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Race Videos

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77529 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Brough Park (Newcastle) 22 NOV 2014 HT 8Brough Park22 NOV 20148GR IT640 Mister Mancini39.50
The Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork21 NOV 20141GR A3480 Chinook Rumble29.00
The Dublin Coach 525Cork21 NOV 20142GR A4480 Dermo Gavin29.00
The Upcoming Events 525Cork21 NOV 20143GR A5480 Witches Sandy28.84
The Cronins Coaches Unraced Stake. FinalCork21 NOV 20144GR N1480 Quivers Lima29.02
The Laurels Restaurant 330Cork21 NOV 20145GR S3302 Boherash Neil17.86
The Online Deal Of The Month 525Cork21 NOV 20146GR A3480 Talavara Tiny29.10
The Christmas Parties @ Curraheen Park 525Cork21 NOV 20147GR A3480 Zulu Express28.94
The Find Us On Facebook 525Cork21 NOV 20148GR A5480 My Boy Gorta29.14
The Slan Abhaile 525Cork21 NOV 20149GR A3480 Slipping Top29.07
The Welcome to Harold's Cross Greyhound StaHarolds Cross21 NOV 20141GR A4503 Killacolla Mary30.68
The Early Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20142GR A1480 Wisteria29.02
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20143GR A4480 Meg Black Hawk29.23
The Happy Birthday Brendan Murray 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20144GR A3480 Mad Lennon29.13
The Harold’s Cross Party Pack 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20145GR A3480 Riona29.32
The Barking Buzz APP 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20146GR A2480 Crinkill Scholar29.08
The Late Pick 4 Jackpot Starts Now 550Harolds Cross21 NOV 20147GR A1503 Mandys Blossom30.26
The 2014 Centra Irish Grand National FinalHarolds Cross21 NOV 20148GR H0480 Razldazlnewstalk29.26
The Follow us on Facebook @ Twitter 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 20149GR A2480 Reef Titan28.99
The Fundraising @ the Cross 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 201410GR A0480 Boherna Man29.01
The Greyhound Ownership 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 201411GR A3480 Hillroad Tommy29.43
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross21 NOV 201412GR A1480 Ballymac Niall29.03
Welcome to Kilkenny Track A5 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20141GR A5480 Pops Sandie29.77
Bet Into Harolds Cross A4 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20142GR A4480 Random Lady30.16
St Mullins GAA Benefit Night N1 525 FinalKilkenny21 NOV 20143GR N1480 Kilara Diva30.20
Benefit Nights @ Kilkenny Track A3 / A4 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20144GR A3480 Stage Gold Gary29.92
€2,600 Niall Comerford Memorial A4 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20145GR A4480 Raheen Rondo29.81
Top Pro Martial Arts and Fitness Centre A3 Kilkenny21 NOV 20146GR A3480 Curramore Doll30.25
€2,400 A1 Rearing and Schooling A2 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20147GR A2480 Ballybough Oz29.35
The Track Supporters Club A2 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20148GR A2480 Dysert Maestro29.63
The Kilkenny Track A1 / A2 525Kilkenny21 NOV 20149GR A1480 Garryglass Messi29.52
Welcome To Limerick Greyhound Stadium N2 52Limerick21 NOV 20141GR N2480 Woodbine Sally29.68
Try The Trio A9/A10 525Limerick21 NOV 20142GR A9480 Killeedy Dancer29.92
Book Your Christmas Party On 1890 269 969 SLimerick21 NOV 20143GR S5320 Ballyregan Tiger19.34
Greyhound Ownership A7 525Limerick21 NOV 20144GR A7480 Rant Away Pop29.71
Track Side Advertising A6 525Limerick21 NOV 20145GR A6480 Duchess Erin29.57
Bet Into Harolds Cross A3 525Limerick21 NOV 20146GR A3480 Garryfine Paddy29.08
Find us on Facebook A2 525Limerick21 NOV 20147GR A2480 Blue Cafu28.57
www.igb S4 350Limerick21 NOV 20148GR S4320 Coolowen Sonny19.19
Dublin Coach A4 525Limerick21 NOV 20149GR A4480 Artemis Howl29.00
Lim and Clare GOBA Upcoming Sweepstakes A3 Limerick21 NOV 201410GR A3480 Clounanna Pam29.30
IFA Social Night At The DogsLimerick21 NOV 201411GR A0480 Deanos Rocky28.98
Distance Racing At Limerick Entries RequireLimerick21 NOV 201412GR A2503 Areyouwithme30.38
The Welcome Friday Nights Racing Grade S9-SLongford21 NOV 20141GR S9302 Kilmannon Molly18.31
The Longford Try A Trio N2 525Longford21 NOV 20142GR N2480 Some Title29.08
The Longford Track Supporters €2 Draw Longford21 NOV 20143GR S7302 Newport Rumble18.83
The Longford Moving To Thursdays Next Week Longford21 NOV 20144GR A6480 Randlestown Mist29.62
