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Race Videos

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83781 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Belle Vue 17 Apr 2015 HT 2Bellevue17 APR 20152GR A8470 Lillie Fat Pants28.93
Better Late Than Pregnant HT 9Bellevue17 APR 20159GR A4470 Marys Magic28.57
Belle Vue 17 Apr 2015 HT 11Bellevue17 APR 201511GR A1470 Mollys Diamond28.21
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore16 APR 201511GR A6480 Manic Mourinho29.46
Monmore Green 13 Apr 2015 HT 6Monmore13 APR 20156GR A6480 Gogetembridie29.19
The Main Event HT 11Bellevue11 APR 201511GR A1470 Starshineedifice28.11
The Upcoming Events S6/S7 335Drumbo Park11 APR 20155GR S6306 Manilla Molly18.44
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 400Dundalk11 APR 20151GR S9366 Courteneys Rock22.11
Find us on Facebook S5 350Dundalk11 APR 20152GR S5320 Skidroe Escalade19.26
Follow us on Twitter S3 400Dundalk11 APR 20153GR S3366 Titanic Legacy21.60
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A6 525Dundalk11 APR 20154GR A6480 Aulton Jacko29.34
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Round 1 HeatDundalk11 APR 20155GR A2503 Endova Pepsi30.17
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Round 1 HeatDundalk11 APR 20156GR A2503 Swanson Rosette30.41
Bridge Turf Lawns Puppy Open 400Dundalk11 APR 20157GR SS0366 Online Champ21.69
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Round 1 HeatDundalk11 APR 20158GR A2503 Amys Ace30.54
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Round 1 HeatDundalk11 APR 20159GR A2503 Clondoty Leona30.07
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk11 APR 201510GR A3480 Barnacuiga Deas29.53
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk11 APR 201511GR A2480 Agadir Molly29.08
**In Memory Of Eric Vose from all at KinsleKinsley11 APR 20155GR HP462 Stanton Cimla27.76
Kinsley 11 Apr 2015 HT 11Kinsley11 APR 201510GR A1462 Knockbawn Raven28.00
THE SWILLY A4 525 FinalLifford11 APR 20159STAKE480 Rampant Razzle29.07
www.churchcottagefarmkennels.co.uk Stakes HMonmore11 APR 201510GR A2480 Suave Cougar28.89
2015 Gain Dog Food Irish Cesarewitch Semi-FMullingar11 APR 20157GR AA0549 Coolronan Bigmac33.66
2015 Gain Dog Food Irish Cesarewitch Semi-FMullingar11 APR 20158GR AA0549 Paradise Maverik33.02
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20153OPEN480 Tynwald Rodney28.98
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20154OPEN480 Save the Don29.16
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20155OPEN480 Coolavanny Jap29.13
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20156OPEN480 Tynwald Bish29.52
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20157OPEN480 La Cuchilla28.99
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby FirShawfield11 APR 20158OPEN480 Kneejerkreaction29.12
THE WATTYS STAKES HT 4Towcester11 APR 20154OPEN480 Blue Moment28.52
THE VICKY STAKES HT 7Towcester11 APR 20157OPEN260 Cloudbursting15.38
THE MARK AND DEREK MAIDEN PUPPY STAKES (HEATowcester11 APR 20158OPEN480 Ballymac Sinbad28.57
THE MARK AND DEREK MAIDEN PUPPY STAKES (HEATowcester11 APR 201510OPEN480 Roswell Phoenix28.65
Belle Vue 10 Apr 2015 HT 2Bellevue10 APR 20152GR A7470 Wolfmother28.69
Belle Vue 10 Apr 2015 HT 12Bellevue10 APR 201512GR A1470 Bourne Legacy27.99
Belle Vue 10 Apr 2015 HT 13Bellevue10 APR 201513GR A3470 Derryhogan Robby28.51
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S7 400Dundalk10 APR 20151GR S7366 Run On Cowboy21.83
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk10 APR 20152GR S6366 Rush On Jaxx22.19
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk10 APR 20153GR S4366 Fridays Castle21.53
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A7/A8 5Dundalk10 APR 20154GR A7480 Blame the Beef29.57
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk10 APR 20155GR A6480 Runaround Angel29.34
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance FiDundalk10 APR 20156GR A3526 Cleveland Dream31.30
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist FinDundalk10 APR 20157GR A3526 Colarhouse Ruby31.75
Confirmation Celebrations at Dundalk StadiuDundalk10 APR 20158GR A5480 Run On Champ29.41
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5 525Dundalk10 APR 20159GR A5480 Edenvale Maeve29.49
