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Race Videos

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83644 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Nationale Ren.Venlo29 MAR 20157OPEN350 Vigorous Petra21.24
Nationale Ren.Venlo29 MAR 201531OPEN350 Vigorous Petra21.42
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium N1/N2 400Dundalk28 MAR 20151GR N1366 Catunda Colleen22.50
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S10 35Dundalk28 MAR 20152GR S10320 Catunda Ramona19.17
Debbie Dunne's 50th Birthday S8/S9 400Dundalk28 MAR 20153GR S8366 Quarterland Kate21.78
Phyllis and Teddy's 45th Wedding AnniversarDundalk28 MAR 20154GR A8480 Gainstown Ruby29.29
Mona Cahill's Birthday A6/A7 525Dundalk28 MAR 20155GR A6480 Gilford Jet29.38
Bernadette McShane's Birthday A5 525Dundalk28 MAR 20156GR A5480 Blenhiem Heart29.28
Barber Kennels S3/S4(Bitch) 400 Semi-FinalDundalk28 MAR 20157GR S3366 Gas Monkey21.68
Barber Kennels S3/S4(Bitch) 400 Semi-FinalDundalk28 MAR 20158GR S3366 Beaming Jan22.14
Sarah Louise Nesbitt's Hen Party A4/A5 525Dundalk28 MAR 20159GR A4480 Oh Suzanna29.22
Gay Kelly's 80th Birthday S1 400Dundalk28 MAR 201510GR S1366 Corkish Lad21.53
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk28 MAR 201511GR A2480 Cheese Hawk29.01
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A1 525Dundalk28 MAR 201512GR A1480 Holborn Power28.87
Auction semiIpswich28 MAR 20157OPEN520 Maywyns Ying30.93
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance RoDundalk27 MAR 20151GR A3480 Parknook Biddy28.98
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance RoDundalk27 MAR 20152GR A3480 Furious Rival28.42
Easter Racing at Dundalk A3 Tri-Distance RoDundalk27 MAR 20153GR A3480 Crossleigh Thyme28.81
Betsafe A1 525Dundalk27 MAR 20154GR A1480 Fridays Brett28.66
Colin Moore's 50th Birthday A2 525Dundalk27 MAR 20155GR A2480 Playfield Mac28.81
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist RouDundalk27 MAR 20156GR A3480 Paradise Del Rio28.80
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist RouDundalk27 MAR 20157GR A3480 Captain King29.11
Mid-Term Madness at Dundalk A3 Tri-Dist RouDundalk27 MAR 20158GR A3480 Triggers Master28.85
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, ON MOBILE & IN-SHOPSRomford27 MAR 20152OPEN400 Cooneen Bigsam24.43
Wimbledon 27 Mar 2015 HT 12Wimbledon27 MAR 201512GR A1480 Bayside Sampson28.98
Monmore Green 26 Mar 2015 HT 12Monmore26 MAR 201512GR A3480 Manic Suarez29.06
Derby Lane 25 Mar 2015 HT A3Derby Lane25 MAR 2015A3GR B503 Eyes Loaded30.24
'STAR MIRREN SKY' RGOA BITCH OF THE MONTH FRomford25 MAR 20153GR A4400 Pitch Four24.57
(BAGS) THE GALLERY NIGHT CLUB BITCHES HT 8Sittingbourne25 MAR 20158OPEN480 Forest Sara28.86
(BAGS) THE REDEC LTD SUPER STAYERS HT 10Sittingbourne25 MAR 201510OPEN708 Swansalona Diva44.34
Sheffield Stadium Standard Duplicated HT 2Sheffield24 MAR 20152OPEN500 Klockwork Kannon29.05
The Pinpoint Health And Homecare 3 Steps ToSheffield24 MAR 201511OPEN480 Lowgate Jasper27.65
Monmore Green 23 Mar 2015 HT 6Monmore23 MAR 20156GR A4480 Drumcove Regret28.98
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 HT1Rotterdam22 MAR 20151OPEN480 Caroline Klüft Grefina28.74
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 HT3Rotterdam22 MAR 20153OPEN480 Kengyelfutó Memory29.08
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 Finale bitches 280mRotterdam22 MAR 20158OPEN280 Kengyelfutó Magarry16.28
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 Finale dogs 280mRotterdam22 MAR 20159OPEN280 Vegas16.77
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 Finale bitches 480mRotterdam22 MAR 201510OPEN480 Most Wanted28.68
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 400Dundalk21 MAR 20151GR S9366 Colarhouse Poppy21.88
Find us on Facebook A7/A8 525Dundalk21 MAR 20152GR A7480 Ballymac Bigmike29.18
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S4/S5 Dundalk21 MAR 20153GR S4366 County Clock22.11
Riveroak Construction Ltd A9/A10 525Dundalk21 MAR 20154GR A9480 Matildas Lucy29.80
Fast Shipping (Ireland) Ltd A5/A6 525Dundalk21 MAR 20155GR A5480 Mainstreet Turbo29.43
J and M Transport Services Ltd A4 525Dundalk21 MAR 20156GR A4480 Colarhouse Ruby29.17
John and Ann Sheridan S3/S4 400Dundalk21 MAR 20157GR S3366 Abbeyville Senor21.87
Leinster Farm Machines A4/A5 525Dundalk21 MAR 20158GR A4480 Fridays Brett28.83
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3/A4 600Dundalk21 MAR 20159GR A3549 Coonough Choice33.39