The Longford Upcoming Events S5 330Longford21 NOV 20145GR S5302 Cordoola Fern18.03
The Longford Moving To Thurdays Next Week ALongford21 NOV 20146GR A7480 Goldmine Tara29.63
The Park Road Grade A3 525Longford21 NOV 20147GR A3480 Last Sing Song29.02
The Longford Bet With The Tote S2 330Longford21 NOV 20148GR S2302 Grangeview Ace18.17
The Getting Out A3 570 BumperLongford21 NOV 20149GR A3521 Faheran Lady31.26
The Owen's Staircase Services A4 525Newbridge21 NOV 20141GR A4480 Glenasmal Ace29.66
The James Cox Construction S6/S7 325Newbridge21 NOV 20142GR S6297 Coonough Tan18.08
The Cleanway A5/A6 525Newbridge21 NOV 20143GR A5480 Kilgowan Cherry29.69
The McDonalds A4/A5 525Newbridge21 NOV 20144GR A4480 Katies Ace29.46
The Dooley Insurance Group A3/A4 550Newbridge21 NOV 20145GR A3503 Gash Tom30.70
The PRL Group A2/A3 525Newbridge21 NOV 20146GR A2480 Home Mel29.20
The Homecare Solutions A4 575Newbridge21 NOV 20147GR A4526 Barntick Hi32.08
The Elms,Punchestown A3 550Newbridge21 NOV 20148GR A3503 Squeez of Honey30.71
The Play Barn A1/A2 525Newbridge21 NOV 20149GR A1480 Tinnock Sage29.40
The Boran Packaging A2 550Newbridge21 NOV 201410GR A2503 Tinnock Bolt30.43
Welcome To Thurles Stadium A5/A6 525 ydsThurles21 NOV 20141GR A5480 Runners Courage29.99
Bet With The Tote A7/A8 525 ydsThurles21 NOV 20142GR A7480 Kinloch Legend30.69
Try A Trio A4/A5 570 ydsThurles21 NOV 20143GR A4521 Talavara Jill32.30
Saturday Night Racing A8/A10 525 ydsThurles21 NOV 20144GR A8480 Black Combe29.78
Book Your Christmas Party Here A6/A7 525 ydThurles21 NOV 20145GR A6480 Knocknaboha Skip29.91
Race Sponsorship S3/S5 330 ydsThurles21 NOV 20146GR S3302 Nites Like This18.07
Try A Trio A3/A4 570 ydsThurles21 NOV 20147GR A3521 Cormac the Flyer31.84
Slan Abhaile A2/A3 525 ydsThurles21 NOV 20148GR A2480 Ascot Buddy29.34
Garveys Supervalu 325Tralee21 NOV 20141GR S9297 Feora Bullet17.94
Noel Browne 525Tralee21 NOV 20142GR A8480 Caballo Blanco30.00
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home Sweepstake RoundTralee21 NOV 20143GR A4480 Gipsy Head29.23
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home Sweepstake RoundTralee21 NOV 20144GR A4480 Millridge Magic29.37
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home Sweepstake RoundTralee21 NOV 20145GR A4480 Pale Moon28.67
Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home Sweepstake RoundTralee21 NOV 20146GR A4480 Paudwonamini29.24
Ballyduff G.A.A/School Buster Semi-FinalTralee21 NOV 20147GR A2480 Helenas Master29.13
Ballyduff G.A.A/School Buster Semi-FinalTralee21 NOV 20148GR A2480 Homestead Falls29.03
Red Mills Open Unraced Bitch Stake FinalTralee21 NOV 20149GR N0480 Coolavanny Ester28.92
St Itas and St Josephs Special School FinalTralee21 NOV 201410GR A1480 Knocktoo Garry28.75
Munster Joinery/Data Streams Systems 525Tralee21 NOV 201411GR A2480 Lixmoyley Joe29.20
The Welcome To Kilcohan Park 525Waterford21 NOV 20141GR A8480 Strides Ruso29.71
The Dublin Coach 525Waterford21 NOV 20142GR A8480 Pine Candy30.17
The Try A Trio 325Waterford21 NOV 20143GR S5297 Sheeraghs Santa18.47
The Upcoming Events 525Waterford21 NOV 20144GR A7480 Avalon Bear30.22
The Welcome To Clonmel A7 / A10 525Clonmel20 NOV 20141GR A7480 Boherlode Kewell29.79
The Bet On The Tote S5 / S9 300Clonmel20 NOV 20142GR S5274 Christys Fire16.59
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A6 525Clonmel20 NOV 20143GR A6480 Charity Buster29.48
The Mary O'Reilly/T.S.C. A5/A6 Tri-Dist. RoClonmel20 NOV 20144GR A5480 Newsreader29.39
The Mary O'Reilly/T.S.C. A5/A6 Tri-Dist. RoClonmel20 NOV 20145GR A5480 Gymstar Venom28.93
The Try The Trio Always S0 / S2 300Clonmel20 NOV 20146GR S0274 Sparks Smiley16.22
The Mary O'Reilly/T.S.C. A5/A6 Tri-Dist. RoClonmel20 NOV 20147GR A5480 Get It On29.65
The Mary O'Reilly/T.S.C. A5/A6 Tri-Dist. RoClonmel20 NOV 20148GR A5480 Gimme Moll29.49
The Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork20 NOV 20141GR A8480 Corrough Brae29.56
The Upcoming Events 525Cork20 NOV 20142GR A7480 Ballycannon Buck29.36
The Try A Trio 330Cork20 NOV 20143GR S7302 Corrin Butch17.88
The Laurels Restaurant 525Cork20 NOV 20144GR N2480 Cyclers Lee30.19
The Dublin Coach Partnership 330Cork20 NOV 20145GR S5302 Amazing Lady18.06
The Fundraising @ Curraheen Park 525Cork20 NOV 20146GR N2480 Ref John Macroom29.35
The Bet With The Tote 330Cork20 NOV 20147GR S1302 Gortnagrage Peg18.13
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