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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners

83491 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
LIKE GRVictoria ON FACEBOOKBendigo3 MAR 201511GR Mixe425 Liam24.06
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S6/S7 400Dundalk28 FEB 20151GR S6366 Blenhiem Heart22.39
Anniversary Parties at Dundalk Stadium S5/SDundalk28 FEB 20152GR S5366 Arrahs Bob22.29
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium S4 400Dundalk28 FEB 20153GR S4366 Revilo Master21.98
Fionnuala Murray 50th Birthday A5 525Dundalk28 FEB 20154GR A5480 Express Gypsy29.58
Happy Birthday Alan and Brendan A5/A6 525Dundalk28 FEB 20155GR A5480 Endova Salom29.45
Luke Phelan 60th Birthday S3 400Dundalk28 FEB 20156GR S3366 Pacific Amy21.79
Happy Birthday and Retirement Patsy Martin Dundalk28 FEB 20157GR A3480 Hip Hop Harry28.89
Happy Birthday Jacquie Caraher A3 525Dundalk28 FEB 20158GR A3480 War Hawk29.24
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk28 FEB 20159GR S2366 Moss Bob21.77
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk28 FEB 201510GR A2480 Tudor Lilly28.95
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk28 FEB 201511GR A2480 Meadowvale Thril28.68
THE DINE IN STYLE AT TOWCESTER RACECOURSE STowcester28 FEB 20156GR A3480 Millicent Magic28.54
Bob McHenry's 60th Birthday A0/A1 525Dundalk27 FEB 20151GR A0480 Congress Debs28.72
Mother’s Day Special A4 550(B/g allowed) Dundalk27 FEB 20152GR A4503 Tornaroy Torpedo30.45
Happy Birthday Gerry Breslin A2 525Dundalk27 FEB 20153GR A2480 Limekiln Narco28.86
Mother’s Day Special A4 550(B/g allowed) Dundalk27 FEB 20154GR A4503 Killahan Swallow31.04
Happy Birthday Michael Kearney S5/S6 400Dundalk27 FEB 20155GR S5366 Marlbog Venus21.88
Mother’s Day Special A4 550(B/g allowed) Dundalk27 FEB 20156GR A4503 Matts Marco30.52
Mother’s Day Special A4 550(B/g allowed) Dundalk27 FEB 20157GR A4503 Quarterland Babs30.70
Sarah Jane McLoughlin 30th Birthday S8/S9 4Dundalk27 FEB 20158GR S8366 Out for Good22.25
owners bonus finalMonmore26 FEB 201511GR A1480 Ballyhoe Code28.68
Towcester A4Towcester22 FEB 20151GR A4480 Bravo Maggie28.84
THE DINE IN STYLE AT TOWCESTER RACECOURSE MTowcester22 FEB 20152OPEN480 Dublinhill Magic28.86
The Sunday Ł500 Standard (Heat2)Towcester22 FEB 20158OPEN480 Blue Moment28.65
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium S6/S7 400Dundalk21 FEB 20152GR S6366 Urney Prince22.00
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk21 FEB 20153GR A6480 Triggers Lemon29.37
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk S5 400Dundalk21 FEB 20154GR S5366 Ballymoss21.89
Barber Kennels A8/A9 (Bitch) 525 FinalDundalk21 FEB 20155GR A8480 Monterosa29.06
Confirmation Celebrations at Dundalk StadiuDundalk21 FEB 20156GR S4366 Captain Mike21.87
The Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Trial StakDundalk21 FEB 20157GR AA0480 Matts Marine28.87
Vincnet 'Vinny' Browne 32nd Birthday A4 525Dundalk21 FEB 20158GR A4480 Banshee Evan29.11
Majella McKay 60th Birthday A3/A4 525Dundalk21 FEB 20159GR A3480 Ni Dar29.18
Richard Gillanders 40th Birthday A4 525Dundalk21 FEB 201510GR A4480 Holborn Power29.22
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk21 FEB 201511GR A2480 Meadowvale Thril29.08
Elizabeth McSorley Birthday A2 525Dundalk20 FEB 20151GR A2480 Endova Pepsi28.92
Stacey McDonald 30th Birthday S1/S2 400Dundalk20 FEB 20152GR S1366 Paradise Diablo21.48
Sharon Hanna Hen Party A3 575Dundalk20 FEB 20153GR A3526 Quarterland Ella31.72
Sean and Anne Gallagher’s S2/S3 400Dundalk20 FEB 20154GR S2366 Manilla Knight21.84
Caitriona McCooey 40th Birthday A3 525Dundalk20 FEB 20155GR A3480 Farley Shifty28.68
George McDonnell 4th Birthday S7/S8 350Dundalk20 FEB 20156GR S7320 Wee Barneys Lad19.07
Wayne Burns 30th Birthday A5/A6 525Dundalk20 FEB 20157GR A5480 Follom Bolt29.15
Marie Ryans 65th Birthday S9/S10 400Dundalk20 FEB 20158GR S9366 Princess Gibby22.12
Towcester Racecourse Standard Div 1Towcester15 FEB 201511OPEN480 Blue Moment28.35
ALL OPTIONS LOANS 0414781808 STAKESWentworth Park14 FEB 20151GR Mixe520 Foxy Nakita29.70
Rosewood Community & District Bank 4/5 HeatIpswich13 FEB 20159GR 4/5431 Miss Hallius25.11
MANISH GUPTA ACCOUNTANTSShepparton12 FEB 20155GR Grad390 Hot and Lonesome22.26
www.tab.com.auWarrnambool12 FEB 201512GR Mixe390 Liam22.26
The Welcome to Harold's Cross Greyhound StaHarolds Cross10 FEB 20151GR A8480 Mun Montana30.23