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk21 MAR 201510GR A3480 Holborn Power28.87
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk21 MAR 201511GR A2480 Killuran Brae29.13
Auction Series HeatIpswich21 MAR 20153OPEN520 War Picture30.63
Auction Series HeatIpswich21 MAR 20154OPEN520 Majestic Jester30.74
Monmore Green 21 Mar 2015 HT 10Monmore21 MAR 201510GR A4480 Ambush Girl28.71
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby TriShawfield21 MAR 20153OPEN480 Greenwell Lark29.24
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby TriShawfield21 MAR 20157OPEN480 Bowline Bullet29.63
THE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK PUPPY STAKES HT 6Towcester21 MAR 20156OPEN480 Parkers Poison28.52
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A0/A1 525Dundalk20 MAR 20151GR A0480 Meadowvale Thril28.66
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk20 MAR 20152GR S2366 Fun Time Minnie21.62
Raymond McKee's 40th Birthday A2 525Dundalk20 MAR 20153GR A2480 Silverhead Tina28.90
Sally Rooney's 84th Birthday A5 525Dundalk20 MAR 20154GR A5480 Fridays Peaches29.59
Happy Birthday Emma McCafferty A4 525Dundalk20 MAR 20155GR A4480 Beaming Grand28.98
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk20 MAR 20156GR S7366 Run On Cowboy22.03
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A6/A7 525Dundalk20 MAR 20157GR A6480 Memphis Mafia29.15
Find us on Facebook S8/S9 400Dundalk20 MAR 20158GR S8366 Run On Champ21.89
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT FINAL HT 8Romford20 MAR 20158OPEN400 You Never Listen23.61
Monmore Green 19 Mar 2015 HT 13Monmore19 MAR 201513GR A3480 Sheazys28.70
OUTA CREDIT @ STUDShepparton19 MAR 20154GR All390 Cold Stare22.43
The Blunsdon 509er BAGS HT 3Swindon18 MAR 20153OPEN509 Swansalona Diva30.25
(BAGS) THE SITTINGBOURNE STANDARD (DIV 1) HSittingbourne15 MAR 201512OPEN480 Forest Sara29.05
Derby Lane 14 Mar 2015 HT A9Derby Lane14 MAR 2015A9GR C503 Eyes Loaded30.36
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 400Dundalk14 MAR 20151GR S9366 Mayhem Minnie22.00
Find us on Facebook S6/S7 400Dundalk14 MAR 20152GR S6366 Fridays Mo Chara21.98
Follow us on Twitter S5/S6 350Dundalk14 MAR 20153GR S5320 Dundian Big Ted19.28
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk14 MAR 20154GR A9480 Some More Juice29.97
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk14 MAR 20155GR A6480 Fisty Kit29.58
Melissa Hill's 18th Birthday A3/A4 525Dundalk14 MAR 20156GR A3480 Jaxxgiftofgab29.55
James Smith's 21st Birthday S3 400Dundalk14 MAR 20157GR S3366 Gas Monkey21.93
Tony McArdle's 29th Birthday A3/A4 600Dundalk14 MAR 20158GR A3549 Ferneys Screed33.24
Malcolm Brady's 30th Birthday A3 525Dundalk14 MAR 20159GR A3480 Holborn Power29.13
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium SDundalk14 MAR 201510GR S1366 Fit Right21.56
Confirmation Celebrations at Dundalk StadiuDundalk14 MAR 201511GR A3480 Hidden Vic29.20
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A0/A1 5Dundalk14 MAR 201512GR A0480 Ballydoyle Key28.98
TLC Transport And Removal NoviceIpswich14 MAR 20155GR Nov520 Sivamet30.76
Monmore Green 14 Mar 2015 HT 4Monmore14 MAR 20154GR A3480 Lightning Sky28.83
Monmore Green 14 Mar 2015 HT 14Monmore14 MAR 201514GR A1480 Ballyhoe Code28.70
PALM BEACH 14 Mar 2015 HT A12 - St. Pat's IPalm Beach14 MAR 2015A12STAKE498 Storm Control29.49
www.k9racers.com.auBendigo13 MAR 201510GR Grad425 Splash of White24.25
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk13 MAR 20151GR A2480 Cheese Hawk29.00
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S2 400Dundalk13 MAR 20152GR S2366 Moss Bob21.73
Mother’s Day Special A4 550(B/g allowed) Dundalk13 MAR 20153GR A4503 Tornaroy Torpedo30.68
Martin Molloy's 40th Birthday A3 525Dundalk13 MAR 20154GR A3480 Cymbeline29.54
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A4 525Dundalk13 MAR 20155GR A4480 Fridays Pompeii28.92
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk13 MAR 20156GR S4366 Revilo Master21.85
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk13 MAR 20158GR S7366 Miss Holz22.29
Monmore Green 13 Mar 2015 HT 3Monmore13 MAR 20153GR A4480 Clonkeen Jack29.19
Monmore Green 12 Mar 2015 HT 14Monmore12 MAR 201514GR A1480 Tyrur Vettel28.60
SURE AS @ STUDBendigo11 MAR 20153GR Tier500 Winter Time28.50
DANDENONGS CHEAPEST CARSCranbourne11 MAR 201511GR Mixe311 Hot Carbon17.71
Superior Product @ Stud Open Unraced 525 RoEnniscorthy9 MAR 20157GR N0480 Lochdara Binx29.57
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