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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Christmas Party Nights S4 400Dundalk22 OCT 20168GR S4366 Corner Bar21.89
Celebrate your Special Occasion A3 525Dundalk22 OCT 201611GR A3480 Corner Bounty28.92
THE FRED ELGERTON BIRTHDAY CHASE HT 5Monmore22 OCT 20165GR A3480 Tyrur Spieth29.13
Yarmouth 22 Oct 2016 HT 4Yarmouth22 OCT 20164GR A1462 Do It Boy29.05
Monmore Green 21 Oct 2016 HT 5Monmore21 OCT 20165GR S2630 Foyle Huja39.22
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park20 OCT 201610GR 5520 Miss Becky Sam30.02
S&D BOOKMAKERS 2016 SPRINT TROPHY HEAT 3 HTPeterborough19 OCT 20169OPEN250 Scolari Sound14.91
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 RoundEnniscorthy17 OCT 20165GR N0480 Jump Up Johnny29.77
Monmore Green 17 Oct 2016 HT 9Monmore17 OCT 20169GR A4480 Droopys Raffi29.17
Brighton & Hove 15 Oct 2016 HT 9Hove & Brighton15 OCT 20169GR D1285 Fridays Angel16.41
Monmore Green 15 Oct 2016 HT 2Monmore15 OCT 20162GR A3480 Lucky Impact29.02
THE CHILDRENS RACE HT 6Towcester15 OCT 20166GR A6480 So Swift Jess29.24
William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Final HT Brough Park13 OCT 20169GROUP2480 Kildallon Bolt28.65
Monmore Green 13 Oct 2016 HT 5Monmore13 OCT 20165GR A1480 Skyfall Silver28.69
BENDIGO ADVERTISERBendigo12 OCT 20167GR Grad425 Crazy Hawke24.32
Yarmouth 12 Oct 2016 HT 12Yarmouth12 OCT 201612GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.35
HARLOW TUESDAY MAIDEN STAYERS HT 5Harlow11 OCT 20165OPEN592 So Swift Jess38.29
Sheffield Stadium Maiden Stayers - DuplicatSheffield11 OCT 20162OPEN660 Droopys Realm40.08
Prestons Master Butchers C4Manawatu10 OCT 20160GR C4457 Funky Town25.98
Betfred Sprint Trophy HT 4Nottingham10 OCT 20164OPEN305 Beat Surrender17.65
CKH PAINTING (300+ RANK)Shepparton10 OCT 201610GR Grad390 Winter Blues22.74
Swindon 10 Oct 2016 HT 6Swindon10 OCT 20166GR A3480 Suirview Alan29.67
Brighton & Hove 09 Oct 2016 HT 2Hove & Brighton9 OCT 20162GR A6515 Scala Spark30.59
Hünstetten 09.10.2016 FinaleHünstetten9 OCT 20169OPEN280 Audrey17.17
Hünstetten 09.10.2016 FinaleHünstetten9 OCT 201610OPEN480 Black Lydi28.53
Hünstetten 09.10.2016 FinaleHünstetten9 OCT 201612OPEN480 Zampano28.14
William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Semi FinaBrough Park8 OCT 20163OPEN480 Pinewood Barney28.98
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9 400Dundalk8 OCT 20161GR S9366 Revilo Maria21.80
Yarmouth 08 Oct 2016 HT 14Yarmouth8 OCT 201614GR A1462 Monroe Brae28.05
3BO 93.5 FMBendigo7 OCT 20163GR Grad500 Flaming Elite28.42
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park6 OCT 201610GR 5520 Evie's Angel30.11
Monmore Green 06 Oct 2016 HT 14Monmore6 OCT 201614GR A6480 Klockwork Kasey28.98
BAGS Track Championship 2016 Youngsters HT Bellevue5 OCT 20161GR IT470 Scarlet Soze28.31
BAGS Track Championship 2016 Standard HT 2Bellevue5 OCT 20162GR IT470 Flamboyant27.47
BAGS Track Championship 2016 Dogs HT 4Bellevue5 OCT 20164GR IT470 Ballymac Jack28.00
BAGS Track Championship 2016 Stayers HT 5Bellevue5 OCT 20165GR IT590 Aclamon Dodo35.54
BAGS Track Championship 2016 Elite StandardBellevue5 OCT 20167GR IT470 Steely Charm27.70
Swindon 05 Oct 2016 HT 8Swindon5 OCT 20168GR A4480 My Little Flojo29.46
Brooks Timing C2/3Manawatu3 OCT 20160GR C3375 Funky Town21.59
Belle Vue 01 Oct 2016 HT 11Bellevue1 OCT 201611GR A1470 Gilford Jet28.04
Belle Vue 01 Oct 2016 HT 13Bellevue1 OCT 201613GR A2470 Casino Harry28.28
William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Heat 1 HTBrough Park1 OCT 20161OPEN480 Farloe Raider28.91
William Hill Northern Puppy Derby Heat 2 HTBrough Park1 OCT 20162OPEN480 Droopys Yen29.27
Christmas Party Nights A5/A6 525 Semi-FinalDundalk1 OCT 20164GR A5480 Corner Bounty29.33
European Championship dogs ConsolationIsaszeg1 OCT 201610OPEN485 Dopping Jazz29.90
European Championship Stayers FinalIsaszeg1 OCT 201612OPEN670 Mr Ypsilon41.92
European Championship Puppy FinalIsaszeg1 OCT 201614OPEN485 Big Blood Scooter29.77
MEADOWS CONFERENCE & EVENTS CENTREThe Meadows1 OCT 20168GR Mixe525 Yanong30.18
Yarmouth 01 Oct 2016 HT 12Yarmouth1 OCT 201612GR A1462 Lexis Beauty28.14