Happy Birthday Andrew Tisdale S2 400Dundalk10 APR 201510GR S2366 Limekiln Phoenix21.55
Anniversary Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 5Dundalk10 APR 201511GR A3480 Oh Suzanna29.47
The Longford 570 Night A5-A6Longford10 APR 20155GR A5521 Our Jody31.96
Monmore Green 10 Apr 2015 HT 5Monmore10 APR 20155GR A5480 Swift Ger29.15
THE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER STAKES HT 1Towcester10 APR 20151GR A6480 Prestige Jacket29.01
THE WATCH THE GRAND NATIONAL HERE TOMORROW Towcester10 APR 201513GR D4260 Energize Fred16.05
Qld Futurity heatAlbion Park9 APR 20151OPEN520 Pocahontas30.37
The Enniscorthy St Leger A2/A3 525 Round 1 Enniscorthy9 APR 20159GR A2480 Tip Top Ozil29.38
Romford 09 Apr 2015 HT 12Romford9 APR 201512GR A3400 Corbys Finest24.47
Derby Lane 08 Apr 2015 HT A6Derby Lane8 APR 2015A6GR A503 Eyes Loaded29.99
Garrards Horse and Hound DashDarwin5 APR 20157GR Mixe312 Where's Hammer18.26
Frühlingsrennen finalHildesheim5 APR 20155OPEN280 Be Cool16.86
Frühlingsrennen finalHildesheim5 APR 20156OPEN280 Urukai16.91
Belle Vue 04 Apr 2015 HT 1Bellevue4 APR 20151GR A9470 Slaneyside Whist29.25
Belle Vue 04 Apr 2015 HT 2Bellevue4 APR 20152GR A8470 Malbay Alfie29.09
Belle Vue 04 Apr 2015 HT 3Bellevue4 APR 20153GR A7470 Oodles O Noodles28.79
TBC HT 10Bellevue4 APR 201510GR A2470 Swords Scolari28.49
Belle Vue 04 Apr 2015 HT 12Bellevue4 APR 201512GR A1470 Bourne Legacy28.08
Hoppy Easter S8/S9 400Dundalk4 APR 20151GR S8366 Deep Thinker21.88
Easter Eggstravaganza S6 350Dundalk4 APR 20152GR S6320 Trewmount Red19.23
One Cute Easter Chick A7 525Dundalk4 APR 20153GR A7480 Quay Cindy29.31
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance SeDundalk4 APR 20154GR A3503 Grouchos Charlie30.56
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance SeDundalk4 APR 20155GR A3503 Mountcashel Jose30.32
Barber Kennels S3/S4(Bitch) 400 FinalDundalk4 APR 20156GR S3366 Beaming Jan21.43
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist SemDundalk4 APR 20157GR A3503 Hightown Hill30.18
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist SemDundalk4 APR 20158GR A3503 Hour Glass Lass30.51
Hannah McAnallen’s Birthday S3 400Dundalk4 APR 20159GR S3366 Bua Milan21.84
Martin Whyte 30th Birthday S0/S1 400Dundalk4 APR 201510GR S0366 Ely Rambler21.66
Get Crackin’ A4 525Dundalk4 APR 201511GR A4480 Boyne Aimee29.11
Brighton & Hove 04 Apr 2015 HT 4Hove & Brighton4 APR 20154GR A4515 Droopys Thunder30.57
McNamara And Associates NoviceIpswich4 APR 20154GR Nov520 White Marlin31.02
Ipswich Greyhounds 5th GradeIpswich4 APR 20156GR 5520 Black Model31.16
Kinsley 04 Apr 2015 HT 3Kinsley4 APR 20153GR A2462 Ravenswood Darla27.93
In memory of Eric Vose from everyone at KinKinsley4 APR 20156GR HP462 Shanless Draper28.18
THE LAURA HOPE TURNER MEMORIAL TROPHY HT 9Monmore4 APR 20159GR A6480 Castlegore Cara28.98
Barking Buzz(www.igb.ie/app) A1/A2 525 SemiShelbourne Park4 APR 20152GR A1480 Hovex Prince28.46
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth4 APR 201510GR A2462 Steeraway Burgo28.27
Belle Vue 03 Apr 2015 HT 2Bellevue3 APR 20152GR A7470 Moanteen Smokey28.99
Kinsley 03 Apr 2015 HT 12Kinsley3 APR 201512GR A4462 Solvitas Ruby28.38
Monmore Green 03 Apr 2015 HT 4Monmore3 APR 20154GR S3630 Kala39.30
Monmore Green 03 Apr 2015 HT 7Monmore3 APR 20157GR A6480 Swift Ger29.54
ALLAN ABBOTT MEMORIALBendigo2 APR 20159GR Mixe500 Lazoras28.25
A9 KENNEL SWEEPSTAKE FINAL HT 6Henlow2 APR 20156GR A9460 Roman Ginger28.35
JADE MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHYShepparton2 APR 20154GR Tier450 Bit of Alright26.18
SHEPPARTON NEWSShepparton30 MAR 20152GR Grad390 Cold Stare22.63
Swindon 30 Mar 2015 HT 4Swindon30 MAR 20154GR A2480 Money Mayweather29.26
SBA Office National Darwin29 MAR 20153GR All537 Presh32.18
Brighton & Hove 29 Mar 2015 HT 11Hove & Brighton29 MAR 201511GR A4515 Last Legs30.76
Nationale Ren.Venlo29 MAR 20157OPEN350 Vigorous Petra21.24
Nationale Ren.Venlo29 MAR 201531OPEN350 Vigorous Petra21.42
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium N1/N2 400Dundalk28 MAR 20151GR N1366 Catunda Colleen22.50
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S10 35Dundalk28 MAR 20152GR S10320 Catunda Ramona19.17
Debbie Dunne's 50th Birthday S8/S9 400Dundalk28 MAR 20153GR S8366 Quarterland Kate21.78
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