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Race Videos

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68795 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
The Welcome to Harold's Cross Greyhound StaHarolds Cross22 APR 20141GR A8/9480 Billis Buzz29.28
The Early Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross22 APR 20142OPEN480 Delmonte Blanco0.00
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross22 APR 20143GR A7/8480 Billis Blitz29.67
The Fundraising @ the Cross 525Harolds Cross22 APR 20144GR A5/6480 Above the Clouds29.45
The Follow us on Facebook @ Twitter 325Harolds Cross22 APR 20145OPEN297 Noirs Passion18.19
The Harold’s Cross Party Pack 525Harolds Cross22 APR 20146GR A6480 Ravenswood Buddy29.55
The Late Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross22 APR 20147GR A6480 Corrachoill Lily29.82
The 'Farewell to Des Cowan' A5/A6 525 Semi-Harolds Cross22 APR 20148GR A5480 Lolos Alexander29.44
The 'Farewell to Des Cowan' A5/A6 525 Semi-Harolds Cross22 APR 20149GR A5480 Rushwee Hawkeye29.32
The Online Deal of the Month 525Harolds Cross22 APR 201410GR A4/5480 Racecourse Peter29.21
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross22 APR 201411GR A2480 Montys Dream29.28
Welcome to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 32Tralee22 APR 20141GR S8/9297 Stride On Beauty18.07
The Tote Trio Pool 525Tralee22 APR 20142OPEN480 Fortfield Sam29.28
The Tralee Tote Pick Six Jackpot 525Tralee22 APR 20143GR A7480 Rocking Jessie29.52
The www.igb.ie 525Tralee22 APR 20144GR A6480 Lisahane Dubh29.65
The Text Alerts to your Mobile 525Tralee22 APR 20145GR A5480 Send It Booted29.23
The Bet Online with the Tote 325Tralee22 APR 20146GR S0/2297 Steady Bullet17.73
The Kate Browne’s Grandstand Restaurant 5Tralee22 APR 20147GR A3480 Feora Honcho29.65
The Slan Abhaile 525Tralee22 APR 20148GR A5480 Black Maria29.39
Welcome to Drumbo Park S5 335Drumbo Park21 APR 20141GR S5306 Nobodys Baby18.20
Try a Forecast S3 335Drumbo Park21 APR 20142GR S3306 Lisquinlan Pedro18.33
Try a Trio A4 525Drumbo Park21 APR 20143GR A4480 Quarterland Boss28.82
Book online @ drumbopark.com A3 575Drumbo Park21 APR 20146GR A3526 Clondoty Leona31.69
The Upcoming Events S0/S1 335Drumbo Park21 APR 20148GR S0/1306 Marlfield Travis17.96
Bet on the Tote A2 525Drumbo Park21 APR 20149GR A2480 Siberian Pearl28.84
Bet with the Bookies A1 525Drumbo Park21 APR 201411GR A1480 Daylens Diamond28.65
Welcome To Enniscorthy A8/A9 525Enniscorthy21 APR 20141GR A8/9480 Candy Crush29.70
The Easter Unraced 525 Semi-FinalEnniscorthy21 APR 20142OPEN480 Seagrave Nina29.68
The Easter Unraced 525 Semi-FinalEnniscorthy21 APR 20143OPEN480 Seagrave Ruth29.87
Bet With The Tote A7 525Enniscorthy21 APR 20144GR A7480 Bush Dreamer30.04
www.igb.ie A2 525Enniscorthy21 APR 20145GR A2480 Master Todd29.45
Duffry Rovers GAA Club Buster Race A3 525Enniscorthy21 APR 20146GR A3480 Vinegarhill Hare29.65
The Track Bar A4 525Enniscorthy21 APR 20147GR A4480 Sometimes29.67
The Next Meeting Thursday 24th April A1 575Enniscorthy21 APR 20148GR A1526 Elite Taylor31.83
The Welcome To Sprint Night N0 Unraced 330Longford21 APR 20141OPEN302 Orleigh Blaze17.89
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S8-SLongford21 APR 20142GR S8/9302 Prestigious Man18.34
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S7-SLongford21 APR 20143GR S7/8302 Illuminator18.02
The Longford Super Sprint Night S6 330 FinaLongford21 APR 20144GR S6302 Racecourse Wow17.72
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S5 3Longford21 APR 20145GR S5302 Beehive Dreamer18.10
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S4 3Longford21 APR 20146GR S4302 Swanson Nancy18.11
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S3 3Longford21 APR 20147GR S3302 Racecourse Wowie18.06
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S0-SLongford21 APR 20148GR S0/1302 Danmar Benny18.02
Sprint Night S3 or Lower Coursing Stake FinLongford21 APR 20149GR S3302 Hi Ball18.13
The Track Supporters Club Sprint Night S2 3Longford21 APR 201410GR S2302 Royal Highflyer18.07
The Track Supporters Club SS0/SO 330 BumperLongford21 APR 201411OPEN302 Lahinch Billy17.84
WELCOME TO YOUGHAL TRACK A7/A8 525Youghal21 APR 20141GR A7/8480 Nippy Boy29.31
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A5 525 STAKE Semi-Youghal21 APR 20142GR A5480 Lads Millie29.88
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A5 525 STAKE Semi-Youghal21 APR 20143GR A5480 Ballyverry Mike29.77
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A4 550 STAKE Semi-Youghal21 APR 20144GR A4503 Corrin Joey30.84
