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Race Videos

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84738 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
NL Championship 480m HT6 FinalRotterdam2 AUG 20156OPEN480 Windgap Speed28.37
NL Championship 480m HT7 FinalRotterdam2 AUG 20157OPEN480 Rosani28.69
Cuchulainn Crystal A7 – A10 525 Round 1 HeaDundalk1 AUG 20152GR A7480 Jumeirah Georgia29.09
Cuchulainn Crystal A7 – A10 525 Round 1 HeaDundalk1 AUG 20154GR A7480 Steely Eye29.12
Kereight King/Barefoot Allstar @ Stud RoundDundalk1 AUG 20155GR A4480 Tinas Emma29.23
Kereight King/Barefoot Allstar @ Stud RoundDundalk1 AUG 20156GR A4480 Follom Bolt29.20
Kereight King/Barefoot Allstar @ Stud RoundDundalk1 AUG 20157GR A4480 Deanmill Katy28.76
Kereight King/Barefoot Allstar @ Stud RoundDundalk1 AUG 20158GR A4480 Colarhouse Coco28.78
North East GOBA A3 525 Round 1 Heat 1Dundalk1 AUG 20159GR A3480 Dryland Dennis29.05
North East GOBA A3 525 Round 1 Heat 3Dundalk1 AUG 201511GR A3480 Lisdhu Blue29.10
Järbo RaceJärbo1 AUG 20151GR K4286 Tali-Ho Struggle Within17.68
Järbo RaceJärbo1 AUG 20152GR M5484 Tali-Ho Leper Messiah30.74
Eriksson RaceJärbo1 AUG 20158GR M2484 Crimdon TipTop30.18
Belle Vue 31 Jul 2015 HT 5Bellevue31 JUL 20155GR A6470 Media Sound28.73
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 525Dundalk31 JUL 20151GR A5480 Lonely Ranger29.40
Bar One Racing A2 525 Round 1 Heat 2Dundalk31 JUL 20154GR A2480 Brockagh Paddy28.80
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk31 JUL 20156GR SS0366 Tynwald Bish21.31
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk31 JUL 20157GR SS0366 Hillcroft Hero21.31
Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby Trial StaDundalk31 JUL 20158GR AA0503 Droopys Navas30.15
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk31 JUL 20159GR SS0366 Slipalong Hero21.52
Bar One Racing A2 525 Round 1 Heat 3Dundalk31 JUL 201510GR A2480 Dryland Pearl28.96
Bar One Racing A2 525 Round 1 Heat 4Dundalk31 JUL 201511GR A2480 Drumsna Canyon29.23
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK TROPHY HT 2Hove & Brighton30 JUL 20152OPEN515 Holdem Chico29.75
FOLLOW @CORALBETTING ON INSTAGRAM TROPHY HTHove & Brighton30 JUL 20159OPEN930 Roxholme Magic56.18
CORAL SUSSEX CUP - FINAL HT 10Hove & Brighton30 JUL 201510OPEN515 Ballymac Mossjoe29.45
DOG OF THE MONTH - LEANNES STORM HT 3Monmore30 JUL 20153GR S1630 Riverside Harry38.27
LADBROKES.COM 630 HT 8Monmore30 JUL 20158OPEN630 Romantic Rambo37.64
Belle Vue 29 Jul 2015 HT 12Bellevue29 JUL 201512GR A4470 Applewood Doll28.73
Brighton & Hove 29 Jul 2015 HT 4Hove & Brighton29 JUL 20154GR A4515 Minnies Elana30.25
EVANS & SON JEWELLERS STAKESWentworth Park29 JUL 201510GR Grad520 Rainmaker Lass30.24
Garrards Horse And Hound 5th GradeAlbion Park27 JUL 20155GR 5520 Simpatico29.79
BrisGreys 5th GradeAlbion Park27 JUL 201510GR 5520 Kiri Belle30.46
Monmore Green 27 Jul 2015 HT 12Monmore27 JUL 201512GR A8480 Kirps Lass29.44
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20151GR D303 Shazzys Tango19.28
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20152GR B/C303 Meenala Spot On17.80
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20153GR C303 Racenight Sally18.80
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20154GR C/D303 Lady Luck18.53
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20155GR B303 Riverside Wasp18.33
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20156GR B303 DiamondInTheRough18.08
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20157GR A303 Ofelia17.92
GradedBjerringbro26 JUL 20159GR A/B524 Largymore Queen32.85
Mertons GulddivisionBjerringbro26 JUL 201510OPEN524 Glaise Deeny32.10
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen HT1Hildesheim26 JUL 20151OPEN280 Nice to See You17.18
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen HT2Hildesheim26 JUL 20152OPEN280 Wira 17.28
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen HT3Hildesheim26 JUL 20153OPEN280 Bubblegum17.27
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen HT4Hildesheim26 JUL 20154OPEN480 Blue River29.51
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen FinaleHildesheim26 JUL 20155OPEN280 Nothing Compares17.09
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen FinaleHildesheim26 JUL 20156OPEN280 Natural Born Winner16.99