Shawfield 30 Sep 2016 HT 1Shawfield30 SEP 20161GR HP480 Bellissima30.31
greyhoundsaspets.com.auCannington28 SEP 20160MAIDEN380 Triple Crown Dre22.29
mypunter.com (1-4 WINS) FINALCranbourne28 SEP 20165GR Rest520 Fearless Flyer29.95
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park26 SEP 20169GR 5520 Chevaleir Nuit30.48
LEEMONS MEATSSale25 SEP 20161MAIDEN440 Cailah Rose25.74
MORELLI FURNITURE & BEDTIMESale25 SEP 20162MAIDEN440 Cailah Shakey25.55
Billy Dickinson 65th Birthday Trophy HT 2Brough Park24 SEP 20162GR HP480 Bramble Diamond29.02
William Hill - Supporting RPGTV Stakes HT 6Brough Park24 SEP 20166GR A3480 Bramble Bob29.09
Gästrike TrofénJärbo24 SEP 20163GR M3484 Stella Dog's Rough Boy29.20
Monmore Green 24 Sep 2016 HT 4Monmore24 SEP 20164GR A3480 Lucky Impact29.04
Yarmouth 24 Sep 2016 HT 5Yarmouth24 SEP 20165GR A1462 Urban Road28.44
BENDIGO TO MEADOWS HT3Bendigo23 SEP 20169GR Grad500 Staggerlicious28.16
The BAGS/SIS Championship Youngsters HT 1Swindon23 SEP 20161GR IT480 Holycross Love29.14
William Hill Puppy HT 4Brough Park22 SEP 20164OPEN480 Bramble Rafa28.88
William Hill Sprint HT 6Brough Park22 SEP 20166OPEN290 Daytime Flyer16.95
RAILWAY STATION HOTEL (300+RANK)Bendigo21 SEP 20167GR Grad425 Lady Juar24.09
AGH DEMOLITION MAIDENCanberra21 SEP 20161MAIDEN530 Selena31.21
TAB REWARDS (1-4 WINS) HT1Cranbourne21 SEP 20164GR Rest520 Fearless Flyer30.60
Mellcat Cleaning Goulburn to RichmondGoulburn20 SEP 20164GR 5th350 He's Some Asset19.91
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park19 SEP 201610GR 5520 Wings of Perlita30.13
Buck Fever At Stud C2Manawatu19 SEP 20160GR C2375 Funky Town21.56
Monmore Green 19 Sep 2016 HT 8Monmore19 SEP 20168GR A4480 Rockette Star29.33
Free Entry MondayNortham19 SEP 20160GR Gr6297 Montoey Miss17.48
BAPP Group Of Companies Scurry Cup HT 6Bellevue17 SEP 20166OPEN260 Walshes Hill15.10
Ståhl/Täge MinnesloppJärbo17 SEP 20162OPEN484 Winnertip Marcus Hellner29.92
Valbo Trä RaceJärbo17 SEP 20165OPEN286 Stella Dog's Rough Boy17.14
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby FinaShelbourne Park17 SEP 20168GROUP1503 Rural Hawaii29.65
Yarmouth 17 Sep 2016 HT 3Yarmouth17 SEP 20163GR A7462 Nationwide Joker29.05
THE EMMAS 40TH BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 11Yarmouth17 SEP 201611GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.51
Monmore Green 16 Sep 2016 HT 14Monmore16 SEP 201614GR A9480 Witcombe Candy29.79
Pelaw Grange 16 Sep 2016 HT 5Pelaw Grange16 SEP 20165GR A4435 Windy View26.69
THE 70th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY STANDARD - Div Yarmouth14 SEP 20163OPEN462 Clubber Lang27.82
THE JOHN SMITHS SPRINT GRAND FINAL HT 7Yarmouth14 SEP 20167OPEN277 Scolari Sound16.24
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park12 SEP 20168GR 3/4520 Rocky Be Good30.34
J P Print, Petone C1Manawatu12 SEP 20160GR C1375 Funky Town21.66
Monmore Green 12 Sep 2016 HT 10Monmore12 SEP 201610GR A2480 Skyfall Silver28.70
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy -Nottingham12 SEP 201611OPEN500 Blackstone Brand29.79
BYERS ELECTRICAL (275+ RANK)Shepparton12 SEP 20163GR Grad450 Lettuce Hold On25.92
Belle Vue 11 Sep 2016 HT 10Bellevue11 SEP 201610GR A3470 Casino Harry27.94
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20165OPEN280 Audrey17.58
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20166OPEN280 Uranus17.62
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20167OPEN450 Yes28.37
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN DUP HT 7Henlow11 SEP 20167OPEN550 So Swift Jess34.34
Megs Lucky 13 Stakes HT 8Bellevue10 SEP 20168GR A1470 Gilford Jet28.01
September Puppy OpenIsaszeg10 SEP 20164OPEN485 Kvitovas Act29.48
Czech Championship 500mIsaszeg10 SEP 20167OPEN500 Kengyelfuto Magnezium29.86
Terezas Nikita Open Sprint 275mIsaszeg10 SEP 20169OPEN275 Kengyelfuto Big Bolt16.80
Czech Championship 485m dogsIsaszeg10 SEP 201610OPEN485 First Flyer Raul29.61
Czech Championship 485m bitchesIsaszeg10 SEP 201611OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Daru29.20
Monmore Green 10 Sep 2016 HT 5Monmore10 SEP 20165GR A2480 Sheazys28.75
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