The Early Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20152GR A7480 Doonanes Hashtag29.60
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20153GR A7480 Graney Lady29.80
The Try a Trio Bet 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20154GR A6480 Ballymac Ricky29.15
The Harold’s Cross Party Pack 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20155GR A5480 Howld Ann29.74
The Fundraising @ Harold’s Cross Stadium Harolds Cross10 FEB 20156GR A4480 Geneva Sophie29.65
The Late Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20157GR A6480 Kearneys Diesel30.28
The Online Deal of the Month 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20158GR A5480 Bolton Storm29.64
The Follow us on Facebook @ Twitter 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 20159GR A4480 Park Luscious29.83
The Barking Buzz APP 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 201510GR A3480 Affane Jewel29.44
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 201511GR A5480 Julies Secret29.56
AARON LEWIS PROPERTY AGENTSHorsham10 FEB 201511GR Grad410 Splash of White23.47
WELCOME TO YOUGHAL TRACK A8/A10 525Youghal9 FEB 20151GR A8480 Cavies Misty30.75
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPP. LOTTO A8/A10 525Youghal9 FEB 20152GR A8480 Get There Lolls30.31
BET WITH THE TOTE A7 525Youghal9 FEB 20153GR A7480 Teds Girl29.92
DUBLIN COACH PARTNERSHIP S4/S5 325Youghal9 FEB 20154GR S4297 Our Little King18.13
TRY A TOTE TRIO A6 525Youghal9 FEB 20155GR A6480 Conna Hall30.14
YOUGHAL TRACK BOOKMAKERS A5 525Youghal9 FEB 20156GR A5480 Ralleighs Town30.14
KEARNEY CATERING A4 550Youghal9 FEB 20157GR A4503 Any Clare31.48
BARKING BUZZ APP A4 525Youghal9 FEB 20158GR A4480 Cousin Bluey30.10
THE TRACK BAR A3 525Youghal9 FEB 20159GR A3480 Leeview Rocket29.50
GO GRETHOUND RACING.ie S1/S3 325Youghal9 FEB 201510GR S1297 Canvas Buddy17.84
LUCKY LAST AT YOUGHAL A2 525Youghal9 FEB 201511GR A2480 Any Kisses29.77
The Welcome To Clonmel A5 525Clonmel8 FEB 20151GR A5480 Shaws Jet29.21
The Bet On The Tote S1 / S2 300Clonmel8 FEB 20152GR S1274 Scooby the Joker16.17
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A4 525Clonmel8 FEB 20153GR A4480 Nomadic Timo29.15
The Try The Trio Always A4 525Clonmel8 FEB 20154GR A4480 Charity Buster29.27
The Suirside Restaurant A3 525Clonmel8 FEB 20155GR A3480 Slanestown Jacko28.82
The Barking Buzz App A3 525Clonmel8 FEB 20156GR A3480 Popular Tiffany29.22
Ryan School Of Dancing A3 Buster Stake SemiClonmel8 FEB 20157GR A3480 Nomadic Misty29.01
Ryan School Of Dancing A3 Buster Stake SemiClonmel8 FEB 20158GR A3480 Classy Opinion29.46
The Sporting Press A2 525Clonmel8 FEB 20159GR A2480 Kerryroad Kelly29.16
The Welcome To Clonmel A5Clonmel7 FEB 20151GR A5480 Minor Winner29.45
The Bet On The Tote A5Clonmel7 FEB 20152GR A5480 Free Machine29.35
Zero Ten @ Stud/T.S.C. A3/A4 Bitch Stake FiClonmel7 FEB 20153GR A3480 Willmount Jewell28.81
Boylesports Hero @ Stud A1/A2 Puppy 525 FinClonmel7 FEB 20154GR A1480 Leahs Warrior29.20
The Sporting Press A1 / A2 550 Stake FinalClonmel7 FEB 20155GR A1503 Roo Ace30.03
The Park Hotel A0 525Clonmel7 FEB 20156GR A0480 Magical Harry28.55
The Suirview Kennels Open Bitch Stake FinalClonmel7 FEB 20157GR AA0480 Cromac Belle28.71
The Greyhound and Pet World Open 790 Stake Clonmel7 FEB 20158GR DD0722 Volcano43.66
The Red Mills/T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake FinClonmel7 FEB 20159GR N0480 Ballydoyle Honey28.50
The Try The Trio Always Open 1015Clonmel7 FEB 201510GR DD0928 Kilfane King59.04
Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork7 FEB 20151GR A7480 Mucky Diva29.55
The Valentines Day Laurels Restaurant PackaCork7 FEB 20152GR N1480 Unique Wishes29.28
The Find Us On Facebook 330Cork7 FEB 20153GR SS0302 Creamery Tower17.56
The Naz 525Cork7 FEB 20154GR A4480 Glaise Socks29.55
The February Laurels Restaurant Specials 52Cork7 FEB 20155GR A4480 Big Hoss29.20
The Gain Greyhound Feeds A4 Stakes. Semi-FiCork7 FEB 20156GR A4480 Alfjack28.88
The Gain Greyhound Feeds A4 Stakes. Semi-FiCork7 FEB 20157GR A4480 Montana Knight28.93
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Semi-FinalCork7 FEB 20158GR A1480 Captain Karnage28.67
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Semi-FinalCork7 FEB 20159GR A1480 Sunrise Ice28.91
The Nora Dennehy Race 550Cork7 FEB 201510GR A1503 Burgess Rumble30.06
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