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Race Videos

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82847 matching videos found
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Swindon 26 JAN 2015 HT 1Swindon26 JAN 20151GR A8480 Glasheen Nama30.08
Bellevue (Manchester) 25 JAN 2015 HT 10Bellevue25 JAN 201510GR A9470 Bee Bees Dynamo29.60
The Welcome To Clonmel S2 300Clonmel25 JAN 20151GR S2274 Turning Belle16.46
The Bet On The Tote A5 525Clonmel25 JAN 20152GR A5480 Foinns Ace29.58
The Hotel Minella Open Sprint Stake Semi-FiClonmel25 JAN 20153GR SS0274 Skywalker Echo16.08
The Hotel Minella Open Sprint Stake Semi-FiClonmel25 JAN 20154GR SS0274 Boozed Tony16.26
The Ballinaboola Gallop A0/A1 525 Stake SemClonmel25 JAN 20155GR A0480 Fast Fit Lexus28.88
The Ballinaboola Gallop A0/A1 525 Stake SemClonmel25 JAN 20156GR A0480 Badmoonrising29.08
The Greyhound and Pet World Open 790 Stake Clonmel25 JAN 20157GR DD0722 Volcano43.83
The Greyhound and Pet World Open 790 Stake Clonmel25 JAN 20158GR DD0722 Ballymac Bonnie44.73
The Red Mills/T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake SemClonmel25 JAN 20159GR N0480 Ballydoyle Honey28.54
The Red Mills/T.S.C. Open Unraced Stake SemClonmel25 JAN 201510GR N0480 Razldazl Oisin28.73
TOPCAT VIDEO HT1Healesville25 JAN 20153GR Grad300 Flying Paddy17.13
MAYFAIR SMALLGOODSHealesville25 JAN 20156GR Mixe350 Vintage Warrior19.35
Welcome To Curraheen Park 525Cork24 JAN 20151GR A5480 Glanmire Prince29.10
Happy 17th Birthday Jordan Moynihan 525Cork24 JAN 20152GR A5480 Glanmire Lass29.01
Geoffs Bar and Magner Homes Ltd. A3 Stake SCork24 JAN 20153GR A3480 Joyous28.93
Geoffs Bar and Magner Homes Ltd. A3 Stake SCork24 JAN 20154GR A3480 Fastaway Jayfkay28.83
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 20155GR A1480 Freds Choice28.80
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 20156GR A1480 Whatasetup28.79
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 20157GR A1480 Oaklands Paddy28.77
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 20158GR A1480 Captain Karnage28.69
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 20159GR A1480 Rockybay Thomas29.03
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 201510GR A1480 Madra Deas28.64
The 51st Annual Guinness Trophy Round 1 HeaCork24 JAN 201511GR A1480 Sunrise Ice28.64
Welcome to Drumbo Park 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20151GR S8306 Darfin Lady18.58
Try a Forecast S10 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20152GR S10306 Salmegirl18.68
Try a Trio 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20153GR S8306 Santro King18.48
Drumbo Park Jackpot (Pick 7) Starts now A3/Drumbo Park24 JAN 20154GR A3480 Big Blue Sky28.98
Aileen Louglins 50th Birthday stakes S5 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20155GR S5306 Santro Will18.41
Gena Glen’s 40th Birthday stakes S6 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20156GR S6306 Drumcrow Joey18.45
Ja’Make Alan’s Van Gaal Bester S4 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20157GR S4306 San Fran Stan18.20
Bet on The Tote A3 Dual Distance FinalDrumbo Park24 JAN 20158GR A0503 Clondoty Leona30.24
Happy Birthday Demi-Leigh S3 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 20159GR S3306 Dave the Rave18.46
Book online @ drumbopark.com S1/S2 335Drumbo Park24 JAN 201510GR S1306 Dungannon Jet18.24
Drumbo Park Tote Stakes A1 525Drumbo Park24 JAN 201511GR A1480 Boley Lass29.08
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S4/S5 400Dundalk24 JAN 20151GR S4366 Tentore Master21.92
Michelle and Jodis' Birthday Celebrations SDundalk24 JAN 20152GR S2366 Paradise Diablo21.50
Happy 90th Birthday Arthur Boyle A5/A6 525Dundalk24 JAN 20153GR A5480 Dine Chick29.51
Vinny Martin's Birthday Celebrations A4/A5 Dundalk24 JAN 20154GR A4480 Aintree Smokey29.08
Aaron West's Stag Party A4 525Dundalk24 JAN 20155GR A4480 Holborn Power29.27
Tipster Trev 30th Birthday A3/A4 525Dundalk24 JAN 20156GR A3480 Mandys Knight29.03
Barber Kennels A6/A7 (Bitch) 525 FinalDundalk24 JAN 20157GR A6480 Matts Marine29.06
Darren Rooney's 40th Birthday Celebrations Dundalk24 JAN 20158GR S0366 Headman Chris21.46
NON WINNER OF LAST 3 525Galway24 JAN 20151GR A3480 Rocky Dan29.52
THE RECENT TOTE RETURNS 350Galway24 JAN 20152GR S7320 Liverpool Lula19.91
THE TEXT RACE ENTRIES TO 087 2770969 525Galway24 JAN 20153GR A8480 Aulton Bound30.83
FUNDRAISING IN '15 350Galway24 JAN 20154GR S5320 Kilbannon Rachel19.99
THE WEEKEND RESTAURANT SPECIAL PACKAGE 525Galway24 JAN 20155GR A7480 Ballycowen Judy29.99
THE €10 BURGER and BEER DEAL 350Galway24 JAN 20156GR S3320 Cupdate19.37
THE FRIDAY NIGHTS ARE BACK 350Galway24 JAN 20157GR S1320 Luke Be Slick19.49