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A4 550 STAKE Semi-Youghal21 APR 20145GR A4503 Witches Aqua31.21
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A4 525 FinalYoughal21 APR 20146GR A4480 Wagga Breeze29.72
YOUGHAL TRACK SUPPORTERS A3 525 STAKE FinalYoughal21 APR 20147GR A3480 Leeview Laura29.37
SLAN ABHAILE A1/A2 525Youghal21 APR 20148GR A1/2480 Sunrise Ice29.30
The Welcome To Clonmel A3 / A4 550Clonmel20 APR 20141GR A3/4503 Farranrory Zak30.98
The Bet On The Tote A2 525Clonmel20 APR 20142GR A2480 Kenwood Impack29.16
The Suirside Restaurant Open / S1 300Clonmel20 APR 20143GR S1274 En Route16.56
Ann & Liam O'Donnell/T.S.C. N1/N2 ConsolatiClonmel20 APR 20144GR A3480 Saw Doctor29.47
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Semi-FClonmel20 APR 20145GR A2480 Ryecourt Molly29.30
The Shaneboy Kennels A2/A3 525 Stake Semi-FClonmel20 APR 20146GR A2480 Ballymartin Ric29.07
Fast Trap Supplies & T.S.C. D1 / D3 790 SemClonmel20 APR 20147GR D1722 Lookusup44.93
Fast Trap Supplies & T.S.C. D1 / D3 790 SemClonmel20 APR 20148GR D1722 Beanos Ellie44.90
Ann & Liam O'Donnell/T.S.C. N1/N2 Stake FinClonmel20 APR 20149GR N1480 Letterfromfrance28.90
The Sporting Press 'Getting Out' Open 550Clonmel20 APR 201410GR AA0503 Willow Man30.05
Évadnyitó Verseny A1 480mAlsonemedi19 APR 20140GROUP1480 Dopping Monalisa29.88
Évadnyitó Verseny Open Dogs 280mAlsonemedi19 APR 20142OPEN280 Dopping Random Chance16.57
Évadnyitó Verseny Open 480mAlsonemedi19 APR 20143OPEN480 Dopping Joker28.77
BEV PELL APPRECIATIONBendigo19 APR 20143GR 5500 Arktika28.33
Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork19 APR 20141GR A6480 Millroad Air28.78
The Communion and Confirmation Packages 330Cork19 APR 20142GR S6/7302 Captain Kirk17.68
The Fundraising at Curraheen Park 550Cork19 APR 20143GR A2503 Altamount Tom30.14
The Try A Trio A4 525 Stakes. Semi-FinalCork19 APR 20144GR A4480 Newlawn Delta28.87
The Try A Trio A4 525 Stakes. Semi-FinalCork19 APR 20145GR A4480 Gortnagrage Peg28.92
The Laurels Restaurant 525Cork19 APR 20146GR A2480 Boss Tanaka29.04
The Bandon Motors A3 525 Stakes Semi-FinalCork19 APR 20147GR A3480 Bandit Bart28.75
The Bandon Motors A3 525 Stakes Semi-FinalCork19 APR 20148GR A3480 Footprintsinsand28.88
The Cork GOBA Saturday Night Special 525Cork19 APR 20149GR A3480 Woodbrook Golden28.53
Curraheen Park Bookmakers Getting Out StakeCork19 APR 201410GR A0/1480 Ridgedale Look28.35
Welcome to Drumbo Park 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20141GR S8/9306 Loughside Grant18.28
Try a Forecast S8/S9 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20142GR S8/9306 Balmarino Bound18.94
Try a Trio S8/S9 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20143GR S8/9306 Mica Apache18.79
Drumbo Park Jackpot (Pick 7) Starts now A7-Drumbo Park19 APR 20144GR A7/9480 All Fun29.44
drumbopark.com S6 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20145GR S6306 Rush Time18.20
Book online @ drumbopark.com A6 525Drumbo Park19 APR 20146GR A6480 Lisson Boy29.32
Easter Monday Racing @ Drumbo Park S5 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20147GR S5306 Kenyan Gold18.51
Stag and Hen Nights A5 525Drumbo Park19 APR 20148GR A5480 Manalishi29.20
Drumbo Punters Pack S5 335Drumbo Park19 APR 20149GR S5306 Kelsies Rosie18.40
Bet on the Intertrack S4 335Drumbo Park19 APR 201410GR S4306 Ferneys Lane18.35
The Upcoming Events A4 525Drumbo Park19 APR 201411GR A4480 Fifth St Lady29.71
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes 525Drumbo Park19 APR 201412GR A3480 Barney Buzz29.18
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S8/S9 350Dundalk19 APR 20141GR S8/9320 Ballyfinn Ace18.98
Easter Mid-Term Madness S5 400Dundalk19 APR 20142GR S5366 Newdown Charlie22.03
Marshes S.C. Ladies Day 12th July S3/S4 350Dundalk19 APR 20143GR S3/4320 Banshee Tom19.16
Silks Function Room A5 550Dundalk19 APR 20144GR A5503 Poison Spoon30.91
Racecourse of the Year 2013 A3 550Dundalk19 APR 20146GR A3503 Cromac Belle30.07
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Semi-FinalDundalk19 APR 20147GR A2503 Courtlough Megan30.31
Johnny McArdle Memorial A2 550 Semi-FinalDundalk19 APR 20148GR A2503 Cheyenne Chief30.47
Happy Birthday Lorraine Finlay S2 350Dundalk19 APR 20149GR S2320 Soft Booth18.91
New Bit & Bite Package A3 525Dundalk19 APR 201410GR A3480 Tip Top Falcao28.68
Celebrate at Dundalk Stadium A0/A1 525Dundalk19 APR 201411GR A0/1480 Swift Iniesta28.60
Fundraising at Dundalk Stadium A0/A1 600Dundalk19 APR 201412GR A0/1549 Go Marcus Go32.78
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