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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
THE WATCH LIVE GREYHOUND RACING @towcester.Towcester2 DEC 20167GR A6480 Empress Katie29.38
RPGTV Oaks Second Round Heat 6 HT 12Bellevue1 DEC 201612OPEN470 Steely Charm27.80
DOWNTOWN CLEANING (1-4 WINS) HT6The Meadows30 NOV 201612GR RWH525 Elite Shiraz30.44
Yarmouth 30 Nov 2016 HT 3Yarmouth30 NOV 20163GR A1462 Jura Oscar28.42
BAGS/SIS Track Championship Sprint HT 2Sheffield29 NOV 20162GR IT280 Ballymac Jack16.30
BAGS/SIS Track Championship Standard HT 7Sheffield29 NOV 20167GR IT500 Geelo Olympic29.01
The Sheffield Stadium Puppy HT 9Sheffield29 NOV 20169OPEN500 Sidarian Sky29.50
ENDEAVOUR LOCKSMITHSWarragul29 NOV 20168GR Mixe460 Maverick Thunder25.89
Stadium Bookmakers Dual Distance Trophy - HNottingham28 NOV 20169OPEN480 Halcrow Bound29.60
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk A4 525 SeDundalk26 NOV 20167GR A4480 Corner Bar29.12
Celebrate your Special Occasion A3/A4 525Dundalk26 NOV 201610GR A3480 Corner Jig29.24
Monmore Green 26 Nov 2016 HT 7Monmore26 NOV 20167GR A8480 Emi Smurph29.46
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore26 NOV 201611GR A10480 Matts Star29.88
2016 Gain Dog Foods Christmas Oaks 525 RounShelbourne Park26 NOV 20162GR AA0480 Frankies Lady28.41
THE COSWORTH STAKES HT 9Towcester26 NOV 20169GR S2655 Creative Thinker40.28
GOOD LUCK FRANCESCO STAKES HT 12Towcester26 NOV 201612GR B1500 Coolavanny Wendy30.35
Yarmouth 26 Nov 2016 HT 13Yarmouth26 NOV 201613GR A1462 Riverside Tadgh28.26
Monmore Green 25 Nov 2016 HT 1Monmore25 NOV 20161GR A4480 Whiteoak Soloman29.07
DOG OF THE MONTH - SCALA RORY HT 6Monmore24 NOV 20166GR A1480 El Nino28.66
RAPIDVITE ANIMAL PRODUCTSCranbourne23 NOV 20160GR 7311 Almani Elite17.83
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford23 NOV 20161GR A8400 Clarence Seadog24.93
CARLSBERG KENT ST LEGER - 1st Semi-Final (RCrayford22 NOV 20161OPEN714 Tiddly Winks45.79
THE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER STAKES HT 5Towcester22 NOV 20165GR A6480 Ballyhoe Vouga28.86
THE BAGS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 ELITE HT 7Hall Green21 NOV 20167GR IT480 Ballymac Spacer29.08
Monmore Green 21 Nov 2016 HT 8Monmore21 NOV 20168GR A3480 Lucky Impact29.75
Monmore Green 21 Nov 2016 HT 12Monmore21 NOV 201612GR A6480 Rockette Star30.18
HENLOW STANDARD HT 11Henlow20 NOV 201610OPEN460 Loggies Tammi28.15
BALEC ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORSSale20 NOV 20166GR 5440 Maverick Thunder25.07
Belle Vue 19 Nov 2016 HT 12Bellevue19 NOV 201612GR A2470 Beaming for You28.20
Welcome to Drumbo Park A5 525Drumbo Park19 NOV 20161GR A5480 Greenmount Lily28.88
Monmore Green 19 Nov 2016 HT 3Monmore19 NOV 20163GR A8480 Vienna Shimmer29.82
Monmore Green 19 Nov 2016 HT 9Monmore19 NOV 20169GR A6480 Catunda Sapphire29.80
