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Race Videos

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81212 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
The Welcome To Clonmel A5 525Clonmel21 DEC 20141GR A5480 Moonroes Flash29.42
The Bet On The Tote A4 525Clonmel21 DEC 20142GR A4480 Jossestown Hawk29.28
The Upcoming Stakes S2 / S3 300Clonmel21 DEC 20143GR S2274 Noels Nipper16.45
The Try The Trio Always A3 525Clonmel21 DEC 20144GR A3480 Boleys Ace29.15
The Suirside Restaurant A3 525Clonmel21 DEC 20145GR A3480 Shaneboy Ring29.07
The Happy Xmas To All Our Patrons A3Clonmel21 DEC 20146GR A3480 Nomadic Misty29.29
The O'Rourke's Meats/T.S.C. A4 525 Stake FiClonmel21 DEC 20147GR A4480 Shaneboy Roy29.08
The Sporting Press 'Getting Out' A2 550Clonmel21 DEC 20148GR A2503 Cloncunny Bound30.45
Bellevue (Manchester) 20 DEC 2014 HT 10Bellevue20 DEC 201410GR A3470 Blackrock Buddy29.00
The Droopys Cain A1 525 Stakes Semi-FinalCork20 DEC 20141GR A1480 Young Legends28.56
The Droopys Cain A1 525 Stakes Semi-FinalCork20 DEC 20142GR A1480 Invinciblejackie29.11
The Curraheen Park 330 Semi-FinalCork20 DEC 20143GR S3302 Blakefield Hero17.81
The Curraheen Park 330 Semi-FinalCork20 DEC 20144GR S3302 Bailock Way17.78
The Two Wheel Training Open Unraced FinalCork20 DEC 20145GR N0480 Ballyhooly Henry28.61
The Ladbrokes A6 Stakes FinalCork20 DEC 20146GR A6480 Mydogpaddy29.16
The Bartlemy Road Ltd. A3 Tri-Distance. SemCork20 DEC 20147GR A3503 Odell Roisin30.56
The Bartlemy Road Ltd. A3 Tri-Distance. SemCork20 DEC 20148GR A3503 Ridgedale Hawk30.07
The 2014 Macroom Motor Services Open 575 FiCork20 DEC 20149GR AA0526 Drive On Royal30.88
The John O' Brien (Belindas) A2 Stakes. SemCork20 DEC 201410GR A2480 Witches Sandy29.32
The John O' Brien (Belindas) A2 Stakes. SemCork20 DEC 201411GR A2480 Skeough Town29.10
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT A7 FinalGalway20 DEC 20141GR A7480 Sporting Captain29.53
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT S7 - S10 FinalGalway20 DEC 20142GR S7320 What Else19.54
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT A6 FinalGalway20 DEC 20143GR A6480 Drive Her On29.26
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT S5/6 FinalGalway20 DEC 20144GR S5320 Sues Zebo19.41
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT A5 FinalGalway20 DEC 20145GR A5480 Combo Sidney29.24
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT S3 FinalGalway20 DEC 20146GR S3320 Knockdine Hitman19.54
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT A4 FinalGalway20 DEC 20147GR A4480 Harbour Molly29.36
DECEMBER GALA NIGHT A3 FinalGalway20 DEC 20148GR A3480 Bumblebee Kyne29.48
The Welcome to Harold's Cross Greyhound StaHarolds Cross20 DEC 20141GR A8480 Ya Know Like29.51
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20142GR A6480 Haliska Pat29.60
The Try a Trio Bet 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20143GR A5480 Highview Option29.53
The Harold’s Cross Party Pack 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20144GR A5480 Adamant Boudica29.86
The Barking Buzz APP 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20145GR A4480 Liam Star29.67
The Fundraising @ the Cross 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20146GR A3480 Theodolite29.54
The Follow us on Facebook @ Twitter 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20147GR A1480 Da Vinci Max29.41
The Booking Online @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20148GR A1480 Daylens Bullet29.00
The Greyhound Ownership 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 20149GR A2480 Freffans Snipe29.20
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross20 DEC 201410GR A3480 Icecool Pirlo29.28
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S7/S8 350Lifford20 DEC 20141GR S7320 Gweebarra Gael19.52
THE TRY A TRIO S7/S8 350Lifford20 DEC 20142GR S7320 Bewley Blue19.47
RACING SATURDAY 27TH DECEMBER A4/A5 525Lifford20 DEC 20143GR A4480 Tahina Rhonda29.53
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK S2/S3 350Lifford20 DEC 20144GR S2320 Swanson Nancy19.27
THE amcleanbookmakers.com A3 525 Round 1 HeLifford20 DEC 20145GR A3480 Culture Bob29.43
THE amcleanbookmakers.com A3 525 Round 1 HeLifford20 DEC 20146GR A3480 Lisnastrane Dude28.90
THE amcleanbookmakers.com A3 525 Round 1 HeLifford20 DEC 20147GR A3480 Tahina Ace28.79
THE amcleanbookmakers.com A3 525 Round 1 HeLifford20 DEC 20148GR A3480 Highview Ruler29.22
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A2/A3 550Lifford20 DEC 20149GR A2503 Ballymoss Ace30.37
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A1 525 Semi-FinalLifford20 DEC 201410GR A1480 Altmore Champ28.69
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A1 525 Semi-FinalLifford20 DEC 201411GR A1480 Ballymac Mohamed28.98
THE GETTING OUT A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford20 DEC 201412GR A4480 Graysfield Dell29.22