THE CAHERLISTRANE FUNDRAISER NEXT WEEK 525Galway24 JAN 20158GR A5480 Rathglassane Jet29.71
THE UPCOMING EVENTS 550Galway24 JAN 20159GR A4503 Dove Cottage31.04
RACE ENTRIES BY E.MAIL TO glyreception@igb.Galway24 JAN 201510GR A3503 Move Over Ozzie31.06
SEE YOU NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT LUCKY LAST 525Galway24 JAN 201511GR A1480 Firestorm Puma29.69
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S9 350Lifford24 JAN 20151GR S9320 Kayleighs Girl19.91
THE TRY A TRIO S6/S7 350Lifford24 JAN 20152GR S6320 Rough Rogue19.40
BUY A BUSTER S5 350Lifford24 JAN 20153GR S5320 Mineola Tip Top19.49
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK A7 525Lifford24 JAN 20154GR A7480 Townparks Jenny30.07
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP A6/A7 525Lifford24 JAN 20155GR A6480 Tromora Allstar29.61
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4 350Lifford24 JAN 20156GR S4320 Ballybun Oshea19.32
www.liffordgreyhounds.com AO/A2 525Lifford24 JAN 20157GR A0480 Tahina Ace29.08
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER DEAL A4 525Lifford24 JAN 20158GR A4480 Tahina Rhonda29.99
THE BOOKING OFFICE S1/S2 350Lifford24 JAN 20159GR S1320 Ely Rambler19.13
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A2/A3 550Lifford24 JAN 201510GR A2503 Tahina Kellie30.53
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A3/A4 525Lifford24 JAN 201511GR A3480 Quill Rocket29.68
THE GETTING OUT A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford24 JAN 201512GR A4480 Turbine Tulip29.56
Welcome To Limerick Greyhound Stadium S6 35Limerick24 JAN 20151GR S6320 Ryves Shanie19.14
Bet Into Shelbourne Park Non Winners 525Limerick24 JAN 20152GR A8480 Monagea Tara29.62
Try The Trio A4 525Limerick24 JAN 20153GR A4480 Lisnafulla Patch29.30
Greyhound Ownership S3 350Limerick24 JAN 20154GR S3320 Christys Fire19.25
Happy 50th Birthday David Larkin A5 550Limerick24 JAN 20155GR A5503 Luachmhar30.67
Racing Office Opening Hrs Tues To Sat 9 to Limerick24 JAN 20156GR S0320 O Garney Prince18.89
Vetsearch Recharge A3 525 Round 2 Heat 1Limerick24 JAN 20157GR A3480 Droopys Braedon28.38
Vetsearch Recharge A3 525 Round 2 Heat 2Limerick24 JAN 20158GR A3480 Pinkies Glory29.13
Vetsearch Recharge A3 525 Round 2 Heat 3Limerick24 JAN 20159GR A3480 Hawkeye Jim29.21
Vetsearch Recharge A3 525 Round 2 Heat 4Limerick24 JAN 201510GR A3480 Ten Feet Tall28.96
Sales At Limerick Thursday February 26th A1Limerick24 JAN 201511GR A1480 Wooly Van29.19
Slan Abhaile A3/A4 600Limerick24 JAN 201512GR A3549 Musical Cruiser33.03
Welcome To Mullingar Greyhound Stadium 400Mullingar24 JAN 20151GR S8366 See It First22.35
Dine In Style in Our Grandstand Restaurant Mullingar24 JAN 20152GR A8480 Kylenoe Chrissie29.80
Why Not Book A Fundraising Night At MullingMullingar24 JAN 20153GR S4366 Rocking Elsie21.81
The Burger and Beer Deal Only €10 600Mullingar24 JAN 20154GR A3549 Caulry Fool34.27
The Ballinderry Bumper Bet Early on the TotMullingar24 JAN 20155GR A6480 Facinate30.63
Try A Combination Forecast Or Trio Bet 550Mullingar24 JAN 20156GR A3503 Lease Plan31.44
The Bet With The Tote 400Mullingar24 JAN 20157GR S3366 College Groom21.81
The Try a Trio Bet A4/A5Mullingar24 JAN 20158GR A4480 Hairy Tom29.98
The Dublin Coach A2 525Mullingar24 JAN 20159GR A2480 Gilroy Kate29.41
Consider A Fundraising Night At The Track AMullingar24 JAN 201510GR A3480 Night Smoke30.30
The Ballinderry Bumper Bet Early on the TotMullingar24 JAN 201511GR A2503 Zamora Grace31.19
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 24 JAN 2015 HT 7Perry Barr24 JAN 20157GR HP660 Notworthatanner40.39
The St Conleths College A2 525Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20151GR A2480 Rosmult Martha28.75
Hamilton Architects A2 525Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20152GR A2480 Freffans Snipe29.36
Run A Fundraising Night At Shelbourne in 20Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20153GR A1480 Nushkas Sean Og28.82
The Irish International A1 525Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20154GR A1480 Mucho Macho Man28.71
The Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park24 JAN 20155GR AA0480 Bearatipp28.46
The Joe Dunne Memorial Puppy 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park24 JAN 20156GR AA0480 Lenson Sanchez28.09
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Round 1 Heat 1Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20157GR AA0480 Priceless Lassie28.45
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Round 1 Heat 2Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20158GR AA0480 Clares Wonder28.27
Best Car Parks Gold Cup 525 Round 1 Heat 3Shelbourne Park24 JAN 20159GR AA0480 De Real Mccoy28.39
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