Hildesheimer Rose/LSR Niedersachsen FinaleHildesheim26 JUL 20157OPEN480 Ulan29.36
THE MAIN EVENT HT 11Bellevue25 JUL 201511GR S1590 Marys Magic35.98
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S7/S8 400Dundalk25 JUL 20151GR S7366 Whatta Hanlin21.76
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium S5 400Dundalk25 JUL 20153GR S5366 Lord of Kilmore21.63
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk25 JUL 20154GR A5480 Alien Sleeper29.02
Maz and Figs Wedding Celebrations A5 525Dundalk25 JUL 20155GR A5480 Wee Barneys Lad29.15
Follow us on Twitter A4 525Dundalk25 JUL 20156GR A4480 Rock Starman29.20
Hugh Dunlop 71st Birthday Race A4 525Dundalk25 JUL 20157GR A4480 Balscadden Molly29.27
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A4 525Dundalk25 JUL 20158GR A4480 Heavybombardment29.02
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk25 JUL 20159GR A3480 Hather for Matt29.15
Find us on Facebook A0/A1 525Dundalk25 JUL 201511GR A0480 Killglen Chief28.85
Monmore Green 25 Jul 2015 HT 13Monmore25 JUL 201513GR A1480 Starshineedifice28.56
The 69th British Bred Produce Stakes Final Swindon25 JUL 201512GROUP1480 Fabulous Expert28.64
Finnish Championships Bitches FinalTampere25 JUL 20156OPEN480 Sjudraget Braka28.99
Badelunda RaceVästerås25 JUL 20153GR K2295 Gun17.79
Sweet Destiny MemorialVästerås25 JUL 20156GR M2510 Genghis Khan30.93
Front RaceVästerås25 JUL 20159GR M4510 Claire31.02
Anundshög RaceVästerås25 JUL 201512GR M4510 Sjudraget Vittra31.11
Tortuna RaceVästerås25 JUL 201515GR K4295 TNT Im Dynamite17.76
PEAB RaceVästerås25 JUL 201517GR K5295 Grant My Wish18.08
Belle Vue 24 Jul 2015 HT 5Bellevue24 JUL 20155GR A5470 Casino Tape28.38
Belle Vue 24 Jul 2015 HT 7Bellevue24 JUL 20157GR A5470 Casino Diva28.32
The Conny Club Funbus Stakes HT 8Bellevue24 JUL 20158GR A3470 May Cottage28.25
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A3 525Drumbo Park24 JUL 201512GR A3480 Manilla Script28.90
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk24 JUL 20151GR A3480 Skryne Boss29.18
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20152GR SS0366 Trinity Forest21.13
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20153GR SS0366 Bruno Ya Know21.06
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20154GR SS0366 Catherines Drico21.11
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20155GR SS0366 Blue Cafu21.19
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 550Dundalk24 JUL 20156GR A2503 Morning Tempest30.25
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20157GR SS0366 Maytown Flavour21.40
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 20159GR SS0366 Trewmount Blue21.23
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk24 JUL 201510GR SS0366 Ballybough Mondo21.34
Perry Barr 24 Jul 2015 HT 4Perry Barr24 JUL 20154GR A2480 Tybar Boo29.03
Perry Barr 24 Jul 2015 HT 7Perry Barr24 JUL 20157GR A1480 Milltown King28.85
THE LOVE THE DOGS STANDARD HT 8Perry Barr24 JUL 20158OPEN480 Newinn This Way28.34
Perry Barr 24 Jul 2015 HT 9Perry Barr24 JUL 20159GR A3480 Castell Bernie29.15
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK STANDARD HT 11Romford24 JUL 201511OPEN400 What a Laugh24.36
LAURIE HEALION MEMORIAL SEMI FINALThe Gardens24 JUL 20158GR S/E515 Chevy Prince29.66
CORAL SUSSEX CUP - 3RD SEMI-FINAL HT 6Hove & Brighton23 JUL 20156OPEN515 Ballymac Mossjoe29.82
CORAL LADIES TROPHY - HEAT 2 HT 11Hove & Brighton23 JUL 201511OPEN515 Farloe Lara29.99
Brighton & Hove 22 Jul 2015 HT 1Hove & Brighton22 JUL 20151GR A4515 Who Needs Cash30.67
Betfred Select Stayers HT 9Nottingham21 JUL 20159GR IV730 Millwards Teddy44.56
Ipswich Greyhounds 5th GradeIpswich20 JUL 20154GR 5520 Ebony's Secret31.09
Ipswich Greyhounds 5th GradeIpswich20 JUL 201510GR 5520 Makealot30.88
Kinsley 19 Jul 2015 HT 12Kinsley19 JUL 201512GR HP650 Cimla Quinta41.04
Belle Vue 18 Jul 2015 HT 12Bellevue18 JUL 201512GR A4470 Garibaldi Flyer28.05
Find us on Facebook A5/A6 525Dundalk18 JUL 20152GR A5480 Sin Away29.19
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 525Dundalk18 JUL 20153GR A5480 Deanmill Katy29.34
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk18 JUL 20155GR SS0366 Shocked21.36
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk18 JUL 20156GR SS0366 Tynwald Bish21.21
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