Welcome To Limerick Greyhound Stadium S5 35Limerick20 DEC 20141GR S5320 Stool Pidgeon18.97
Bet Into Shelbourne Park A5 525Limerick20 DEC 20142GR A5480 Clounanna Mandy29.58
Lim and Clare GOBA Novice 750 Semi-FinalLimerick20 DEC 20143GR DD0686 Rovera42.36
Lim and Clare GOBA Novice 750 Semi-FinalLimerick20 DEC 20144GR DD0686 Kilcrea Hawk42.51
The Christmas Cracker S8 Or Lower 350Limerick20 DEC 20145GR S7320 Cashen Spirit19.16
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer A3 525Limerick20 DEC 20146GR A3480 Hidden Louise28.93
Happy Christmas To You All A2/A3 525Limerick20 DEC 20147GR A2480 Trinity Forest28.92
Superior Product At Stud A2 Bitch 525 Semi-Limerick20 DEC 20148GR A2480 Dooey Ace29.03
Superior Product At Stud A2 Bitch 525 Semi-Limerick20 DEC 20149GR A2480 Song Silent28.88
Lim and Clare GOBA Night Of Finals Sat Dec Limerick20 DEC 201410GR A0480 Hannibal Rising28.80
Greyhound and Petworld A1 Dual Distance SemLimerick20 DEC 201411GR A1480 Ballymartin Bell28.96
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 20 DEC 2014 HT 14Monmore20 DEC 201414GR A3480 Klockwork Khaos29.20
Shaneboy Spencer @ Stud A3 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 20141GR A3480 Springwell Cop30.23
Fast Trap Greyhound Supplies A7 525Mullingar20 DEC 20142GR A7480 Horseleap Droopy30.67
Dublin Coaches A7 525Mullingar20 DEC 20143GR A7480 Johns Joint30.36
Find Us On Facebook A1 550Mullingar20 DEC 20144GR A1503 Barista Girl31.00
Bet With The Tote A4 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 20145GR A4480 Zoes Little Girl29.79
Jordans Solution @ Stud A3 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 20146GR A3480 Hanstown Hero 29.67
1890 269 969 A2 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 20147GR A2480 Zamora Grace29.89
The Barking Buzz App A0 525Mullingar20 DEC 20148GR A0480 Fern Banjo29.59
Shaneboy Spencer S1 400Mullingar20 DEC 20149GR S1366 Hammer Home21.83
www.fasttrap.net A0/A1 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 201410GR A0480 Overcharge29.54
Welcome to Newbridge Greyhound Stadium A4 5Newbridge20 DEC 20141GR A4480 Coal Porter29.36
The Track Supporters Club A7/A8 525 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 20142GR A7480 Sandyhill Messi29.47
The Track Supporters Club A2 525Newbridge20 DEC 20143GR A2480 Zero Rules29.19
The Track Supporters Club S3/S4 325 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 20144GR S3297 Pennys Dufner17.80
The Track Supporters Club S1/S2 325 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 20145GR S1297 Must Be Hope17.55
The Track Supporters Club A5/A6 525 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 20146GR A5480 Jinx Butler29.39
The Track Supporters Open 325Newbridge20 DEC 20147GR SS0297 Monread Jack17.57
The Track Supporters Club A1/A2 525Newbridge20 DEC 20148GR A1480 Starshineverona29.07
The Track Supporters Club A3/4 575 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 20149GR A3526 Cheese Hawk31.96
The Track Supporters Club A1/A2 550 FinalNewbridge20 DEC 201410GR A1503 Black Hawkeye30.48
Gain Feeds S2/S3 350 FinalShelbourne Park20 DEC 20141GR S2320 Brewers Concerto18.91
Check Out The Gain Pet Foods Stand Tonight Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20142GR A2503 Sparta Katy30.01
Shelbourne A1 525Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20143GR A1480 Cabra Mufasa28.81
The Gain Big Dog Puppy A2/A3 525Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20144GR A2480 Katies Star29.02
The Gain Small Dogs Puppy A2 525Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20145GR A2480 Dark Intentions28.80
Gain Brown Bread Nuggets A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park20 DEC 20146GR A1480 Riverside Charm29.03
Gain Brown Bread Nuggets A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park20 DEC 20147GR A1480 De Real Mccoy28.45
The Gain All Dogs Senior Open 525Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20148GR AA0480 Always With Me28.56
The Gain Cat Food Range Open 525Shelbourne Park20 DEC 20149GR AA0480 Service Station28.19
2014 Gain Dog Foods Christmas Oaks Semi-FinShelbourne Park20 DEC 201410GR AA0480 Springwell Watsy28.58
2014 Gain Dog Foods Christmas Oaks Semi-FinShelbourne Park20 DEC 201411GR AA0480 Cromac Belle28.39
The Dandelion Bar and Night Club Open 575Shelbourne Park20 DEC 201412GR AA0526 Coran Sky31.16
Track Supporters Club A5/A6 525 yds stk SemThurles20 DEC 20141GR A5480 Dunbell Lad29.81
Track Supporters Club A5/A6 525 yds stk SemThurles20 DEC 20142GR A5480 Try Again Bruno29.82
Track Supporters Club A3 525 yds stk Semi-FThurles20 DEC 20143GR A3480 Daryanoor Jewel29.48
Track Supporters Club A3 525 yds stk Semi-FThurles20 DEC 20144GR A3480 Excess Reserves29.57
Bet With The Tote A8/A9 525 YDSThurles20 DEC 20145GR A8480 Roskeen Glory30.11
Track Supporters Club A3 570 yds stk Semi-FThurles20 DEC 20146GR A3521 Jogon Ruth32.13
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