tote 525Cork12 APR 20144GR A4480 Paddock Paula29.46
The Andy Peacock 525Cork12 APR 20145GR A2480 Diamond Flame29.39
The Highgrove Consulting A2 Stakes Semi-FinCork12 APR 20146GR A2480 Droopys Gerry28.83
The 2014 Pat Hennerty Sales Cork Oaks FinalCork12 APR 20147GR AA0480 College Maybe28.44
The Highgrove Consulting A2 Stakes Semi-FinCork12 APR 20148GR A2480 On His Toes28.97
The Cork GOBA Saturday Night Special A1 550Cork12 APR 20149GR A1503 Droopys Champ30.31
The Curraheen Park Bookmakers Getting Out SCork12 APR 201410GR AA0480 Ridgedale Look28.92
Welcome to Drumbo Park Novice 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20141GR N1306 Greenhill Beauty18.00
Try a Forecast S8/S9 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20142GR S8306 Pretty Mary18.93
Try a Trio S8/S9 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20143GR S8/9306 Strong View18.45
Drumbo Park Jackpot (Pick 7) Starts now A6 Drumbo Park12 APR 20144GR A6480 Corrough Glory29.45
The Upcoming Events S6 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20145GR S6306 Hondos Littlegem18.62
Bet on the Tote S6 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20146GR S6306 Silver Lil18.34
Robert James’s 60th Birthday Race S5 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20147GR S5306 Fairy Prince18.33
Easter Monday Racing @ Drumbo Park A5 525Drumbo Park12 APR 20148GR A5480 Moorlands Toots29.01
Book online @ drumbopark.com S5 335Drumbo Park12 APR 20149GR S5306 Obby Bray18.34
Drumbo Punters Pack S4 335Drumbo Park12 APR 201410GR S4306 Zula Zig Zag18.42
Sponsor a Race @ Drumbo Park S3 335Drumbo Park12 APR 201411GR S3306 Kyllians Lady18.08
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A3 525Drumbo Park12 APR 201412GR A3480 Altmover Ace29.01
Down Syndrome Ireland Benefit Night S6/S7 4Dundalk12 APR 20141GR S6/7366 Sigma Stephen22.18
Adam McKay Confirmation S6/S7 350Dundalk12 APR 20142GR S6/7320 Pennys Pearl19.65
Dundalk Credit Union A5/A6 525Dundalk12 APR 20143GR A5/6480 East London29.62
Hayden Brown Chartered Accountants A7/A8 52Dundalk12 APR 20144GR A7/8480 Dangeray Paul30.22
Paula Sherry 30th Birthday S5 400Dundalk12 APR 20145GR S5366 Ely Rambler21.70
Moryn & Robbie McGlynn A3 525Dundalk12 APR 20146GR A3480 Jenny Jump Up29.02
Stephen McComish Stag Night A5 525Dundalk12 APR 20147GR A5480 Gatillos Sophie29.26
Cian Bromley Confirmation S3/S4 400Dundalk12 APR 20148GR S3/4366 Zoos Toulouse21.68
Happy Birthday Susan Carroll A4/A5 525Dundalk12 APR 20149GR A4/5480 Coloured Sal29.25
Ciara Fox Hen Party A4 525Dundalk12 APR 201410GR A4480 Whoop Whoop29.22
Happy Birthday Siobhan McCartan A0 525Dundalk12 APR 201411OPEN480 Maytown Duke28.75
WELCOME TO THE SPORTSGROUND A5Galway12 APR 20141GR A5480 Coopers Choice29.56
THE RECENT TOTE RETURNS A7/A8Galway12 APR 20142GR A7480 Ballyclare Tom29.54
THE HUNGREY HOUND SPECIALS S6/7Galway12 APR 20143GR S6/7320 Hollywood Mirah19.72
RACING THURSDAY & GOOD FRIDAY NEXT WEEK A6Galway12 APR 20144GR A6480 Field Queen29.91
THE PICK 4 STARTS NOW A6 550Galway12 APR 20145GR A6503 Snuggie Jane31.04
Mick's last run A5Galway12 APR 20146GR A5480 Another Sinead29.50
KATIE DALY'S LAST DASH FOR FREEDOMGalway12 APR 20147GR A4480 Must Win29.41
THE UPCOMING SWEEPSTAKES NEXT WEEK A4Galway12 APR 20148GR A4480 Cragbrien View29.35