THE GREYHOUNDS MAKE GREAT PETS STAKES HT 3Towcester19 NOV 20163GR A7480 Saffrons Honey29.58
THE GREYHOUNDS MAKE GREAT PETS STAKES HT 9Towcester19 NOV 20169GR S3655 So Swift Jess40.47
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 14Hove & Brighton18 NOV 201614GR A2515 Celtic Ash30.36
The Fundraising @ Curraheen Park 330Cork17 NOV 20162GR S7302 Ballyhooly Fin17.83
OWNERS BONUS SERIES HEAT 1 HT 1Monmore17 NOV 20161GR A3480 Pale Moon29.42
THE BANKSS BITTER STAKES HT 9Monmore17 NOV 20169GR S1630 Klockwork Kasey38.83
Swindon Maiden 509ER HT 5Swindon16 NOV 20165OPEN509 Primo Rumble30.48
Yarmouth 16 Nov 2016 HT 12Yarmouth16 NOV 201612GR A1462 Carrowkeal Monty28.39
Amsterdam Jubileum Rennen 13.11.2016Amsterdam13 NOV 20163OPEN280 Black Lydi16.80
Amsterdam Jubileum Rennen FinaleAmsterdam13 NOV 20165OPEN280 Rustys Ocean16.73
Amsterdam Jubileum Rennen FinaleAmsterdam13 NOV 20166OPEN280 Most Wanted16.83
STRATH CHICKEN SHOP STAKEStrathalbyn13 NOV 20163GR Grad319 Il Signo18.53
James Brandwood Stag Do Stakes HT 6Bellevue12 NOV 20166GR A2470 Casino Harry28.04
Monmore Green 12 Nov 2016 HT 14Monmore12 NOV 201614GR A4480 Rossa Wonder29.05
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Night of Stars Open 575Shelbourne Park12 NOV 20169GROUP1526 Droopys Wilbury30.98
THE FAB FOUR GREYHOUND PACKAGE STAKES HT 5Towcester12 NOV 20165GR D3260 Chantilly Lass15.90
THE WATCH THE RACES LIVE ON TOWCESTER.TV STTowcester12 NOV 20167GR A6480 Free As An Eagle29.46
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth12 NOV 201611GR A1462 Harrow Wolf29.23
Yarmouth 12 Nov 2016 HT 13Yarmouth12 NOV 201613GR A1462 Rorys Way28.95
Monmore Green 11 Nov 2016 HT 14Monmore11 NOV 201614GR A3480 Malbay Balotelli28.92
WILLIAM HILL SPRINT HT 6Sunderland11 NOV 20166OPEN261 Daisys Bliss16.04
CORAL HOVE MAIDEN (DUPLICATED) HT 4Hove & Brighton10 NOV 20164OPEN515 Coconut Corker29.94
Monmore Green 10 Nov 2016 HT 3Monmore10 NOV 20163GR A8480 Witcombe Bizzle30.05
Romford 07 Nov 2016 HT 12Romford7 NOV 201612GR A4400 Lismadine Dream24.69
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth7 NOV 201610GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.25
NEXT LENDING (MASTERS N/P) STAKEStrathalbyn6 NOV 20164GR Spec319 Il Signo18.23
Belle Vue 05 Nov 2016 HT 9Bellevue5 NOV 20169GR A3470 Gravity Falls28.32
Belle Vue 05 Nov 2016 HT 10Bellevue5 NOV 201610GR A2470 Beaming for You28.19
Brighton & Hove 05 Nov 2016 HT 1Hove & Brighton5 NOV 20161GR A6515 Foileen Cowboy30.72
Brighton & Hove 05 Nov 2016 HT 4Hove & Brighton5 NOV 20164GR A1515 Coconut Corker30.06
ORANGE PARK 05 Nov 2016 HT E2Orange Park5 NOV 2016E2GR C603 Darx Ida Da Moon37.92
SKY RACING DAMSELS DASH FINALThe Meadows5 NOV 20169GR Grad525 Staggerlicious30.22
OWNERS BONUS SERIES - HEAT2 HT 5Monmore3 NOV 20165GR A7480 Bricki29.80
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTREBendigo2 NOV 20163GR Tier425 Minca Man24.59