Irene Montgomery Race to the AlterGalway12 APR 20149GR A2/3480 Mickys Scolari29.29
THE LUCKY LAST A3Galway12 APR 201410GR A3480 Ushane Bolt29.70
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S8/S9 350Lifford12 APR 20141GR S8/9320 Station Gaga19.53
THE BUY A BUSTER Novice 350Lifford12 APR 20142GR N1/3320 Gabbys Mondays19.31
THE TRY A TRIO S7/S8 350Lifford12 APR 20143GR S7/8320 Quare Trade19.17
THE BOOKING OFFICE A5 525Lifford12 APR 20144GR A5480 Uncle Lez29.62
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK A4 525Lifford12 APR 20145GR A4480 Meadowview Dove29.33
THE LIFFORD E 10 SIZZLER S5/S6 350Lifford12 APR 20146GR S5/6320 Farley Shifty19.09
www.liffordgreyhounds.com A2 525Lifford12 APR 20147GR A2480 Castleroggy Rust28.92
THE LIFFORD E 15 SPECIAL AO/A1 525Lifford12 APR 20148GR A0/1480 Edenvale Sal28.72
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP S3 350Lifford12 APR 20149GR S3320 Bogside Device19.25
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A3/A4 575Lifford12 APR 201410GR A3/4526 Storm Warrior32.09
THE TRAPPERS BAR A3 525Lifford12 APR 201411GR A3480 Fridays Brett29.18
THE GETTING OUT A3 600 STAKESLifford12 APR 201412GR A3549 Mongys Girl33.29
Roma Casino / Kennedy Cup A2/A3 550 Round 1Limerick12 APR 20141GR A2503 Cashen Kafira30.23
Roma Casino / Kennedy Cup A2/A3 550 Round 1Limerick12 APR 20142GR A2503 Tour Ali29.77
Treaty Cup Open 350 Semi-FinalLimerick12 APR 20143GR SS0320 Holborn Junior18.43
Treaty Cup Open 350 Semi-FinalLimerick12 APR 20144GR SS0320 Boher Cashen Joe18.67
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Round 3Limerick12 APR 20145GR AA0480 Crokers Champ28.40
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Round 3Limerick12 APR 20146GR AA0480 Emers Superstar28.38
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Round 3Limerick12 APR 20147GR AA0480 Green Prince28.41
Con & Annie Kirby Memorial Stake Round 3Limerick12 APR 20148GR AA0480 Boylesports Hero28.43
Eva International Cup 2014 D3 800Limerick12 APR 20149GR D3732 Your a Fantasy45.31
Limerick City Of Culture 2014 D1/D2 750Limerick12 APR 201410GR D1/2686 Lily Brae42.43
Roma Casino / Kennedy Cup A2/A3 550 Round 1Limerick12 APR 201411GR A2503 Lowfield Legend30.17
Roma Casino / Kennedy Cup A2/A3 550 Round 1Limerick12 APR 201412GR A2503 Stone Boy King29.77
Roma Casino / Kennedy Cup A2/A3 550 Round 1Limerick12 APR 201413GR A2503 Tullig Tree30.12
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 12 APR 2014 HT 6Monmore12 APR 20146GR A10480 Moyar Gaz29.78
The National Seaways (Freight) Ltd A3 525Mullingar12 APR 20141GR A3480 Sing You Home30.10
The Conroy Palletts A7 525Mullingar12 APR 20142GR A7480 Brigids Girl30.04
The Russell Brennan Keane A5 525Mullingar12 APR 20143GR A5480 Leannys Rocket29.94
The Green Farm Foods Ltd A4/A5 525Mullingar12 APR 20144GR A4/5480 Ballybride Dawn30.18
The Euncon Shipping & Transport Ltd A7 525Mullingar12 APR 20145GR A7/9480 Shercos Electric30.45
The Keenan Bauer Motors A7 525Mullingar12 APR 20146GR A7480 Boynepark Prince30.50
The Derry Peat Ltd S6 400Mullingar12 APR 20147GR S6366 Loose Reign22.11
The Paul & Vincent A5 525Mullingar12 APR 20148GR A5/6480 Motor Bar Joy30.56
The NPP Group Ltd S3/S4 400Mullingar12 APR 20149GR S3/4366 Bloomfield Bruno22.42
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