spudregis.com.auBendigo2 NOV 201611GR Tier425 Hammer Hawke24.39
LADBROKES MAIDEN FINALRichmond2 NOV 20161GR Maid400 Triple Crown Bea23.07
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy31 OCT 20167GR N0480 Bigwood Pitstop29.29
Preston's Master Butchers C4/5Manawatu31 OCT 20160GR C5457 Funky Town25.89
BAGS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 YOUNGSTERS HT Monmore31 OCT 20161GR IT480 Let Me Tell You28.67
Yarmouth 31 Oct 2016 HT 4Yarmouth31 OCT 20164GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.36
Short Distance Championship Males A-FinalAlsonemedi30 OCT 20165OPEN280 Rákospataki Csavargó Irwin16.70
Short Distance Championship Females A-FinalAlsonemedi30 OCT 20167OPEN280 Fridays Fortune16.68
Beringen 30.10.2016 HT2 FinalBeringen30 OCT 20162GR 480 Legyen 1 Dolores28.95
2016 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinaLimerick29 OCT 201610GROUP1503 Priceless Brandy29.30
Monmore Green 29 Oct 2016 HT 4Monmore29 OCT 20164GR S2630 Klockwork Kasey38.96
CUP EVE AT THE MEADOWSThe Meadows29 OCT 20166GR Grad525 Liam30.23
NINE BENDIGO FINALBendigo28 OCT 20164GR Grad425 Hammer Hawke24.09
Monmore Green 28 Oct 2016 HT 3Monmore28 OCT 20163GR A2480 Tyrur Spieth29.28
SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREO (275+Rank)Bendigo27 OCT 201612GR Grad425 Crazy Hawke24.38
William Hill - In The App Store Stakes HT 5Brough Park25 OCT 20165GR HP480 Mill Cuban29.63
Owners Bonus Series A4 Final HT 7Brough Park25 OCT 20167GR A4480 Bramble Tudor29.18
Aston Scott Ltd Marathon Trophy HT 9Nottingham25 OCT 20169OPEN905 Droopys Lucinda57.30
Monmore Green 24 Oct 2016 HT 12Monmore24 OCT 201612GR A3480 Tewmax Sophie29.03
Hens and Stags Racing Packages S5/S6 400Dundalk22 OCT 20165GR S5366 No Remorse21.94
Michelle McCorry’s 30th Birthday A5/A6 525Dundalk22 OCT 20166GR A5480 Billy Junior29.21
Christmas Party Nights S4 400Dundalk22 OCT 20168GR S4366 Corner Bar21.89
Celebrate your Special Occasion A3 525Dundalk22 OCT 201611GR A3480 Corner Bounty28.92
THE FRED ELGERTON BIRTHDAY CHASE HT 5Monmore22 OCT 20165GR A3480 Tyrur Spieth29.13
S&D Bookmakers 2016 Sprint Trophy Final HT Peterborough22 OCT 20167OPEN250 Scolari Sound15.02
Wimbledon 22 Oct 2016 HT 6Wimbledon22 OCT 20166GR A4480 Silverview Oleg29.65
Yarmouth 22 Oct 2016 HT 4Yarmouth22 OCT 20164GR A1462 Do It Boy29.05
GEM BENDIGO HT1Bendigo21 OCT 20162GR Grad425 Hammer Hawke24.40
Crayford 21 Oct 2016 HT 6Crayford21 OCT 20166GR A8380 Reaveys Raider24.09
Monmore Green 21 Oct 2016 HT 5Monmore21 OCT 20165GR S2630 Foyle Huja39.22
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park20 OCT 201610GR 5520 Miss Becky Sam30.02
The Gain Feeds A3/4 No Bg 525 Stake FinalShelbourne Park20 OCT 20166GR A3480 Blakefield Pulse29.21
S&D BOOKMAKERS 2016 SPRINT TROPHY HEAT 3 HTPeterborough19 OCT 20169OPEN250 Scolari Sound14.91
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